The 52: Ashley Resch

Photo Credit: Ashlee Krutzfeldt, AJKPhotography
Photo Credit: Ashlee Krutzfeldt, AJKPhotography

I’m very excited to introduce you to my first guest that I’ve selected to interview in 2017. She’s insanely beautiful, insightful, and full of life. Ashley Resch is not your typical model. Aside from being a model, Ashley is also a blogger (, an athlete/personal trainer (bbmovement aka Bad Bitch Fitness), and she’s also very active on social media. Ashely stuck out to me with her down-to-earth personality, and how she views life. I hope you enjoy this interview and hope that you learn a thing (or two) from Ashley.

How did you get interested in modeling?

When I was a kid, I grew up watching so many different fashion programs that since I was a young girl, I knew I was interested in modeling; it has been a lifelong dream.

When you began modeling, what was the most challenging aspect of it?

The criticism. When I first started modeling, I wanted people to accept what I was doing and take me seriously right off the bat, and that was challenging because only my family really supported me until I had to prove everyone wrong.

Did you have a lot of confidence before modeling, or was it something that you had to work on?

I definitely did not. I had just started experiencing anxiety from being bullied in high school, which I didn’t know how to control, and to top that off, I started a career where everyone would be judging me. It was something I had to work on quickly, but now modeling has given me more confidence than I ever thought was possible.

What are your morning rituals? What do the first 60 minutes of your day look like?

Every morning I start my day by making tea and rolling out/stretching from my workout the day before and planning my day/week ahead.

When you think of the word “successful,” who’s the first person who comes to mind and why?

My parents. They didn’t grow up with a lot and yet they gave my brother and I the best childhood and upbringing. I think of them when I think of being successful because they made so many sacrifices throughout their lives to make sure they could create the lives they wanted for their kids, but also so they could live their dream life; it’s incredibly inspirational.

What have you changed your mind about in the last few years? Why?

Within the past few years, I have transitioned from a girl to a woman. My largest change I have made is to be an optimist instead of being pessimistic.

What is something you believe that other people think is insane?

I am deathly afraid of birds, so much that I run away screaming like a little girl. People don’t understand how terrifying they are.

Do you read? If so, what book (or books) have had an impact on your life?

Yes! I love reading. The book that has had the biggest impact on my life is ‘Sharp Objects’ by Gillian Flynn.

What is the worst advice you see or hear being dispensed in your world?

Especially in the modeling industry, the pressure to have the “perfect body” is still huge regardless of the many efforts from women around the world. Just be you and work hard for everything you want, and everything will fall into place.

How has a failure, or apparent failure, set you up for later success? Or, do you have a favorite failure of yours?

I don’t have a favorite failure because I strongly believe that every failure happens to push me down the path I belong, so in this regard, every failure would be my favorite because it has lead me here today and will keep driving me throughout my life.

Do you have a quote you live your life by or think of often?

It would be a tie between “Positive Mind= Positive Life” or “Everything Happens for a Reason.” These quotes are constantly helping me through hard times, and times of doubt.

What advice would you give your younger self?

To stay positive even in the toughest times because it will get better.

What topic would you speak about if you were asked to give a TED talk on something outside of your main area of expertise?

I would love to become a TED talker and be able to talk about the impact of social media in both a negative and positive way. I was cyber bullied throughout high school, and now I have a career around social media, and I would want to talk about the importance of hard work, and a positive mindset in the worst situations.

Is there a particular goal that you’ve set for yourself to achieve by the end of this year?

I want to give back to my community, one of my large goals is to implement charity work in my monthly routine.

What can my audience expect to see from you in the future?

I hope to be in magazines around the world, and working with global brands, so expect to see me on your local news stands.

Any last parting words?

Thank you! Thank you so much for having me, and all the support!


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Enrapture: Erica Gore


Erica Gore

Playboy has had some exceptional women represent their brand: Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, and Carmen Electra have represented Playboy very well over the years, but there is one model that is ready to take the reins and represent the Playboy brand for years to come. Erica Gore was just recently named Playboy South Africa’s Miss March 2015. Erica is just getting started and with her gorgeous looks and great attitude–there is no limit on what she can do.



You were recently named Playboy South Africa Miss March 2015. What kind of emotions did you have when you found out?

Erica Gore: I was so excited that I was shaking! Ha ha. Like, what? Me? Really? I’m so honored and thankful for the opportunity! I couldn’t be happier.


What does it feel like to be a part of the iconic Playboy brand?

Erica Gore: Amazing! Growing up, I always thought those girls were so gorgeous and glamorous, but I never thought I would be in this position. To be able to be a part of something that you always looked up to is just incredible.


Erica Gore


When did you take an interest in modeling?

Erica Gore: I took an interest in modeling when I was about 12-years-old. I mean, what little girl doesn’t want to be a model? But I got turned down a lot for stuff at that age because I didn’t have the right body type for the typical model. My hips were too wide, and I wasn’t quite the height they were looking for. I moved to California to pursue a dance career, and that is where I discovered glamour modeling and completely fell in love with it.


You’re also into fitness. How important is being healthy and working out to you?

Erica Gore: So important! I’m at the gym everyday trying to keep in shape for my shoots. I love food way too much, so the gym is definitely a must. And plus, it just makes you feel like a sexy beast, ha ha.


Now that you’re a part of Playboy, what other companies/publications would you like to be involved with?

Erica Gore: I would love to be involved with Maxim or Sports Illustrated. Basically anything sexy.


Erica Gore


What’s the most difficult part about being a model?

Erica Gore: I would say the hardest part about being a model is teaching yourself that you aren’t going to be perfect for all of your audience, and even the people you work for. Everybody has flaws, but learn to love yours and realize it’s what sets you apart. You’ll have fans that absolutely adore you, and you’ll have people who will criticize everything about you. But when you learn to love everything about yourself, nobody in this business can bring you down.


How do you separate yourself and stand out from other models?

Erica Gore: I don’t think of it as a job at all. Every time I walk into a shoot, it’s just a blast! I’m always having fun and laughing with the whole crew. I mean, why not make their job fun too?


Erica Gore


What do you want people to think and feel when they see you?

Erica Gore: Oh lord, who knows. Um, I have been told that I bring really good energy wherever I go! It’s all about the vibes!


Erica Gore


Before 2015 ends, what is one specific thing that you would like to accomplish?

Erica Gore: This year I want to start competing in figure competitions, so that is what I’m currently preparing for. I also want to travel and see a lot more places in the upcoming months!


What advice would you give to someone who is trying to accomplish a goal that they’ve set in their life?

Erica Gore: To not give up! Every time you fail, that’s one step closer to achieving your goal. You learn a new lesson every time. Every dream comes to you for a reason and the harder you work, the harder it is to give up. Just know that you can achieve anything if you want it bad enough.


Erica Gore


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Ardent: Christina Dronkowski

Christina Dronkowski


There are Playboy models, and then there is Christina Dronkowski. Christina is the hardest working Playboy model around, and with her blue-collar work ethic and attitude–nothing gets in the way of this highly motivated woman. Having already been named Playboy’s Miss Social June 2013, Christina Dronkowski has been padding her modeling portfolio ever since, and she’s also a nurse.  You might call Christina the complete package, but that’s an understatement. She’s always pushing the boundaries, and Christina is constantly setting goals for herself. One thing is for sure: whatever Christina sets her mind to–she accomplishes.


At what point in your life did you seek an interest in modeling?

Christina Dronkowski: I found Playboy Miss Social and after submitting my profile and all the attention I received, I set up my first photo shoot!


When you first started to model, was it like you had envisioned it to be, or was it something totally different?

Christina Dronkowski: Totally different. I never in a million years would’ve thought I’d be where I am today! I have had some amazing opportunities because of Playboy!


Christina Dronkowski


Did you seek out any guidance when you started to model, or did you just learn along the way? 

Christina Dronkowski: I learned along the way!


What valuable lessons have you learned in your life, and how have they helped you in your modeling career?

Christina Dronkowski: To be independent, and to love myself just the way I am! It comes with age and experience after being in one crappy relationship after another hence: “Single for life.”


Christina Dronkowski


How do you handle doubt, fear, and rejection in your modeling career and personal life?

Christina Dronkowski: Never let anyone tell you, “you can’t!” And to not let people’s negative words get to me! When one door closes, another one opens!


What drives and motivates you?

Christina Dronkowski: Haters! People who tell me I can’t–to I won’t; just more motivation for me to prove everyone wrong!


When someone is being negative towards you online and off, how do you handle it?

Christina Dronkowski: Ignore it!


Christina Dronkowski


You were Playboy Miss Social June 2013. What was that experience like, and what’s it like to be a part of the Playboy brand?

Christina Dronkowski: It was an amazing experience! I’m very lucky I had the opportunity that not many get! It was such an amazing day! I can’t wait for upcoming projects with Playboy, and of course, more kick-ass Playboy parties! I’m so happy to be a part of such and amazing brand!


You’re also a nurse. What made you choose to be one?

Christina Dronkowski: My aunt is a retired nurse. She is a role model to me, and I’m very close to her. When I was in high school, I did and internship at the hospital and just fell in love with nursing, so I knew at the age of 17–that I wanted to be an RN and specialize in Oncology.


Christina Dronkowski


What would be your advice to anyone that is trying to better themselves in life?

Christina Dronkowski: Stay true to yourself! Take it one day at a time! We are human; we all make mistakes. Don’t let anyone dull your sparkle.


Christina Dronkowski


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Impassioned: Jacqui Childs

Jacqui Childs


Actress and model, Jacqui Childs, is one extraordinary woman. Since she was 14-years-old, Jacqui has been setting the acting and modeling industry ablaze with her talent. Taking 15 years off would be career suicide for most, but not for Jacqui. Taking time away from acting and modeling, Jacqui focused on raising her family, and then returned back to acting and modeling without skipping a beat. Upon her return, Jacqui joined Naked News and her status has been growing the past year, gaining over 1.4 million fans on her social media accounts. What makes Jacqui stand out and unique, is the way she connects with her fans through social media. If you happen to send her tweet, comment on her Facebook page, or like her Instagram posts, you can expect Jacqui to reach out to you. If you combine all of Jacqui’s qualities–you get a person who exudes excellence.


At what point in your life did you get interested in modeling?

Jacqui Childs: I’ve been modeling since I was very young, starting with local pageants and extra work.


What was the modeling industry like when you first started out?

Jacqui Childs: When I first started, it was the days of film. You had to take care of yourself, your skin, etc. and be able to hold a pose. No Photoshop, and very little plastic surgery; that’s how old I am!


What did you turn your attention to when you went on a 15 year hiatus from modeling?

Jacqui Childs: I took several years off to raise my family and getting back into modeling was mostly a head game with myself. Did I still have what it takes? Was I going to be able to compete with girls half my age?


And what made you come back to modeling?

Jacqui Childs: I came back to modeling once I was divorced and independent. I had a new partner who was very supportive and helped me with health and fitness, and was completely understanding about the time and stress of the industry.


You’re also involved with Naked News. How did that come about?

Jacqui Childs: Naked News had a job posting, which my husband actually applied for me. They were looking for a mature actress/model and I just happened to fit the bill. It’s been a very interesting and eye-opening experience. Lots of judgement and criticism because our society relates nudity with pornography, which Naked News is not!


How do you maintain balance in your life with everything that you have going on?

Jacqui Childs: Balance is very hard in this industry. It’s 24/7 and unfortunately, friends and family not in the business don’t get it. So, lots of challenges arise due to travel, project time conflicts, and family commitments (my poor pets).


What do you do when harsh criticism and negativity is directed towards you?

Jacqui Childs: After two years, I’ve finally realized that the negativity is almost always jealously. Haters come with fame and you can’t please everyone all the time, and at my age (41), I’m okay with that. I’m thrilled with my success and the exciting opportunities that have come my way.


What’s been the most important lesson that you’ve learned in your life?

Jacqui Childs: As far as life lessons, it’s actually kind of sad. You really need to focus on yourself and what makes you happy. People by nature are very good at using one another, and treating each other like possessions. On the way up, you work so hard that they judge, and feel left out; when you’re on top, they’re back! I’ve learned that I’m happy on my own and in my own space, and most people at arm’s length is okay. I know who’s in my corner and who’s proud of my accomplishments.


What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Jacqui Childs: Nothing in life comes easy, and although I laugh, smile, and seem to be crazy most of the time, I’m very aware of what’s going on around me, and what’s being said. I’m extremely passionate and professional, and although some might say different–no one gave me anything on this journey, this was completely self-made.  Next, my website and, radio, magazines, and TV. Movie and books after I’ve played out Naked News a little longer. It’s not something I can do forever once I’m a grandmother; it’s probably a good time to put my clothes on (laughs).


Jacqui Childs


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Illustrious: Katie Danzer

Katie Danzer


Katie Danzer is one woman who will always be in your head, and dominate your thoughts throughout the day. But Katie is not just another pretty face. She was Miss New Mexico 2013 and if that wasn’t enough, Katie is also a certified hair and make-up stylist, she has managed a dental company, and she loves to help people in her community. Katie has also appeared in shows “Crash” and Easy Money. And just recently, Katie was in the running to win Miss COED’s “Miss COED of the Year 2015.” It’s apparent that Katie is one exceptional woman, and with her passion and drive–nothing will stop her from achieving her goals.


When did you get interested in modeling?

Katie Danzer: I started at around age 17/18 when I did a test shoot during a family portrait session, and realized I love the camera.


What was the modeling business like when you first started out?

Katie Danzer: It was hard. You learn a lot. I have never signed with an agent, and I am fully self-made, which I am very proud of. It takes a lot of networking, free work, and persistence.


Katie Danzer


Any ideas you’ve had that you haven’t gone through because they seemed too extreme?

Katie Danzer: I have always wanted to model for Maxim, but due to my body shape, I do not meet the measurement requirements.


You were in the running for “Miss COED of the Year 2015.” What was that experience like for you?

Katie Danzer: It was interesting. I never like doing online contests, due to hackers, people who don’t like to participate, and having a busy schedule. I did not make top five in the end.

Katie Danzer




Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today? 

Katie Danzer: I don’t know if I can remember every single step, but it was a lot of hard work. Several times I have spent hundreds of dollars on printing images to send out to every single agency that I could think of–with no responses. I have submitted hundreds of images online, have gone to a ton of networking events, done a ton of work in trade with other people, and have spent a lot of money on travel, contracts, etc. Persistence is key to everything.


What form of criticism/negativity have you come across in your modeling career, and how did you overcome it?

Katie Danzer: I always seem to hear the words curvy, heavy, thick, overweight. However, I am comfortable in my own body, and have worked hard to get to where I am. I cannot help genetics, and there is always gonna be companies that love the curves I have. I’m healthy.


What companies/publications would you like to work with, but haven’t yet?

Katie Danzer: I don’t have a “list.” I am very open anyone who can help me advance or teach me something in my career.


Katie Danzer


What’s the best and worst part about modeling?

Katie Danzer: Best? I love people! I love meeting fans and reading messages on how I inspired someone. Hard? I love food! Diets are always a struggle for me.


Katie Danzer


What can people expect to see from you this year?

Katie Danzer: I have a lot in the works. I have several magazine publications coming out, and I recently started a workout routine, so I am hoping to break out into the fitness world soon.


Katie Danzer


If someone walked up to you asking for advice and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

Katie Danzer: If you want something: get it; no one will ever get something for you. If you have flaws, embrace them; someone will always love those flaws. Be yourself, be confident, and be unforgettable.


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Why You Should Vote for Jessica Ashley for Playboy Playmate of the Year 2015

Playboy Playmate Miss June 2014 Jessica Ashley


Playboy’s “Playmate of the Year 2015” voting is underway and while each candidate is worthy of the title, Jessica Ashley stands out and separates herself from the other women vying to become “Playmate of the Year.” No other publication comes close to the level of quality that Playboy exudes with its models. To me, Jessica Ashley is the perfect choice to become the next “Playmate of the Year.” She’s gorgeous, has a great attitude, and above all else, she’s insanely smart (she majored in English at the University of Michigan). I’ve interviewed a lot of models, and I even had the chance to interview Kennedy Summers (Playboy Playmate of the Year 2014), who Jessica reminds me of. But don’t me persuade your vote. Check out the link below, and vote for who you think is worthy of being Playboy’s “Playmate of the Year 2015.”

Avant-Garde: Alicia Guastaferro

Alicia Guasteferro


She’s easy on the eyes, but this beautiful woman will enthrall your imagination. Alicia Guastaferro is one talented individual. Acting, modeling, singing, etc. Alicia does it all, and then some. Hard work doesn’t even begin to describe Alicia, and her passion for excellence. Constantly striving to be better each and every day, Alicia is a woman who every girl should strive to be.


You’re an actress, model, and a singer. How did you get interested in all of those things?

Alicia Guastaferro: I started doing beauty pageants when I was eleven-months-old until I was about eighteen. So, my entire life I have always been performing on stage. I love to entertain and it’s always been a dream for me to do it as life time career.


How do you balance and maintain being proficient in all of the things that you’re passionate about?

Alicia Guastaferro: I practice, practice, and practice. Practice makes perfect, and that is what I do. Everyday I practice singing to strenghten my voice, I try my best to eat healthy, get rest, and always stay positive!


What’s the most challenging part about acting, modeling, and singing?

Alicia Guastaferro: The most challenging part is always staying positive and never giving up. Some days maybe tougher than others, but no matter what–you cannot give up and that is what I do; I follow my dream and never give up.


Do you have any daily habits or routines that have helped you out in any way in your life?

Alicia Guastaferro: My daily routine that helps me in life is always good plenty of sleep, practice singing everyday, try to work out for at least half an hour each day, eat healthy, and always stay positive, and never give up.


How do you handle doubt, fear, and rejection that you’ve faced in your life?

Alicia Guastaferro: My whole entire life I have been judged and always in the spotlight, especially being an only child–I handle doubt, fear, and rejection by never giving up and now matter how hard things may be, I will never take no for an answer. Also, my parents support me 111% in everything I do and to me, they are my world.


Which leads me to my next question. How do you handle criticism and negativity that is directed towards you?

Alicia Guastaferro: In school I was bullied so bad, I’ve had hate crimes happen to me, and I’ve been put through living hell and back. But in the end–I’m a survivor. When someone is negative towards me, I brush it off. Words do hurt (I know firsthand), but you cannot let it get the best of you; no matter what happens to you in life.


What kind of impact do you want to have on people with your talents?

Alicia Guastaferro: The impact I would like people to have is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s a positive one. No matter what happens to you in your life, never give up and do not live in the past, live in the future and never judge a book by its cover.


Is there anything in particular that you would like to accomplish this year?

Alicia Guastaferro: One particular thing I want to accomplish this year is to finish my first singing album, which I’m very excited about. Music runs through my family and music is a part of my life, and I love it.


Who do you look up to the most in your life and why?

Alicia Guastaferro: The person I look up to the most was my grandmother. She passed away when I was eleven, but she raised me from day one; she was a mother to me, I even called her mama. She always told me to never give up on my dreams, and that one day, I’ll be a star. In her honor may she rest in peace. I want to fulfill her dreams by always believing in my dreams, which is to have a career in the entertainment field; which I love.


Share a piece of advice that has helped you out immensely in your life?

Alicia Guastaferro: Piece of advice is to never give up on your dreams, no matter what anyone tells you, and always believe in yourself.


Alicia Guastaferro


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