Here is where you will find what I’m currently into, using, and like at the moment. Periodically, I will be updating this page with new gear, and if you have something to share, I would like to know and try it out for myself.


David Blaine White Lions Deck of CardsThese are David Blaine’s White Lions deck of cards. Being a magician, I always have a pack of cards with me wherever I go. They are the best deck of cards I have ever handled before, and they make a nice conversation starter. If you would like to purchase some, check out the link here


Spike Shooter Energy DrinkI’ll admit it: I love caffeine! Coffee, energy drinks, etc., It  gets me through my training, writing sessions, and whatever else I’m working on. Even though I love caffeine, I do not abuse it. It’s always good to scale back, so you don’t build up a tolerance to it, and have to be chugging caffeine to get the effect of it. This stuff is extremely potent, and one of few products that I guarantee will work. The only place that I have been able to find this product consistently is at GNC. Check it out online here




The50thLawI’m a firm believer in reading books for a variety of reasons, but this book is a must have for everyone. Each and every day, I read something from this book. Its packed with advice, and you can apply it to your life right away. Although this book is a must read, be sure to check out Robert Greene’s other books as well. To purchase this book, I recommend buying it from Amazon.





Quest Nutrition BarsQuest Nutrition Bars are absolutely delicious! These bars a great way to get through a day, before working out, or at night if your cravings start to creep up. Protein bars can taste disgusting, filled with crap, and some don’t even keep you full. Quest Bars are the best (in my opinion) and I eat them daily. You can find these bars at your local GNC store, or here.

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