Fitness And Health: My Experience And Journey



Why be healthy? With all of the information and products out there, it can be daunting to decide. I had that problem, and it continued for quite some time. Denying the fact that I wasn’t healthy, it took a friend to get me to own up about not being healthy. It was a tough pill to swallow, but I needed to hear it.


Looking in the mirror was tough, and that was when I made the switch. From that moment, I committed to being healthy and work towards a lifestyle that would make me a better person (inside and out).


Starting out was difficult. What workout should I do? What foods should I eat? I had so many questions and to be frank, I was overwhelmed. After researching and applying the knowledge I received, I was on my way to attaining a healthy lifestyle. Like a mad scientist, I was trying out various workouts, and experimenting with different foods. The process was exhausting, but fun at the same time. Achieving fitness and health is a never-ending quest, and that’s what I love about it. One day you will find something that works for you, and the next day you won’t. The NAVY Seals have a saying: Embrace the suck! Which means enjoy the struggle. I always get more satisfaction when I’m struggling than I’m succeeding. For me, struggling with a workout or a meal plan gives me the chance to improve, and figure out a way to get it done. We live in a quick fix society, and I dislike it. There is no pill, diet, or workout that is going to solve all your problems. It’s going to take determination and motivation to accomplish your goals.


Hearing Tony Horton shout ” Do your best and forget the rest!”, protein shakes, grilled chicken and water. I was becoming addicted (in a good way) to becoming healthy. When you make a switch, you gain momentum, and when you gain momentum, you don’t want to lose it. It takes four  weeks for you to notice a change, and eight weeks, for family and friends to notice a change. Once you get a compliment from a family member or friend, you will want to keep going and keep improving.


Looking back now, it’s crazy to think a single decision has led me to this point in my life. In my opinion, I think people get riddled with too many decisions to make. My advice: just get started. You can refine and improve along the way. You don’t need all the answers, and let’s be honest: would you really want all the answers? I wouldn’t.


Life is a beautiful adventure. Having the ability to push yourself, set goals, and achieve them is empowering. I am no different from you. It’s simple: Set a goal. Research information pertaining to your goal. Get started. Welcome to the land of achieving greatness. I look forward to hearing about your success.



Adopting a Superhero Persona



Batman, Black Widow, Iron Man, Superman, Wonder Woman. At one time or another, we have all dreamed about being a superhero. Superheroes have been a prominent staple in our society for quite some time. Action figures, comics, and television shows have captivated all of us over the years. Growing up, I used to imagine I was Batman, and pretend to fight crime. The possibilities were endless, and I felt invincible. It’s funny to think that a cape or mask can make you feel unstoppable, but there is something so thrilling about becoming another person with a cape on, or behind the mask.


Superheroes are much more than a name, and a silly costume. Their powers astound us, and their ability to use their power for good and bad—enthrall us. They make us question ourselves if we had such a type of power. What would we do? And most importantly, how would we use such power?


Taking all this information into account, I have come up with a blueprint on how to adopt a superhero persona. You may or may not agree, but just take a moment to look it over. Let me be clear: no costume will be required (sorry) instead, I will be focusing on the mental and physical aspect of a superhero.


I’ll start off by asking: what does being a superhero mean to you? Really think about it. Go back to when you were a child, and reflect on what being a superhero meant to you. This question is key to get you started on becoming a superhero.


Once you have an answer for the above question, it’s time to look at your mental makeup. What personality, mindset, etc. are you going to adopt? Are you going to be a scout like Captain America? Or are you gonna push the limits like Batman? And for the ladies: are you going to be like Black Widow and take charge, or are you going to be like Wonder Woman, and figure out a solution that benefits everybody? The mental part is very important. It shapes your persona, and your character. Take away the costumes and powers, and superheroes are left with their mindset, and how they make decisions.


Moving on to the next phase, we have the physical part. Now, I’m not gonna try and sound like a fitness guru, and tell you about some miracle exercise routine (there isn’t one) or a fad diet. Find something that will fit your physical needs. The physical part will aid the mental, and in part, make you a complete superhero. Physicality is a great asset to a superhero, and you will gain from it as well.


Now that you’ve put in place your mental and physical attributes, it’s time to figure out what you want to accomplish. What will you do with your newly adopted superhero persona? Whatever you decide to do, I believe you will make a difference. The world needs more superheroes, and more people to look up to. Batman and Superman are cool, but wouldn’t it be more to become your very own superhero, and make your mark in this world?



No Limits



It was an extremely hot day. Putting my helmet on (and buckling my chinstrap) I got ready for the whistle. Sweat pouring, muscles aching, was this hell? No, it was JV football practice. Almost to the brink of quitting, my teammate grabbed me by the face mask, looked me right in the eye, and said: you are not quitting! I’ll never forget that moment. It was the day I passed my limit, and it felt good.


We all have gone past our limits before. But what about lately? To me, testing my limits is a personal goal of mine. As we get older, and get busy with day to day activities, it can be easy to do the same things over and over again. By testing your limits, you will gain a broader sense of who you are (not what you thought you were), and you might even surprise yourself.


Start with something that has interested you lately. And here is the key point: don’t set expectations. By setting expectations, your subconscious mind might hinder you from going past your limit. Here’s an example: you have set a goal to do ten pullups, and while you might achieve your goal, you miss out on doing more. By not setting a goal, you might of done 15 (get it?) and thus, go past your limit. Another thing that’s great with limits, is that it can be something either big or small. It can be something as simple as reading a few more pages in a book, or five more minutes on the treadmill.


Once you get into the habit of going past your limit, you will gain momentum. And once you gain momentum, you will discover things about you that you never knew. Our DNA is ingrained with going past our limits. Years ago, people had no choice but to go past their limits. It was either that, or death. Our ancestors were thrust into survival mode, and they constantly had to combat their fears, and forge ahead. Now in 2013, we have lost that ability considerably. We are not fighting for our lives, traveling unknown territory, hunting our own food i.e. Think about how much better your mind and body will be by testing your limits. You will have more self confidence, think better, and handle situations better. People will start to notice, and maybe that will start a ripple effect with more people testing their own limits.


We’ve come pretty far as a species, but just think: if we keep continually pushing ourselves to do more, be more, and give more. Our lives will be better for it. Make a promise to yourself right after reading this. Test yourself; see how far you can go, and keep pushing past your limits.

Becoming A Human Swiss Army Knife


The Swiss Army Knife is one of the greatest tools ever made. It has everything you need: screwdriver, knife, scissors, etc. A highly versatile tool, and we should strive to be a Swiss Army Knife in life. What do I mean about that statement? Like a Swiss Army Knife, we should equip ourselves with useful tools, so that we can use them throughout our lives.

A typical Swiss Army Knife has a variety of tools, but I will describe the main tools used, and how to incorporate them into your life.

Main blade- This is your foundation. And what is a foundation without health? Your health should be your best tool in your Swiss Army Knife. Without health, you won’t be able to use the rest of your tools effectively. There are a myriad of options when it comes to being healthy. You can join your local gym, read a book on fitness and health, download an app on your phone, or other device. The key here, is to find something that works for you.

Smaller blade- Your brain: it plays a vital role in your life. Thinking, remembering, things, problem solving, etc. Keeping your brain sharp will enable you to fill out the rest of your tools efficiently. Again, as with health, there are a lot of options when it comes to your brain. Books, apps, and even video games ( seriously, look it up) you have so many choices, and of course, do what works for you.

Tweezers- This is where the fun begins. Now that you’ve worked on your health and brain, you can start adding tools to your liking. For example, I would choose cooking as my tweezers. Cooking was not my friend for many years, and I decided to change that. With a few books, videos, and apps, I was on my way to cooking better. So go ahead and choose a certain skill, and make it your “Tweezers.”

Toothpick- Again, for example purposes, I will share my toothpick. For me, it’s baseball. Growing up, I loved baseball and the intricacies of the game. In particular, I liked pitching. And in the past few years, I have had a blast learning to pitch. To practice this skill, I pitch once a week, and get feedback from other players.

Corkscrew- Last one (I promise!). This one is the most fun for me, and it is magic. Learning and practicing magic has been such a thrill. Magic is so expansive, and there is so much to learn. I’ve always been intrigued in magic, and I could not imagine my Swiss Army Knife without it. Putting together your own Swiss Army Knife is fun, and I hope you create your own.

The following sites listed might help you create your Swiss Army Knife. Here they are: onnit,com,, fourhourworkweek,com/blog

You Can’t.

I often laugh at that statement. It’s stupid, and I don’t know why people choose to accept that statement.

That statement has stopped people from achieving their dreams. I’m here to tell you how to put that statement in the “Phantom Zone” (Superman reference).

Follow this plan, and “You Can’t” will be banished from your life and your thoughts.

  • Pick a goal you want to accomplish.
  • Research: Find someone that has achieved your goal (Google, family member, friend, etc).
  • Take the Tony Robbins approach: Model the heck out of the person that has achieved your goal.
  • Get Feedback: Have a family member/friend give you an honest assessment on how you are doing.

Don’t GIVE UP!: This is an important element in achieving your goal. It’s an old saying, but it is very true. Your next try might be your key to success.

Once you have accomplished a goal, you will discover that you are capable of doing anything you want.Image



  1. Not able to occur, exist, or be done: “an impossible task”; “impossible to keep up”.
  2. Very difficult to deal with: “an impossible situation”.


Erase this word from your memory. It doesn’t serve any purpose in any language, and your life will be better without the use of the term.

Why you ask? Well, I am going to tell you the answer and more. This blog is intended to show you that nothing is impossible. No fluff and feel good nonsense here, just the truth and nothing more.

My next post will tell you what’s possible in this “Impossible” world. Image