Upgraded Vision Board



A vision board is fun. You put up pictures of things you want, and pictures of who you would like to become. In addition to the vision board, I have added an extra step in the process.

You will need: A box. Any box will do, and be sure to decorate it to your liking. I stumbled upon this idea while I was putting away my XBOX box (no, that’s not a joke.) XBOX has an achievement feature built into all their games. So, every time you complete a task in a game, you unlock an “Achievement” How does this apply to a vision board? Simple. When you obtain something on your vision board, put it in your “Achievement” box. Then, in six months to a years time, open the box and discover what you have achieved.

Adding your achievement box to your vision board will be both satisfying, and gratifying. We sometimes get caught up in what’s “now”, and we fail to reflect on what we have accomplished. Reviewing what you have achieved can inspire you to think bigger, and have a greater sense of gratitude.

Feel free to post a picture of your achievement box in the comments section.

Advice from Olympic Gold Medalist & Softball Champion Jennie Finch

Jennie Finch

Jennie Finch has dominated the softball diamond for years, and is currently dominating life. Married with three kids, Jennie Finch does it all. Here are some facts about her:

University of Arizona Three-time All-American pitcher and first baseman.

60 consecutive wins.

Struck out a total of 1,028 batters.

Won gold at 2004 Athens Summer Olympics.

Struck out 2005 National League MVP and two-time World Series champion, Albert Pujols.

Here is her advice on life, competition, and motivation.

Justin Marroquin: What motivates you daily?

Jennie Finch: The desire to be the best that I can be, as a wife, mother, daughter, and more! To make the most of each and everyday that God has blessed me with.


JM: Describe your mindset that made you succeed in life and sports.

JF: My work ethic that pushed me to never compromise, belief in myself, my competitive spirit, my drive to be the best that I can be. I always tried to do above and beyond in my preparation.

Jennie Finch Olympics

JM: What is one piece of advice that you feel would greatly benefit anybody?

JF: Be confident, believing in yourself is key.


See jenniefinch.com for more.

Check out her Twitter account at twitter.com/jfinch27.