New Year Thoughts


It’s a brand new year, and you’re all ready to go with your resolutions (that is if you didn’t break them yet). Each new year is filled with a chance to start over, new adventures, and discovering more about yourself. Throughout the years I used to get all fired up when the new year hit and make resolutions for myself, and some years I accomplished sticking to my resolutions other years not so much.

The point is to not sell yourself short if you break your resolutions or goal (s) that you’ve set for yourself. Last year was a tough one for all of us (in my opinion). Whether you were upset about our new president or just overall unhappy with the way 2017 went for you, don’t get yourself down. I’ve discovered (through trial and error) to not let outside distractions dictate my future or mood. It sounds so simple, right? Usually, the best advice offered in the world is incredibly simple but following the information is the hard part (for all of us I believe).

All you need is a starting point and small victories. What I mean by that is gaining momentum each and every day. So how do you go about getting small victories? By starting with anything. No really. Pick something that you would like to accomplish such as exercising more. Exercising can be done in minutes (check out various apps on your mobile device) and get started. Even with just minutes of working out, you’ve captured a small victory. The trick is to not beat yourself up if you’re unable to exercise for a day or if you’re unable to work out for an hour or so. Do some pushups, crunches, or stretches. As long as you do something you’re on your way to creating momentum. It really is as simple as that. Do what’s best for you and your lifestyle don’t pay attention to what other people are doing. Just focus on you and you alone.

You’re probably wondering right now where is this going? What does all this mean? Well, what this all boils down to is learning. Constant learning will get you to point A to point B. To gain small victories each and everyday knowledge will get you there. Learn something new and apply it to your life and you’ll soon see your small victories add up in no time. It can literally be anything new that you learn: i.e., change the way you think, acquiring a new skill, managing your time and money. This year is the new you and new possibilities. Be open to new things and don’t get discouraged by outside distractions (family, friends, TV, etc.) you’re in control of you and your thoughts. It’s time to step up to the plate and show the world who you are and what you have to offer. Cheers to you and your new endeavors that you seek upon.

Be sure to keep a lookout on my blog. I’ll be interviewing more people, and hopefully, you’ll be able to gain new information and apply it to your life.

2015: What’s Your Story?

Typewriter What is Your Story


A new year is upon us once again. 2014 flew by (for me, at least) and it was a relatively good year for me. In this post, I will touch on resolutions and why I dislike them. I’ll also add my personal insight on how I set goals and the process that I go through to achieve them. First off, I would like to state that I’m nowhere near being a “success” but through my experiences, I have had some breakthroughs with achieving my goals. Are you still with me? Good. Let’s get started.


Let’s being with resolutions. They’re supposed to be goals in disguise, but you and I know the statistics on resolutions: most people break theirs not even two weeks into the new year. Why do you think that is? In my opinion–it all comes down to consistency. When you’re consistent with whatever you’re doing (or focused on) you’re more than likely to be “successful” at whatever it is that you’re doing. Resolutions are the popular thing to do every new year, but don’t fall into this trap. Sure they’re (resolutions) new, fresh, and exciting, but sooner or later–resolutions wear off. Instead of a resolution, set goals. Goals will mean more to you, and it will give you more motivation to complete the goal that you’ve set for yourself. I know what you’re thinking now “what’s the difference between a resolution and a goal?” There’s plenty of differences, but the main difference is detail. Goals tend to have more detail attached to them and in turn–will provide you with a better sense of empowerment. Think about it: the most common resolution is to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great resolution, but just saying “I’ll lose weight” is not very powerful in itself. Now turn that same resolution into a goal by saying “I will lose 20 lbs.” by a date that you’re comfortable with. Congratulations. You’ve now just a set a detail oriented goal that you will feel motivated to achieve. What I’m offering is basic common knowledge and it’s not rocket science (I know that), but very few people tend to look at the details of their resolutions, and that’s what keeps them from being consistent with their chosen resolution.


We’re almost done here (I promise). Next in the process of goal-setting, is research. When I’m involved with setting a goal–I research the hell out of it. Again, this may seem like simple advice, but it’s absolutely necessary to discuss this. When you set a goal (whatever it may be) make sure to do your homework. Look up and see if anyone else has achieved the goal that you’ve set for yourself (chances are, they have). I’m gonna rip out a page from Tony Robbins playbook, and tell you to model the person that achieved your goal. What do I mean by modeling? I mean researching how they accomplished the goal. For instance: what were their habits, routines, and behaviors that caused them to succeed? Do they have books available that you can read to gain further information? Email them to see if they can give you advice and tips. The key thing that will make you successful in this area is to be bold. Being bold will give you confidence on your journey to completing your goal.


I hope my little nugget of advice will propel you to move forward this new year, and be relentless in your pursuit of achieving goals. Once you attain one goal; it will become hard to stop right there. Set another goal (or ten) and like I stated earlier–be bold in the process of accomplishing your dreams and goals. Before you know it, six months are gonna roll by and you’re still gonna be stuck in a rut. Don’t be that way. Pull out a piece of paper, receipt, or whatever else you can get your hands on right now, and commit to setting one goal. Then after you write it down–get your goal ingrained in your brain; and kick its ass. 2015 is your story. Make it one of the best damn stories that has ever been written.

2014 Year In Review: My Thoughts

2014 has been an adventure. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I got out of my comfort zone more than I’ve ever had before. It’s amazing how far you can go when you really commit to something, and don’t stop until you get there. Earlier in the year, I wrote about my first fight and being in the cage. That fight taught me a lot about myself, and what I was made of. Never in a million years did I think that I would step into the cage, but I did and I’m glad that I made that decision.

I also played professional baseball this year for the Adrian Pioneers. Playing baseball was always a dream of mine when I was a child, and I that dream was realized this past summer. Playing with guys that have been in and out of the MLB was an experience that I will never forget.

This year I also found love. I’m a very private person (when it comes to my personal life), but finding love this year has definitely made me a happier person. It was totally unexpected, but when you find the right person–everything else falls into place into your life. My girlfriend is supportive of my dreams and goals, loves me for who I am, and of course, she makes me a very happy man.

One of the biggest decisions that I made this year–was that I decided to move with my girlfriend to Tennessee. It was not an easy decision to make, but it was the right one. Living in Tennessee was one of the greatest experiences that I’ve ever had in my life. Sure it was scary (at first), but after being there for a while, I got comfortable with my surroundings, and even if you don’t plan on moving to Tennessee, I highly recommend you take a vacation there (trust me, it’s worth it.)

2014 has also been good to my blog. While I’m nowhere where I would like to be with my blog, I am happy to see it steadily growing. If you’re reading this or have read my blog before, I thank you kindly. I have a lot of plans for my blog in 2015, and I can’t wait to present them to you all.

I wish you all the best in 2015, and I urge you to get out of your comfort zone in the new year and go far beyond your wildest dreams.

Ignore Impossible Podcast

Ignore Impossible LogoIn addition the blog, I wanted to start a podcast and interview extraordinary people on how they set and achieve goals, live their life, and the mindset they have adopted in order to be successful. It’s been an incredible journey so far, but I’m still learning and have a long way to go. So why am I blogging about this? Because I want the podcast to thrive, and the only way that it will—is with your input.

In the comments section below, feel free to let me know what guests you would like me to have on the show, what you would like me talk about, and any criticism you may have good/bad. Also, if you like the show—please leave a rating on iTunes, Stitcher, or Soundcloud.

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Ignore Impossible #10: Katie DeLuca

Justin Marroquin interviews Katie DeLucaKatie Deluca joined me on the podcast, and I had so much fun talking with her. We discussed a lot things, and she definitely knows her stuff when it comes to UFC.


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Ignore Impossible #7: Norris Frederick, Molly Helmuth, and Alyson Fromm

Justin Marroquin interviews Norris Frederick









Justin Marroquin interviews Molly Helmuth









Justin Marroquin interviews Alyson Fromm







I had three incredible athletes on the Ignore Impossible podcast, and we talked about training, how to deal with negative people, and how to be the best at whatever you’re doing.

Forging Her Own Path: Amy Von Rummelhoff

Justin Marroquin interview with Amy Von Rummelhoff

The health and fitness industry is filled with some great people. Now more than ever, people are looking to get fit and healthy for various reasons. You might purchase a product, or sign up for a program, but do you really get to know the person behind the product? Chances are, no. That’s what separates Amy Von Rummelhoff from the rest of the health and fitness industry. She took time out of her busy schedule to tell me what she thinks about setting goals, how she got started in health and fitness, and how she overcomes setbacks. 

Justin Marroquin: When did you get interested in health and fitness?

Amy Von Rummelhoff: I grew up as a competitive figure skater and competed nationally in synchronized skating.  However, it was not until I nearly died in college from a very serious surgery and hit rock bottom, that I realized if I did not start eating healthy and learning to work out, my life would continue to slip through my fingers.  I became a gym rat pretty quickly and when I moved to LA in 2010, I worked as a trainer at Jackie Warner’s gym in Beverly Hills, and got into fitness modeling.  It was not until last year that I took the ultimate step to take the stage and compete among the best.  I have decided to commit my life to health and fitness, and recently took the position of managing the female line of MusclePharm, FitMiss.

Photo Credit: Chaz Photographics
Photo Credit: Chaz Photographics

JM: What was the process like when you first started out?

AVR: When I first started lifting weights, it was a guessing game of what to do. I was lucky enough to be working at a gym in San Diego, so I had trainers that helped me to get started.  I had no idea what was actually healthy; however, and although at the time I thought I was eating completely healthy, that was far from the truth. I love learning and have taught myself most of what I know today in the gym and in the kitchen.

Photo Credit: Chaz Photographics
Photo Credit: Chaz Photographics

JM: Do you believe in setting goals?

AVR: 100% believe in setting goals. I continually set mini goals in the gym to stay motivated— whether it be a photo shoot, a trip or a competition.





Justin Marroquin interview with Amy Von Rummelhoff



JM: How do you overcome a setback?

AVR: I am currently overcoming the biggest setback of all—trusting the wrong coach with my diet, and training last year— he destroyed my metabolism and thyroid.  It has been a very discouraging year to say the least; trying to reset my metabolism and staying 100% on track while getting VERY slow results.  I know in the end I will be better than I ever have, and I just stay motivated. I have a support group of amazing friends to lift me up as well when I am feeling down.

Justin Marroquin interviews Amy Von RummelhoffJM: What is your favorite part about being fit and healthy?

AVR: I feel better day in and day out.  I get sick very easily, and I love seeing my body change and get stronger week after week.

JM: Who has had the most influence on you in your life?

AVR: My mother is my best friend and biggest support.  She has been there with me through the lowest points of my life, the challenges I have encountered, and every competition I prepped for! I don’t know where I would be without her and her amazing support.

Justin Marroquin interview with Amy Von Rummelhoff

JM: How do you stay motivated?

AVR: I set mini goals and track my progress.  I always try to change something about the exercise  I am doing by increasing the weight, or the number of reps.  This is the best way to see if you are in fact improving and getting stronger.

Justin Marroquin interview with Amy Von Rummelhoff

JM: What would be your #1 tip on how to become successful not only in fitness and health, but life itself?

AVR: Pick a goal and do everything you can to reach it.   Be a motivator and a positive influence in peoples lives, and you will see the reward.  Don’t compete with others— compete with your former self.  I know it sounds cheesy, but it is so true.  It is easy to feel unsatisfied when you are comparing yourself to someone else. They have different genetics, background and work ethic— and it is impossible to compare two people with different backgrounds and it can eat you up!

Photo Credit: Jesse DeYoung
Photo Credit: Jesse DeYoung

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