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Better Magazine has arrived! I’m thrilled to be a part of this publication, and it has some great content! This magazine has everything from gorgeous models, interviews, style, fashion, movie reviews, food, and travel. Go get your copy today and let me know what you think about it.

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Multidimensional: Jordyn Chessmore

Jordyn Chessmore


Her drive and determination are second to none. Acting, bartender, model, swimsuit pageant winner, and student. Jordyn Chessmore  is one girl who is destined for success. In addition to doing all the named things above, Jordyn has also been in the coveted Hooters calendar, and was Miss Hooters of Boise winner 2011 and 2012. Jordyn has a bright future ahead of her, and she has the tools to accomplish anything she sets her mind to.

Justin Marroquin: How did you get interested in modeling?

Jordyn Chessmore: I was obsessed with America’s Next Top Model when I was younger, and I never missed a season! Something about being transformed and taking beautiful images just really intrigued me.


JM: When you first started to model, what obstacles did you have to overcome?

JC: When I first started, I kind of just kept getting asked to jump in front of a camera. This was after getting some exposure from my first national pageant. My biggest obstacle was learning how to do it, because it isn’t a cakewalk; learning to pose yourself (especially me as a curvy model), do your makeup, and put together a wardrobe. The whole thing is a process that you have to learn somehow.


Jordyn Chessmore

JM: What was it like to be in front of the camera for the very first time?

JC: The first time I worked with a true professional photographer, I was very nervous. I was given a lot of direction, so I took that as him thinking I didn’t know what I was doing. It was definitely a more timid shoot of mine, but I still use his advice from that one shoot today.


JM: Being a model is one thing, but you also attended Boise State University. How did you juggle being a model and a student?

JC: I am fortunate enough to be able to do online courses. With having school online, I have much more flexibility and can virtually attend class whenever I want. I’m not going to lie, I struggled at first!


JM: What do you think is the biggest misconception about modeling?

JC: The biggest misconception about modeling is that it’s easy, and that models are unintelligent. I would say about 90% of the models I know are self-represented, and without an agent. When you are booking your own jobs, you have to handle everything like a business. Something as simple as responding to a casting in a certain tone can make or break whether or not they will even email you back! You have to be very tactful when working with others because it truly is a business—your business.

Jordyn Chessmore



JM: How do you handle criticism and negativity?

JC: Criticism was something I didn’t learn to handle well until recently. I had the tendency to get defensive and then let negativity break me down. It wasn’t until I realized that you cannot please everyone. I’ve tried to focus on what my friends, family, and myself think. I appreciate constructive criticism, however I ignore everything else!


JM: Tell me one goal that you would like to achieve in the future?

JC: I want to be on stage at the Miss USA pageant. I am currently working on winning a state title!


Jordyn Chessmore


JM: Share something that people don’t know about you?

JC: In middle/high school, I was a huge anime nerd. I dressed up as characters and even went to conventions. I was bullied over it at one school, so when I switched schools, I kept it a secret from everyone. I’ve got to say, I miss those days. Some of the best people I ever met were those anime nerds!


Jordyn Chessmore


JM: If someone came up to you and wanted advice, what would you tell them?

JC: I would give the best advice to my ability. I actually love giving advice to people and it really flatters me when someone trusts me for my thoughts. I find other people’s feelings super important, so if I can ever help someone—then I am 100% down!


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Supergirl In Disguise: Katie DeLuca

Katie DeLuca 1Model. Actress. Host. Katie DeLuca is the definition of determination. Every interview I do, I learn something new and Katie definitely inspired me with her outlook on life, and her motivation to be the best she can possibly be.


Justin Marroquin: When did you know that you wanted to become a model?

Katie DeLuca: Well, I’ve modeled since I was a kid, I always loved being in front of the camera ( I was such a ham), though it wasn’t something I did full-time until I turned 18.


JM: What was your first photo shoot experience like?

KD: Professionally, it was a little nerve-wracking at first. Everyone who helped me prepare was really encouraging, and helped me warm up and get comfortable. Once I got in front of the camera though, my nervousness went away. I worked with an amazing photographer, Andre Rowe who is amazing. He and I have since forged a very strong work relationship and are very good friends now. I turn to him all the time with ideas and inspiration.

Katie Deluca 3JM: How do you balance your life?

KD: Who says I’m balanced? HaHa! Just kidding! I am actually very organized, and I am always planning months ahead with shoots for my book, or for clients. I pull pieces that inspire me or I may be able to use later. I’m also very blessed to have the absolute best support system at home. I have someone who is behind me 100% of the time and encourages me to keep pushing and inspires me to always be the best possible version of myself.


JM: Besides modeling, what else are you passionate about?

KD: Family, health, and cooking. I make it a point to have family and friends over to our house regularly, and we cook dinner together and hang out and have fun. I also am a big health nut, and just because I want to eat healthy, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t taste good. I’m constantly experimenting in the kitchen, and researching the health benefits found in natural ingredients. It’s a sort of therapy for me, knowing I’m doing something to fuel and nourish our bodies.

Katie Deluca 4

JM: What do you think is the biggest misconception about modeling?

KD: That it’s easy. I see people flip through magazines all the time, and not stop to appreciate the time and effort that went into some of those campaigns. It’s hours of planning, it’s an entire team of people—not just someone with a camera and some random girl. It’s the photographer, it was a special chosen model, it was a hair and makeup team, it was wardrobe who picked out the outfit and made sure it was always wrinkle free, or some other detail was on point while she was posing, it was a set crew who were in charge of lighting, and then editors who clean the images up, all the way down the production line. Not to mention, that wasn’t the first or only shot they took of the model. They probably went through a thousand or more stills and poses trying to figure out which one was going to showcase the product and tell the story best. Meanwhile, you have to sit or stand there as the model and remember to keep your face reflective of your pose and make it look painless and effortless. It’s an art form.

Katie Deluca 5JM: What sets you apart from other models?

KD: I’d like to think my versatility and personality. I have a very can-do attitude and will go to whatever it takes to get the shot, whether it’s posing with animals or acting out a character that’s very different from me. I have fun being able to dress up and be something or someone else for the time that I’m in front of the camera, and I love making the clients’ visions come to life.


JM: Name three things you want to do before you die?

KD: 1. I want to be my own brand and own my own corporation. 2. I want to have traveled to every continent and meet their people, seen their attractions and tried their food. 3. I want to raise a family and make our house a home. It’s funny the last of these, is the riskiest in my line of work, because that usually means you lose the ability to model and do it all, but I know I can. Other models have been successful, and one day, I will too.


JM; How do you handle naysayers?

KD: I have no time for negativity. I surround myself with only the best people, and those who are doing something with their lives, and are supportive of others. No one is perfect and we’re all human and free to make our own decisions. The tag line this week is ‘bitch, don’t kill my vibe’ haha.


JM: What goal are you trying to achieve right now?

KD: Well right now, I’m trying to win Maxim Magazine’s Hometown Hotties competition. I’ve made it to the Top 100 so far, and I’m hoping to make it into the Top 10 and farther. So stay tuned!


JM: Success. What does it mean to you?

KD: Success is in what you’ve done with your life, to better the life of others. Money can buy you the nicest things, but it cannot buy love or true happiness. Fame comes with the territory, but what you do with it is what’s important. How you have impacted or inspired or changed the world around you—not even on a global scale, but say within your community, is a success. What will people say at your funeral? Leave the world a better place, and that in and of itself is a great reward.


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Beautiful Wisdom: Abigail Ratchford


The life of a model is exhilarating. Photo shoots, traveling, and being on the cover of magazines are just a small part of what girls do in the modeling industry. I admire models not only for their beauty, but their approach and mindset on how they attain success. One model you should keep an eye out for is Abigail Ratchford. Smart, beautiful, and determined. Abigail embodies all three qualities, and she was kind enough to tell me her experience and thought process on modeling.

Justin Marroquin: When did you first want to become a model?

Abigail Ratchford: I always was interested in it but never really took it seriously. A few years ago I did the Miss Pennsylvania pageant, which required me to have a professional photo shoot for the program book. After that shoot I realized it was something I like to do, and wanted to pursue. For the next year I had a few small photo shoots but never did anything with the pictures, this spring I made up my mind to get serious about it, had a ton of shoots booked for me, and then the pictures ended up in several mens websites, and the rest is history!

JM: What is the best part about doing a photo shoot?

AR: Well, the best shoots to do are the ones where they provide a hair and makeup artist. It’s nice to just sit there and have someone create this glamorous look on you, and you get to relax until it’s time to be in front of the camera! About 60% of mine I’ve had hair and makeup done, and those were the ones that I loved the most.


JM: Do you get nervous when modeling?

AR: No. Never. Just the first 30 minutes of the shoot you usually have to relax your face muscles. Sometimes they can tense up and you don’t get the “look” you want to come across on camera. Sounds strange, but it’s true. Besides that, it’s not something that makes me nervous, really.


JM: What is going through your mind when you are getting ready for a photo shoot?

AR: Hmm, make sure the clothes I wear will photograph well, some things look nice in person but photograph poorly. Also, if you have something too sheer, the flash from the camera can make it almost see through. So I always make sure about my clothing, and I will look at shoots that famous models have done to pull inspiration from, and study their poses, body language, facial expressions, etc. I try to make the final product as good as I can.


JM: What is your definition of beauty?

AR: Beauty is being comfortable with who you are. Don’t focus on your insecurities, celebrate your assets instead. So if you hate your stomach, don’t stress over it. Show off your amazing legs and realize all of the things that you are blessed with!


JM: Describe your top three goals that you want to achieve?

AR: I want to be in major men’s magazines, Maxim, FHM, etc. I want to get into acting and be in TV and films eventually. Lastly, I want to be a household name. I want to be a model-celebrity. There are plenty of models, models on the catwalk, models in playboy, models who do promotional work etc. If I’m going to do this, I want to be as big as I possibly can, and not only be a model but be a celebrity, like Heidi Klum or Kate Upton. They used their modeling careers to launch them into a whole other realm of success, that’s my ultimate goal.

JM: Give one tip on how to be more successful?

AR: You need a plan. There are steps involved. Very rarely do girls get “discovered” anymore like they used to when Cindy Crawford was discovered by a photographer picking corn. Those stories are few and far between these days because there are so many girls trying to be models, and the competition is fierce. The first part of the plan is figuring out exactly what you want to do, and finding someones career who you would like to emulate, and figuring out how to get there. For example, I would love to emulate Kate Upton’s career, but also be my own person, Abigail Ratchford. I just mean what type of model/public figure she is. Model, sensation, curvaceous, bubbly, and has a great personality. To do that, I had to get pictures taken that were sexy but not trashy, got them on men’s sites like, TheSmokingJacket, Men’s Humor, etc. I built a fan base which is very important. Then people who ran other sites started seeing me and contacted me to be on their sites because they heard about me. The first time I was on in the spring, the site owner contacted me and said he had a lot of good feedback on my gallery, and wanted to do a special American themed feature on me for Memorial Day, because of the great feedback. Th point is, you need people to make a buzz around you, and that makes you “marketable” for sites, websites, etc. because they know you will attract traffic. You can’t do it on your own, and just sit back and wait for it to come to you. I realize I have a lot more to do to get to Kate Upton’s level, clearly, but the more people know about you and support you, the better. I’ve done enough in these last few months since March to know I’m ready for the next step, I don’t just want to be on websites, I want to be in print magazines, make a career of this, and get real success and fame, not just internet fame. So remember: make a plan, build your fan base, study someone who you admire, and take over the world one step at a  time, haha. You need to make yourself go VIRAL!


JM: How do you want to be remembered?

AR: I want to be remembered as someone who took a shot, no matter the outcome. There are so many people trying to do the same thing as me, and you are lucky if you make it as anything. I know I will certainly get much further giving it a shot and Moving to LA, then I would if I sat back and feared failure my whole life. I just hope the outcome is in my favor.


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