America’s Sweetheart: Cami Bradley

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Music has a way of inspiring us, and some musicians come along in our lifetime—and completely blow us away. For Cami Bradley, she inspires people on a nightly basis. You’ve watched her capture America’s heart on America’s Got Talent, and now—you’ll get more insight on this talented woman, and why she will become a huge influence in the music industry.


Justin Marroquin: How did you get interested in music?

Cami Bradley: I grew up in a musical family, so music is normal for me. I never knew anything different. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, and playing the piano since I was seven. I took lessons for a few months, and hated to practice—so I quit. From that point on, music became a passion; I did it because I loved it, not because I had to. I was a sponge growing up. I learned everything I could from watching, listening, and paying attention.


JM: What do you enjoy the most when you’re playing music?

CB: Music is emotional. It can draw tears, laughter, passion, and raw emotion from people. I love to find that in every song I sing. I love how music can make you feel, and so anytime I sing or play, I enjoy getting to portray that.


Cami Bradley 5JM: Do you look up to anybody in the music industry?

CB: There are so many artists I find inspiring. New and old. Adele, Mumford and Sons, Ray Charles, Monsters of Men, Etta James, Michael Buble, Coldplay, and the list could go on and on.


JM: What made you audition for America’s Got Talent?

CB: Ha ha, oh my. I didn’t want to audition at all. I’ve never been a fan of the spotlight. I was asked to audition, and my initial gut reaction was, “heck no.” But after some encouragement from my husband and family, I knew I needed to step out of my comfort zone. And boy, am I glad I did.


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JM: Describe the experience you had while you were on America’s Got Talent?

CB: Unbelievable. It truly was life changing. For obvious reasons of course; being on TV, getting recognition and exposure, etc. But for other reasons too. I was stretched a ton. Forced into timelines and restrictions musically—that I thought would make things difficult, but actually pushed me to think outside of the box, and be even more creative. I got to meet and work with some amazing people (crew and contestants), and beyond that, I learned a lot about myself as a person, and a musician.


JM: What is one specific goal you would like to achieve in the music industry?

CB: I don’t care about a certain level or status to reach, I just want to do what I love. I got the exposure, now I hope to capitalize on it, and continue to get my music into the hands of people who truly want to hear it.


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JM: How do you deal with criticism and negativity?

CB: Criticism is good. It’s the only way you can grow, learn, and change. I welcome it—if it’s healthy. Negativity, I ignore. I have people in my life who I trust, and if what I’m doing, saying, or singing about is OK in their books, I know I’m on the right track.


JM: Besides music, what else are you interested in and passionate about?

CB: I love photography. It’s actually a side business for me   I also love to ride my motorcycle, play with my pups, and be with my family. I am addicted to coffee and chocolate, and I adore being at home.


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JM: Share some advice that has helped you a lot in your life?

CB: My Dad always told me, “never rely on your talent.” It’s something that’s always stuck with me. There are a lot of talented people in this world. Talent doesn’t get you that far. You have to work hard, apply what you’ve been given, and facilitate it wisely. That’s why I say “I’m a sponge.” You’re never done learning and growing.


JM: What can we expect from you in the future?

CB: You can expect me to continue to make music—covers, originals, everything. Check out my original music from my album, SEAS on iTunes. I am certainly not done, and can’t wait to tell my fans what’s next for me. Follow me on twitter: @camibradley or Facebook: camibradleymusic to see what’s next for me!


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Backstage Pass: Charlie Jacks

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The music industry is filled with people who have great talent, but there is only a select few that can engage people, and make them feel the music. One of the few people who can do such things is Charlie Jacks. She is a UK music superstar, and has a massive following in Japan (and soon to be US) with six number one albums, and nine singles at the top of the Japanese iTunes charts. Charlie took time out of her busy schedule to tell me about her music career, achieving goals, and what inspires and motivates her.

Justin Marroquin: How did you get interested in music?

Charlie Jacks: I’ve always been a bit of an entertainer. I loved singing in school and my mum noticed how much I danced around the house singing as a kid, so she put me in classical music lessons. I think it really kicked in at a Chinese restaurant. We went for a family meal and there was a performer singing with a piano and mic this particular time. My family managed to persuade me(with a $8 bribe) to go and ask if I could sing. I sung “Ironic” by Alanis Morissette. It was the silence of the room and the applause after that—made me want more. The feeling that you can acquire someone’s emotions with your voice, and impact them just a little really moved me. And that my friends is where it began.

JM: Where do you seek inspiration and motivation to write songs?

CJ: My motivation is simple—literally, life. If it makes me emotionally happy, sad, hurt, angry, I write about it. The same with my friends; if I see something I can relate to, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to capture in words and replay as a song. I find if people can relate to your story, they want to listen.

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JM: What do you enjoy more: writing songs or performing?

CJ: Performing songs I’ve written. It’s a beautiful moment when you see someone join into a song you’ve written.

JM: Do you set goals? If so, describe how you go about doing it.

CJ: This is tricky. My goal when I started music (in Japan) was only ever to release one single, that turned into six and nine albums. Now I have the same goal, but in the UK and US.

JM: How do you handle negativity?

CJ: IGNORE it. How does negativity ever benefit anyone? It doesn’t, so the best option—cut it out.

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JM: Do you have any plans to come to America?

CJ: Yes, I do all of my writing and recording in the states. I’ll be back soon to start the new EP.

JM: What is the best part about the music industry?

CJ: Achieving goals—meeting and working with creative people. Two creative people in the same room is a recipe for magic.

JM: What’s the worst part about the music industry?

CJ: There a huge amount of no’s. You have to be thick-skinned and willing to be turned away a lot to survive the industry. But if you are persistent and believe in yourself enough, you’ll get there.

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JM: How do you want to be remembered?

CJ: I just want to make a little impact on some people’s lives. “That song helped me through hard times” or “That song reminds me of summer” that kinda thing.

JM: What is one piece of advice that has helped you in your life?

CJ: If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

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