Eye Of The Tiger: Tygeria

Photo Credit: Bryan Kurz Photography
Photo Credit: Bryan Kurz Photography


Actress, model, and writer. Tygeria is talented in those three departments, and anything else she puts her mind to. She is fueled by creativity, and has been featured in magazines, blogs, and e-magazines. Tygeria is a special woman who not only exhibits beauty, but intelligence as well. A sign of a strong person is decisiveness in what they want in their lives, and Tygeria has that quality, which makes her absolutely desirable.


Justin Marroquin: How did you start modeling?

Tygeria: I started modeling actually when I was younger; I got paid in a gift card and that was first gig, and I didn’t think I was model material. To make a long story short, I hit a bump in life and was feeling down—and wanted a way to support my son, and I thought since I wasn’t getting call backs for jobs—maybe I should try modeling. The worse that could happen was that I got a no, and so I did my first shoot and the rest was history.


Justin Marroquin: When you decided to start modeling, did you have any goals in mind that you wanted to achieve?

Tygeria: I wanted to be in a magazine (at least one), and one day I wished to be in Vogue, ha-ha, right.

Photo Credit: Scott Krammer Photography
Photo Credit: Scott Krammer Photography


Justin Marroquin: To date, what has been your favorite photo shoot thus far?

Tygeria: My favorite photo shoot. . . that’s tough, but I love photo shoots that I create because they are closer to you, and when you see them published, it feels great.


Justin Marroquin: In your opinion, what makes a model successful?

Tygeria: Totally my opinion, I think what makes a great model is someone who treats modeling like a job: you show up early, you respect people, and their time; someone who is humble and lastly, the most important thing in my opinion—is someone who is gonna work their butt off. Hard work pays off.

Photo Credit: Michael W. Bishop Photography
Photo Credit: Michael W. Bishop Photography


Justin Marroquin: What makes you stand out from all the other models?

Tygeria: I think what makes me stand out from other models is—I love to model everything; I don’t want to get myself into one bubble as a model. I want to be the model who could do everything from cosplay to editorial.


Justin Marroquin: In a world filled with criticism and negativity, how do you deal with it?

Tygeria: The thing is—when I started modeling, everything people said bothered me. I cried and cried until one day I said: you know what? who cares! These people aren’t paying my bills or doing anything for me, and they aren’t magazine editors; they are just people who want to tear someone down to make themselves feel better, and I am beautiful and perfect the way God made me.

Photo Credit: Hardy Nance Photography
Photo Credit: Hardy Nance Photography


Justin Marroquin: What is the biggest misconception about modeling?

Tygeria: The biggest misconception with modeling that I have noticed— is people who don’t understand the industry at all. They think when they first start, if they are beautiful, they should get paid and they get free magazines is another one. The truth is magazines are supposed to give you a thing called a “tear sheet” when you are in it for you to have for your portfolio, and if you want the whole magazine, you buy it. If they gave out every magazine for free, then their business would flop.


Justin Marroquin: Do you like to be involved in all aspects of a photo shoot?

Tygeria: Yes, I love to set up and I love to tear down; I love collecting items for the photo shoot as long as my wallet can handle it. I love the creativity of an idea, and I absolutely love the photo in front of me and in a magazine—it’s the most wonderful feeling ever.

Photo Credit: Dumas Harshaw Photography
Photo Credit: Dumas Harshaw Photography


Justin Marroquin: What are your plans for the future?

Tygeria: My plans for the future are work out and get into more magazines, and work with new people and try to do more exciting things for the future.

Justin Marroquin: Is there any specific piece of advice that has helped you significantly in your life?

Tygeria: Follow your dreams. The worse thing in life that can happen to you is someone saying no to you.

Photo Credit: Focus West Photography
Photo Credit: Focus West Photography


Photo Credit: RA Photography
Photo Credit: RA Photography


Photo Credit: Michael W. Bishop Photography
Photo Credit: Michael W. Bishop Photography


Photo Credit: Hardy Nance Photography
Photo Credit: Hardy Nance Photography


Photo Credit: Michael W. Bishop Photography
Photo Credit: Michael W. Bishop Photography




Photo Credit: Focus West Photography
Photo Credit: Focus West Photography


Photo Credit: Scott Krammer Photography
Photo Credit: Scott Krammer Photography


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Goddess From Down Under: Sarah Arthur-Young

Sarah Arthur-Young


It takes a clear vision to know where you want to go in life, and Sarah Arthur-Young knows exactly where she’s headed. This Australian beauty is committed, determined, and passionate about becoming the best she can possibly be. Sarah has been in FHM Magazine, films, TV commercials,  and many model competitions. In a world filled with egos and people willing to do anything for fame and fortune, Sarah is the complete opposite and with her hard work mentality, she has accomplished so much already and it’s only the beginning of a long, successful career for her.


Justin Marroquin: How did modeling come about for you?

Sarah Arthur-Young: I first started in the industry by entering in modeling competitions (Ralph/FHM/Inside Sport, etc.) scored a couple of second place finishes, then moved more into swimwear, lingerie, fashion, and commercial photo shoots.


Justin Marroquin: When you booked your first photo shoot, how did you prepare physically and mentally?

Sarah Arthur-Young: There was no mental preparation; only to have an open mind, and have fun. Physically, I waxed, tanned, and exercised. Plus, plenty of water for hydration.


Sarah Arthur-Young


Justin Marroquin: From your experience, what does it really take to become a model in today’s world?

Sarah Arthur-Young: Just believing in yourself and confidence.


Justin Marroquin: You are very driven and motivated. Where does that come from, and how do you maintain being that way?

Sarah Arthur-Young: I am very driven and motivated—I believe exercise really helps the mind and body. For me, its my energy.


Sarah Arthur-Young


Justin Marroquin: Of all the photo shoots you’ve done, which one stands out in your mind and why?

Sarah Arthur-Young: I have done art nude shoots and they were very creative, and a lot of fun. Collaborating with the photographer to come up with different ideas are awesome. I also really loved my recent photo shoot with BabeMethod. As it was a video shoot as well—lots of laughs.


Sarah Arthur-Young


Justin Marroquin: In today’s world, criticism and negativity are very rampant. How do you deal with it, and does it affect you in any way?

Sarah Arthur-Young: To me, most of this negative criticism comes from jealousy. I really don’t care what other people think of me. I am happy with my life, and that’s all that matters.


You’re also an actor. How did you get interested in acting?

Sarah Arthur-Young: I joined an acting agency, and have had a lot of work on Neighbours, Hollowman, Underbelly, Tangled, and Canal Rd. TV commercials are my favorite, and also pay good money.


Sarah Arthur-Young


Justin Marroquin: Do you plan on coming to America, and act/model?

Sarah Arthur-Young: That would be my dream to be a Hollywood actor. One day, I’m sure it will happen.


Sarah Arthur-Young



Sarah Arthur-Young


Sarah Arthur-Young


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Straight Forward: Teka


Without question, Teka is a one of a kind model. Both gorgeous and smart, Teka knows what she wants and doesn’t let anything distract her. She knew at an early age that she wanted to model, and that is prevalent now with her focus and determination to succeed in such a cutthroat industry. While she intends to make her mark in modeling, Teka is also talented in many areas including music, writing, makeup, etc. It won’t be long before you start seeing Teka on your television and billboards across the world, which is why I am extremely grateful to be bringing you this interview.

Justin Marroquin: At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to model?

Teka: I knew from day one that I wanted to model. It was kind of always in my blood. I come from a family of models, so it sort of grew on me, but certainly dawned on me at the early teenage point of my life.

Justin Marroquin: What was the modeling scene like when you first started out?

Teka: When I first started, the modeling scene was very competitive. If you didn’t have that confidence they were looking for, they would look right past you.


Justin Marroquin: The general population knows very little about the realities of modeling. What’s your take on that?

Teka: The general population has no idea what the realities of modeling are. It is not what it’s made up to be! Everyone wants to be a model, but they don’t know the actual responsibilities of being a model. In all reality, they don’t know how hard this particular industry is. It’s not easy, and it is not something that is just handed to you because you want it. You have to work beyond hard for it, and be the best that you can be!


Justin Marroquin: Is there a specific aspect of modeling that you really enjoy?

Teka: A specific aspect of modeling that I enjoy—are honestly the people. I’m genuinely a “people person,” so I enjoy all the people who I work with. The different personalities, the laughs, the connections, etc. It’s amazing to work with people who have the same drive as you.

Justin Marroquin: How do you handle criticism and negativity?

Teka: Through the years I have gotten better and better at handling the criticism and negativity. Although no one likes to be criticized or put down, it’s life and it will always happen. At some point you have to just learn to block it out, and keep pushing. I will never let criticism and negativity get the best of me, or cause me to quit what I love. It’s something that we all will deal with for the rest of our lives.


Justin Marroquin: What would be your dream photo shoot?

Teka: I have yet to do a Dark Beauty photo shoot, and I want to do that so bad! So that would have to be my dream photo shoot.

Justin Marroquin: How do you prepare yourself before a photo shoot?

Teka: I eat— because it sucks to be hungry during a shoot. I make sure my face is cleansed before makeup is applied. I paint my finger nails and toe nails; I make sure that I’m nicely cleaned and groomed before going to a shoot. Also, plenty of rest and hydration is the best preparation for any photo shoot!


Justin Marroquin: What are some of your hobbies and interests?

Teka: As a hobby, I enjoy making music, organizing, being crafty, and writing. I take interest in all sorts of things such as music, makeup, art, etc.

Justin Marroquin: What can the world expect from Teka in the future?

Teka: From me, the world can expect nothing but the best! I’m coming, just watch and see. It’s only up from here and I plan on doing everything in my power to be as successful as I’ve ever dreamed of. Everyone will soon see me on their TV screens and magazines! Expect me to be the next trending topic!


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Sin City Beauty: Ashley Webber

Ashley Webber

Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, top rated shows, casinos, and clubs. If you look closer though, you will discover a woman who is determined, strong-willed, and not to mention—absolutely beautiful. Ashley Webber is both an actress/model, and has done music videos, commercials, promotional modeling, trade show staffing, and photo shoots. Ashley has her sights set high on achieving her goals and in due time, she will become a big name and take over the acting and modeling industry.

Justin Marroquin: What has your experience been like in modeling to date?

Ashley Webber: My experience in modeling has been good, but I’ve had some shares of ups and downs. Before I started, I researched the categories of modeling, and made a realistic goal for myself. I chose commercial print and catalog. Genetically, I’m 5’1” and my normal weight has always been around 125 pounds—I could never do high fashion, runway, and ect. being realistic with myself set me up to have less of a heartbreak, and have a good experience than most.

Justin Marroquin: What do you like about modeling?

Ashley Webber: I like and enjoy modeling because it is competitive, and allows me to be different whenever I am at a photo shoot. Modeling is that place of rest for me, and a peaceful escape. I don’t wear a glass slipper or have millions, but it makes me happy and I enjoy it.

Ashley Webber

Justin Marroquin: What do you dislike about modeling?

Ashley Webber: The more I have been building myself on another level of success, I see how hungry other models are, and it’s definitely not the same. From what I see, it’s a lot of focus on jealousy from one another—and actually change themselves to become a better competitor in a challenge. It’s a cold industry; some may be mad, but the truth must be told. There are models who pay their way to success, while others climb the mountains to it. Not every success comes with talent, and it’s becoming more about money—and money is always the grounds of greed. Modeling has changed because money comes before talent. Models go out of their way to pay publications. Where is the truth in that? Some models don’t want to work for success, they’re willing to pay for it without realizing it will only get them so far, and leave them without income and happiness.

Justin Marroquin: In your opinion, how has modeling changed over the years?

Ashley Webber: The number one downfall in this industry, is being signed to agencies that aren’t 100 percent legit. Models are so quick and I have seen that they will sign with anyone, and that can lead to their career drying up so fast. Modeling and finding the best representation is not easy; many agencies are strictly designed to make sure that they get income from their models. I used to be one of those models who thought that having an agency by her side would get her a lot more work, but during my time there I was placed in the background, and being constantly told about dieting and losing weight. I was unhappy; as soon as I went back to doing my career solo—is when I had opportunities to appear in magazines, have interviews, and more options available to me. I’m now an official model, with a model magazine. In 2014, I have been selected as a future model in Model Up Magazine and Unsung Magazine, and I’m touched to be having this interview with you (Justin Marroquin).

“In the future, I see myself modeling clothes in catalogs for big companies, but on my journey—my number one goal is to stay true to myself; I want to be successful with every inch that is genetically mine. I will never come up with any image that this world wants to see; I want to become successful with my true identity. “-Ashley Webber

Ashley Webber

Ashley Webber

Ashley Webber

Ashley Webber

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A Beautiful Mind: Kennedy Summers

Kennedy Summers


It is my absolute pleasure that I introduce you to Playboy’s Miss December 2013, Kennedy Summers. You will not come across a more beautiful, kind, and smart woman as Kennedy. She’s a very busy woman, and in addition to being Miss December 2013,  she is also starring in a movie called “Money Money Money,” going to med school, and is in the process of getting her masters. Kennedy is quickly becoming a household name, and something tells me you’re going to remember her name for years to come.


Justin Marroquin: How did you get interested in modeling?

Kennedy Summers: Modeling actually wasn’t my intention; my parents sent me off for etiquette classes and the teacher happened to also own a modeling agency. I was about fourteen at the time and already 5’7,” so she thought I’d be good for it.


JM: What was your first photo shoot like?

KS: My first photo shoot was really funny. Since I was fourteen, my mom sent my aunt to travel about eight hours with me to the shoot. She spent a good portion of the time checking the dressing room for hidden cameras and asking the photographer where they were. I was mortified at the time, but now I think it’s hilarious.


Kennedy Summers


JM: Have you ever been nervous while modeling?

KS: I don’t get nervous in front of the camera. I forget the whole world when I’m shooting and I feel like I really come to life under all those bright lights. They’re set up to make you look your best, so I honestly think I’m more nervous about being under fluorescent lighting, haha.


Kennedy Summers


JM: How do you handle criticism and negativity that is directed towards you?

KS: On a professional level, I believe that any publicity is good publicity. I think as long as you’re relevant and on people’s minds, you’re doing something right. On a personal level, I just let it go. Ultimately, their opinion doesn’t change my life anymore than me being in Playboy changes theirs. I’m happy, which is why I don’t sit around bashing people on the internet (or reading nasty reviews), but some people aren’t. It’s not really me they’re mad at; they don’t know me. They can’t see two pictures of me and call me names like they’re a bigger expert on female beauty than Hugh Hefner.


JM: What interested you to study anthropology?

KS: I got into anthropology because I got to experience a lot of different cultures firsthand as an international model. I got to live in about fifteen different countries, each for a few months at a time, and really learn what makes their world go ’round. I wanted, and would still love, to share their incredible, unique experience with the world through travel documentaries. I thought that anthropology would teach me how to better analyze the cultures by helping me organize what I’d learned during my travels.


Kennedy Summers


JM: You also went to medical school. What was that like, and tell me the experience you had while studying there?

KS: I did go to medical school; I’m in my third year doing rotations. I would say that I was the “nerd” of med school basic sciences (I know, right. I thought we were all nerds, here), so I was the person who threw off the grading curve. People kind of resented that, but the only person who really bullied me was my teacher. It’s weird to be bullied by a teacher. I did have a great group there, though, with whom I’m still very close. There were four of us who shared a house down there and we made some incredible memories! We’ll definitely be friends for life. As far as the schoolwork goes, though, it’s a lot of time and effort, but I wouldn’t call it hard. I think there is a lot of time involved and a lot of memorization, but the material itself isn’t challenging. I think as long as you love school, it’s very doable.


Kennedy Summers


JM: What are some things you have failed at, and how did you overcome them?

KS: You know, I’ve never stopped to think of something as a “failure.” I never in my life thought, “I can’t do this.” Sure, I would try things and sometimes I couldn’t get my way via the traditional route, but I always found a way around it. . . just persevere and never underestimate the power of research. There’s no such thing as failure unless you give up; I don’t fail because I never give up. When I broke into the international modeling circuit in my late teens, I was honestly just looking for a way to move to Italy. I didn’t stop to think about why, or how, but I felt like it was something I needed to do, right then and there. I looked into studying abroad, but my parents weren’t interested in footing the bill for me to “party in Europe,” so I circumvented them and that obstacle. It even worked out that I got to move there for free because the agency I signed with paid for my plane ticket and apartment! And think about it, if I’d studied in Italy, come back, and gotten a nine-to-five job, I wouldn’t be your Miss December 2013! It changed my life for the better. Maybe you only “fail,” because you’re meant to succeed at something greater than what you saw for yourself.




Kennedy Summers


JM: You are Playboy’s Miss December 2013. Describe what Playboy means to you?

KS: It’s the most amazing thing ever! Playboy  is an American icon and Hugh Hefner is a living legend! I’m so flattered that Mr. Hefner thought I could represent his company well. It’s such a compliment for him to think you’re beautiful and I love that! I get to be immortalized in American pop culture. It’s truly an honor!


JM: You’re also involved in acting. Tell me how you got interested, and is there anything specific you would like to achieve in acting?

KS: I got involved with acting in school and church plays as a kid. I really felt comfortable on the stage. Eventually though, though, I made the switch to TV commercials, short films, and music videos. I’ve just landed a lead role in the movie Money, Money, Money, which starts filming in January. I’ll be on set until April, then I plan to get back into the hospital and finish med school while they do post-production. I’m hoping to land more movie roles and continue acting in the future because it’s something I really love and enjoy.


Kennedy Summers


JM: What is the best advice you have ever received in your life?

KS: The best advice I ever received is to follow your heart, live without expectations, and never pass up an opportunity because you’ve got a plan. I think that if you don’t expect anything from your life, you’re more likely to follow your heart. Let’s be honest. How often do plans come together flawlessly, just the way we’ve intended? Yes, I’m halfway done with medical school, but I don’t honestly assume that I will be a doctor. I think, “This is what I’m doing now; I’m heading in a good direction.” But, if something comes along tomorrow that sweeps me off my feet, I’ll happily drift that way for a while. This movie role is kind of like that. I feel passionate about my choice to do the film and I know I’d regret not doing the movie more than I’ll regret not having that three extra months of my career as a doctor. Everything I’ve done and every choice I’ve made has been a stepping stone to where I am right now. Maybe that’s why I don’t believe in failure. The best advice I can give is to follow your heart because tomorrow may never come. Live for you and live for now. I do it every day and I can genuinely say that I have no regrets.


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Encapsulating Desire: Amber Sym


When you first lay eyes on Amber Sym, you undoubtedly see how beautiful she is. But Amber is not your typical model. She’s a talented actress and on top of that, she enjoys music, reading, going to concerts, baking, parkour, wake boarding, and rock climbing. And just in case that wasn’t enough for you, she’s also very funny. You put all those things together, and you get a girl who puts the term “dream girl” to shame.

Justin Marroquin: How did you get into modeling?

Amber Sym: I got into modeling out of the blue. I had a friend who was doing a photo shoot, and had me go along as her chaperone. At the end of her shoot, the photographer asked if I wanted to go back to do my own shoot, so I did. The rest is history.


JM: You are from Michigan (like me), what did you like most about living there?

AS: My favorite thing about living in Michigan was the seasons. Looking back, being able to see, feel, and smell a difference in the time of year was one of those simple pleasures that I often took for granted.


JM: Acting is one of your interests. Tell me more about it?

AS: I got into acting shortly after I moved to Florida. I didn’t really know what I wanted out of life, and since acting interested me, I tried it. Then I was hooked.


JM: With everything you have going on, how do you balance your life?

AS: I don’t really have to try balancing it. Since my work is fun, typically everything evens out.

JM: Do you set goals for yourself?

AS: I used to set a lot of specific goals, but quickly realized that wasn’t a good idea. I wouldn’t meet specifics because circumstances would change in the blink of an eye, so I now just focus on big picture type of goals. Basically, just keep one upping myself, and always getting up when I’m down. As long as I’m happy, I know I’m doing it the way that works best for me.


JM: If you could only pick one of your interests, which one would it be?

AS: Acting.

JM: What is one thing people don’t know about you?

AS: I have a tattoo of a bomb on my inner lip. It’s the logo for Nitro City, and I got it after I had the time of my life going there for Badass with Playboy.


JM: What are you trying to achieve in your life right now?

AS: Right now I’m working on keeping my trajectory in an upward angle.

JM: How do you handle criticism and negativity?

AS: Constructive criticism I like, and sometimes I implement changes because of it. Plain old criticism and negativity I tend to brush off, or use as motivation.


JM: Share a piece of advice that has helped you in your life?

AS: Always say please and thank you, and mean it when you say it.


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Turning Up The Heat In South Africa: Chantel Nilson

Photo Credit: Darrel Camden-Smith
Photo Credit: Darrel Camden-Smith


Allow me to introduce you to South African beauty, Chantel Nislon. Chantel has a big personality, and a great sense of humor. Her gorgeous looks will leave you speechless, and her personality will have you intrigued the moment you speak with her. 


Justin Marroquin: Were you always interested in modeling?

Chantel Nilson: I’ve been doing modeling since the age of 14—I probably would have started earlier if I wasn’t as shy I was back then—It’s always been something that I loved doing and I still get excited today for modeling assignments.




JM: What was your first photo shoot like?

CN: I was excited and nervous at the same time—At the time I didn’t know anything about posing and facial expressions, but the photographer helped me and I learned a lot from that shoot. By the time we were finished, I actually didn’t want to stop as I then started getting into it, and enjoying it even more.


Photo Credit: Darrel Camden-Smith
Photo Credit: Darrel Camden-Smith


JM: How do you prepare for a photo shoot?

CN: I have a suitcase ready with all the necessities for shoots—Then I would pack accordingly the day before, make sure I get a lot of rest and like most models, I practice my poses in a mirror—I know it sounds funny, but it helps when you know what your own body does when you stand or sit in certain ways. Also, it makes you less nervous for the shoot.


JM: Is there a certain goal you would like to achieve in modeling?

CN: To be honest, I see my modeling as a hobby, not a job. No job can be that awesome, haha. But on a more serious note, I take it one step at a time. My goal is to enjoy myself, and if I end up going further, that would be a bonus.


Photo Credit: Shoots Imaging
Photo Credit: Shoots Imaging


JM: Do you have any plans to come to America?

CN: I would love to come to America—I would actually like to travel the world and see every city.


Photo Credit: Darrel Camden-Smith
Photo Credit: Darrel Camden-Smith


JM: Besides modeling, what else are you interested in?

CN: I love to dance—but not as a profession, just for fun. Then the normal every day stuff: seeing my friends and family—spending time with them. To me, there is nothing more valuable than that.


JM: What has been your favorite experience as a model so far?

CN: Every shoot/fashion show is a great experience for me. It is really hard to choose only one. From bikini shoots at the beach to chocolate shoots where I have been covered in 4 liters of chocolate, to fashion shows where I could mingle with the crowd after the show, working on movie sets. The list just goes on. I really enjoy each and every assignment.


Photo Credit: Darrel Camden-Smith
Photo Credit: Darrel Camden-Smith


JM: How do you handle negativity?

CN: I always just look back to the one day in my high school class, and my teacher asked me what career I would want to go into, and I answered with modeling. The whole class started laughing at me; as for them it would be something that would never happen, but it turned out that I am doing what I wanted to do, and when people hear about it, they are amazed and they never thought I would be able to get this far. That’s what keeps me positive. I have never been one to quit at a task because others don’t agree, and I don’t think I will ever give up on anything I would like to do.


Photo Credit: Darrel Camden-Smith
Photo Credit: Darrel Camden-Smith


JM: Tell me one thing that people don’t know about South Africa?

CN: Except for the fact that our houses aren’t located in the bushes, surrounded by lions and other wild animals? Haha—I would say the fact that we have 11 official languages.




JM: How do you want to be remembered?

CN: As the happy-go-lucky girl, who always had a smile on her face, and the friend who would always be there to support a person.




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