Ignore Impossible #22: Ana Braga

Ana BragaAna Braga is Miss December 2013 Playboy Venezuela, international model, and editor-in-chief at Better Magazine. She joined me on the podcast, and we talked about her modeling career, Better Magazine, and how she lives her life. Get to know more about this beautiful woman and her wonderful personality.

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Ignore Impossible #21: Amy von Rummelhoff

Amy von RummelhoffAmy von Rummelhoff is a fitness model, personal trainer, and NPC bikini competitor.

She joined me on the podcast, and discussed everything from how to motivate yourself to work out, how to stay healthy, and how to eat during the holidays without packing on the pounds. Amy is incredibly inspirational with her own story, and I was lucky enough to have her on, and share her knowledge and wisdom with me.

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Ignore Impossible #20: Amber Sym

Amber Sym


Amber Sym was my guest on the podcast, and I had a blast talking to her. Amber shared stories with me about Playboy, acting, and her interest in horror.  Take a listen below, and in advance—I want to apologize for the audio issues. I will get better, and thank you for taking the time to listen.

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Ignore Impossible Podcast

Ignore Impossible LogoIn addition the blog, I wanted to start a podcast and interview extraordinary people on how they set and achieve goals, live their life, and the mindset they have adopted in order to be successful. It’s been an incredible journey so far, but I’m still learning and have a long way to go. So why am I blogging about this? Because I want the podcast to thrive, and the only way that it will—is with your input.

In the comments section below, feel free to let me know what guests you would like me to have on the show, what you would like me talk about, and any criticism you may have good/bad. Also, if you like the show—please leave a rating on iTunes, Stitcher, or Soundcloud.

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Ignore Impossible #14: Whitney Miller


Whitney 2 Miss Texas 2012, Miss United States 2012, and MMA figher, Whitney Miller, joined me on the podcast, and she shared with me her MMA experience, training, and gave some solid advice about life.  She is an exceptional woman, and I am humbled that she wanted to be a part of my podcast.



Guerilla Podcasting: A Simple And Effective Method



Listening to a podcast is fun, and depending on what you’re listening to, you can learn a lot. After awhile though, I wanted to start my own podcast and it’s been fun and frustrating at times.


In this post I will explain how I figured out the most simple and effective method to start a podcast of your own. To my knowledge, what I’m about to share hasn’t been thought of, and it will save you a lot of time and headaches. I will include links to everything I describe that will get you podcasting in no time!


I knew what I wanted to podcast about, but the hard part was getting guests. You see, the foreseeable way to get guests on your podcast is by either being right there with them, or through Skype and a service that will allow you to record the interview. But what if you don’t have a desktop, or laptop? What if you don’t want to do it that way? Or what if you are traveling, and don’t have access to a computer? No worries. All you need is a phone (preferably Iphone or  Android), and you’re in luck.


Ready? Here goes: First, you need to download the app “Bossjock” you can find in the app store on the Iphone, and Google Play Store for Android. Next, you will need to download the app “TapeACallPro” from the two stores mentioned above. After that, you will need a mic, headphones, and an iRig PRE. Don’t worry, I will go into great detail, and get you started on your podcast.

Mic: I use a audio-technica ATR2100-USB. It works very well, and it’s affordable.

Headphones: You can use any that you want, and feel comfortable wearing.

iRig PRE: This device will allow you to plug in both your mic and headphones to your phone. It works like a charm, and once again, it’s affordable.


Bossjock: This app is amazing, and it will allow you to upload  your podcast to various podcasting platforms.

TapeACallPro: This app is crucial. It will allow you to record your conversation, and you can upload to a service called “Dropbox” which I will explain next.

Dropbox: This is a service that you can store pictures, videos, and audio. It works beautifully, and it’s very simple to use.


So now that you have an idea for a podcast, you’ve downloaded Bossjock, TapeACallPro, and Dropbox; let’s put all the pieces together now.


Open TapeACallPro app, and start recording with your guest on the other line. Once the conversation is over, upload the recording to Dropbox. Open up the app Bossjock, and press on one of the empty carts on the screen. A screen will pop up and Dropbox will be available to upload from. After you’ve done that, congrats! All you need to do is export to a podcasting platform of your choice. And there you have it! You just did your first podcast! Below are links to everything you need to know, and further info is provided in the links. I hope this has helped you, and I can’t wait to hear your podcast!


Mic:   http://amzn.com/B004QJOZS4


Bossjock: http://bossjockstudio.com/

TapeACallPro: http://www.tapeacall.com/

Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/

Podcasting Platform: soundcloud.com/ stitcher.com/