Influence: David Copperfield

David Copperfield


My first influence that I’m going to share with you is none other than the greatest (arguably) of all-time, David Copperfield. I’ve been interested and fascinated in magic since I was a child. Watching David Copperfield on TV was so inspiring, and I wanted to be just like him. Eventually, my passion for magic grew, and my parents ended up buying me a magic set. I thought it was so cool to not only know how an illusion is done but how to perform it correctly as well. When I was ten years old, my parents surprised me with tickets to the Fox Theater in Detroit for David Copperfield. Seeing him perform live was something that I’ll never forget. What makes David Copperfield so special is his passion for magic and people. Whether you’re watching him live on stage or youtube, you can feel the energy and the impeccable storytelling that David Copperfield possesses.

It’s so rare to come across someone like David Copperfield. To be so dedicated to the art of magic, and to keep coming up with new illusions and tricks is very impressive. David is constantly trying to improve the art of magic, and he thoroughly enjoys performing for people. Still to this day, I perform magic, and I always feel a sense of amazement and wonder no matter how many times I watch David Copperfield perform. I’ll always remember the impact that David Copperfield had on me (and still does). Below is a video of one of my favorite performances by the man himself. I encourage you to get into magic and see for yourself how rewarding it can be.

How Influences Made Me A Better Person



I believe that influences play a key factor in one’s  life. We are molded by different people that we come into contact with during our lifetime. Sure our parents, friends, and coaches have an impact on all of us as we’re growing up, but people can also influence us that we never meet. Whether it be through books, TV, or movies at one point, we’ve all been influenced by someone that we admire. I’m going to share with you over several posts who has influenced me in my life so far. I hope to accomplish two things: let you (the reader) know more about me and my life, and I hope that people can share who their influences are. I’ve always been fascinated by reading about people and how they got to where they are today. Starting tomorrow, I will reveal who my influences are one by one. I hope you stick around and get to know more about me.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: What the Critics are Getting Wrong



Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally arrived in theaters, and it’s been (to put it politely) a bloodbath with the critics harsh criticism of the film. Currently at Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 30% rating (come on, really?) and a 7.6/10 on IMDB (still not great, but I’ll take it). I saw this film last night, and I was pleasantly entertained. Ben Affleck nailed the part of Bruce Wayne/Batman, bringing a sense of grittiness to the role like we’ve never seen from a Batman before. Henry Cavill is once again great at playing Superman. Now a lot of people were outraged when Jesse Eisenberg was announced to play the role of Lex Luthor. Fans and individuals alike were bashing the choice and didn’t seem to be on board with this particular decision. From what I saw, Jesse Eisenberg did a good job. I say “good” because he took the Lex Luthor role, and made it his own. In the comics, Lex Luthor is usually this strapping, bald, egomaniac that is obsessed with killing Superman. In Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, that’s not the case. Instead, Jesse Eisenberg brought a different approach to Lex Luthor, and I believe it worked well in this film. I saved the best for last, and that is Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot. Gal crushes it as Wonder Woman. From her hair, her figure, and costume, Gal Gadot successfully breathes life into the character.


Moving on to the plot of the film. I’ll admit, storytelling is not DC’s strong suit, and that’s ok because DC makes up for it in the spectacle of the movie. I know that story development is paramount to a film, but DC has a niche, just like Marvel captures their plot a little bit more efficiently, but they fall short of tying it all together, and often there are redundant action sequences in Marvel films. The main thing to remember here is that both DC and Marvel are based on comic books (obviously), so suspending your disbelief is crucial while you watch this films. Plots in both franchises will never make complete sense to anyone.


One thing that has always stood out to me in DC’s films is the emotional aspect that is put into their films. From the Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel, DC has been able to pull you into their world with emotion. There’s no doubt that you’ll sense feeling in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and that’s what sets DC apart from Marvel. While Marvel films are fun to watch, and you laugh (a lot) you never really feel emotionally attached to the characters as you would with DC. Along with the grandeur of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, there’s emotional bits strewn throughout the film as it goes along.


And last but not least, how about Batman and Superman sharing the silver screen for the very first time in movie history? The fact that two of the biggest superheroes of all time are in a movie together is incredible. This is the kind of movie that I dreamed about as a kid, and it’s finally here. Instead of picking sides, we should all be thankful that Hollywood is interested in making these comic book films. So ignore the critics and have a blast while you watch Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Why Reading Books Are The Secret Ingredient



Reading books have always been an enjoyable experience for me. Whether I’m reading a Harry Potter book or a biography about someone that I admire, I always learn something new. To some, reading is a chore, and I can somewhat understand where they’re coming from. With all of the technology that we possess in today’s world, who has time to read a book? We’re all constantly checking our phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a “techie,” but I still make time to read books. I’m one of those people that prefer to have a book in my hands than read it on a screen (although I own a Kindle Fire). Books can take you to places that tablets and computers fail to do so. You’re forced to use your imagination and to pay close attention while you’re reading. With just a tap of our finger, information is given to us at lightning speed. With reading a book, you’re on a journey page by page (unless you decide to skip around) and that’s where the fun begins. With each page that you turn in a book, you’ll discover things that you didn’t know or you might be surprised with a plot twist.


Aside from books, building a library is not even thought of in today’s day and age. With the ease and use of Amazon, building a library is easier than ever. Over the years, I’ve built a modest library. In my library, you’ll find everything from personal development books to graphic novels. Currently, I’m reading three books at once: Elon Musk Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, 100 Deadly Skills, and the autobiography of Malcolm X. Some might say that’s a little excessive, and I would tend to agree with them (somewhat). Once you read a book, you now have information that you didn’t have beforehand. Plus you’ll always have a conversation starter wherever you go, and you’ll have that information with you at all times. Self-education is the best investment that you can make in yourself, and I can attest that personally. Since building my library in my early twenties, I have come to enjoy adding books to my collection.


So there you have it. Start building your collection as soon as you finish reading this. Go to your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon. And start to learn about people and things that you’re interested in, or what you’ve always been curious of. Delving yourself into literature will make you a more well-rounded person, and you’ll always have knowledge with you that nobody will ever be able to take away from you.

Book Review: 100 Deadly Skills



When I found out this book, I had to have it. I rarely go to Barnes & Noble (I usually order from Amazon), but I needed to get my hands on this book immediately. Upon opening this book and poring over the chapters, I was hooked. Former Navy SEAL, Clint Emerson, does an outstanding job providing you with skills that will serve you well in any situation that you may find yourself in. For instance: you’ll learn how to turn a pen into a weapon, hide information in plain sight, and deliver a devastating elbow strike. There is something for everyone in this book, and I highly recommend that you purchase one for yourself and select family and friends. If you want to learn more about what this book entails, check out the artofmanliness podcast, featuring guest Clint Emerson. Also, be sure to check out Amazon and Barnes & Noble to purchase the book.



Product Review: 1.M.R Vortex Pre-Training Powder

1.M.R Vortex


Choosing a pre-workout can be a pain. There are so many to choose from, and a lot of them just don’t work effectively. Have no fear: you’re in good hands. Being the human guinea pig that I am–I have tried several pre-workouts over the years, and I’ve come across some good (and bad) pre-workouts. About a month ago, I was at Walmart and came across this product. For twenty dollars, you can’t go wrong with this product. This pre-workout will give you the boost that you need for your workouts and more. But please be advised: taking two scoops of this product will give you an insane amount of energy, and I don’t recommend taking this product a few hours prior to your bedtime (unless you want to stay up the whole night). I really enjoy using this product, and I’ve been whipping through my workouts lately. So if you’re looking for something inexpensive and that will aid you in your workouts–then try this pre-workout out. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

Fighitng & Rescuing: Dustin “The Bunny Whisperer” Babler


My friend/teammate and Michigan based MMA fighter, Dustin Babler, is fighting this October 17th, in Jackson, MI for PCFL (Prison City Fight League). Aside from competing, Dustin rescues bunnies and takes care of them. For his upcoming fight, Dustin has teamed up with Michigan Rabbit Rescue, and all T-shirts and hoodies profits will be going straight to the Michigan Rabbit Rescue. Dustin is a great guy and has a big heart when it comes to helping out bunnies. Check out and support in any way that you can. Below are the links to where you can purchase a shirt or hoodie.