Influence: Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Next up in my Influence series is the master of self-improvement, Tony Robbins. With his booming voice and a stature like a WWE wrestler, Tony Robbins has been helping people achieve their dreams and conquer their fears for over three decades. I first stumbled upon Tony Robbins in my early twenties. Like everyone else seeking out Tony Robbins, I was looking to make my life better and gain an edge in life. When I first started to read Tony Robbin’s book ‘Awake the Giant Within,’ I was blown away. Tony has a way of speaking (and writing) that gets to you on a personal level. It’s as if he’s sitting right next to you and talking you through things. Of course, I couldn’t stop there: I wanted more. With over three decades of work, Tony Robbins has published books and his top selling audio programs. It wasn’t long before I purchased Tony Robbin’s audio programs, and it was worth every penny. Listening to his audio program was refreshing, and the way that Tony talks about the program get through to you in a way like nobody else can.

Now don’t get me wrong: you’re not going to change your life overnight, and that’s what I like about Tony Robbins the most. He lays out the truth to you that you must put in the work to succeed in your life. Tony is all about results, and to get those results that you want in your life, you have to work continuously on yourself and do a daily assessment of where you’re at and where you want to be. Tony Robbins lays out the foundation for you to succeed. It’s up to you on how far you want to go and how much work you’re willing to put in.

Over the years, Tony Robbins has received criticism and skepticism about his work and his products. The truth of the matter is that people are claiming that Tony is taking people’s money or that he’s not truthful is downright wrong. There is no magic pill in life. Tony has never claimed to guarantee anybody anything. He’s an open book (pardon the pun), and he has nothing to hide. Just like any other product: results may vary. You don’t go three decades helping people out by being a conman.

Just recently, Tony Robbins had a documentary made about him and his top selling program “Date with Destiny” on Netflix titled ‘I am not your Guru.’ It’s an excellent documentary detailing what goes on at a Tony Robbins event. You can even see for yourself how much Tony cares about helping people and the situations that they’re trying to get out of. I encourage you to set some time aside and watch this amazingly made documentary. There’s no doubt that Tony Robbins has a gift, and it’s something special to behold when he gets a person to snap out of their state of negative thinking and depressed mindset.

Tony Robbins has had a huge influence on my life, and he’s gotten me to see life in a different aspect. I’ll keep on using his techniques and will always refer to his books and audio programs from time to time. Everyone has had an aha moment in their life once (or a few times), and mine just happened to be with Mr. Robbins and his books/programs. In closing, I would like to leave you with Tony’s sendoff message, “Live with passion.”

Influence: David Copperfield

David Copperfield


My first influence that I’m going to share with you is none other than the greatest (arguably) of all-time, David Copperfield. I’ve been interested and fascinated in magic since I was a child. Watching David Copperfield on TV was so inspiring, and I wanted to be just like him. Eventually, my passion for magic grew, and my parents ended up buying me a magic set. I thought it was so cool to not only know how an illusion is done but how to perform it correctly as well. When I was ten years old, my parents surprised me with tickets to the Fox Theater in Detroit for David Copperfield. Seeing him perform live was something that I’ll never forget. What makes David Copperfield so special is his passion for magic and people. Whether you’re watching him live on stage or youtube, you can feel the energy and the impeccable storytelling that David Copperfield possesses.

It’s so rare to come across someone like David Copperfield. To be so dedicated to the art of magic, and to keep coming up with new illusions and tricks is very impressive. David is constantly trying to improve the art of magic, and he thoroughly enjoys performing for people. Still to this day, I perform magic, and I always feel a sense of amazement and wonder no matter how many times I watch David Copperfield perform. I’ll always remember the impact that David Copperfield had on me (and still does). Below is a video of one of my favorite performances by the man himself. I encourage you to get into magic and see for yourself how rewarding it can be.

How Influences Made Me A Better Person



I believe that influences play a key factor in one’s  life. We are molded by different people that we come into contact with during our lifetime. Sure our parents, friends, and coaches have an impact on all of us as we’re growing up, but people can also influence us that we never meet. Whether it be through books, TV, or movies at one point, we’ve all been influenced by someone that we admire. I’m going to share with you over several posts who has influenced me in my life so far. I hope to accomplish two things: let you (the reader) know more about me and my life, and I hope that people can share who their influences are. I’ve always been fascinated by reading about people and how they got to where they are today. Starting tomorrow, I will reveal who my influences are one by one. I hope you stick around and get to know more about me.

Why Reading Books Are The Secret Ingredient



Reading books have always been an enjoyable experience for me. Whether I’m reading a Harry Potter book or a biography about someone that I admire, I always learn something new. To some, reading is a chore, and I can somewhat understand where they’re coming from. With all of the technology that we possess in today’s world, who has time to read a book? We’re all constantly checking our phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a “techie,” but I still make time to read books. I’m one of those people that prefer to have a book in my hands than read it on a screen (although I own a Kindle Fire). Books can take you to places that tablets and computers fail to do so. You’re forced to use your imagination and to pay close attention while you’re reading. With just a tap of our finger, information is given to us at lightning speed. With reading a book, you’re on a journey page by page (unless you decide to skip around) and that’s where the fun begins. With each page that you turn in a book, you’ll discover things that you didn’t know or you might be surprised with a plot twist.


Aside from books, building a library is not even thought of in today’s day and age. With the ease and use of Amazon, building a library is easier than ever. Over the years, I’ve built a modest library. In my library, you’ll find everything from personal development books to graphic novels. Currently, I’m reading three books at once: Elon Musk Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, 100 Deadly Skills, and the autobiography of Malcolm X. Some might say that’s a little excessive, and I would tend to agree with them (somewhat). Once you read a book, you now have information that you didn’t have beforehand. Plus you’ll always have a conversation starter wherever you go, and you’ll have that information with you at all times. Self-education is the best investment that you can make in yourself, and I can attest that personally. Since building my library in my early twenties, I have come to enjoy adding books to my collection.


So there you have it. Start building your collection as soon as you finish reading this. Go to your local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon. And start to learn about people and things that you’re interested in, or what you’ve always been curious of. Delving yourself into literature will make you a more well-rounded person, and you’ll always have knowledge with you that nobody will ever be able to take away from you.

In Pursuit of Success



Success. We all have our own definitions of the term, but most people misinterpret what it is, or how it should be. Traditional success can be defined as having an education, a job that pays well, and nice home/marriage. But, it’s not that simple (and neither is life). Which is why it’s important to understand people and their decisions in life. You may think you know someone when you talk to them, but you really don’t. We all have had that moment when we were talking to someone, and thought that they were not really “successful.” It’s something that we have been taught through social conditioning our whole lives. What we have to understand is–that there is no true definition of success, and there shouldn’t be. I’ve met a lot of amazing people over the years, and they’ve all had their own take on success. Since starting this blog, interviewing people on my blog and podcast, I have had a crash course on what it takes to be the best that you can possibly be. Of course you don’t always get what you want or go after, but you’re gonna get pretty damn close if you take action and go for it. Whatever it is that makes you happy or passionate, I strongly recommend that you go after it. I’ve waited to take action on certain things in my life, but that does not define me, nor does it tell my whole story. You will get judged by people in your life on what you do and what you don’t do, but don’t let that discourage you. Develop thick skin and forge ahead. Be relentless and willing to do whatever it takes to reach your goal. It won’t be easy (nothing worthwhile ever is), but you’re gonna find out a lot about yourself in the process, and when you look back at all that you’ve accomplished–you’ll have a greater sense of the person that you’ve become. I’m here to cheer you on and to tell you that it can be done. Good luck in your pursuit of success, and remember to have fun along the way.


Randomness: What I’m Currently Into

Training Mask


It’s been awhile since I have done a post like this. I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different training methods and supplements lately. Pictured above is a great training called “Training Mask.” What this tool offers is simulated elevation while you train. This product has been met with a lot of criticism and skepticism, but I can assure you that this product works. I’ve used it for close to a month now, and I can feel it every single time that I use this product. What I love most about this product is that you can use it with any kind of training that you do. Heck, you can even wear this mask at home, and you would still feel the effects from it. If you happen to purchase this product, please be advised that it comes equipped with 9,000 elevation caps. Start off with 3,000 and work your way up from there. I’ll list links below on where you can purchase Training Mask.


Brain Candy


Next up is a supplement called “Brain Candy.” Brain Candy is one of the strongest supplements that I’ve ever taken. Packed with 300 mg of caffeine and other brain enhancing ingredients, this product definitely delivers. I’ve used it over a two-week period, and you feel it within ten minutes of taking it. On the bottle it makes the claims of increased confidence, reduces social anxiety, and improves mood. To be honest, I didn’t feel any of that, but I felt alert (very alert) and I had laser focus. This product would be good to use sparingly, not daily. The price is $9.99 for a four pack, or $2.99 individually. Although the price tag may be a bit too high, I thoroughly enjoyed what this product has to offer. I encourage you to try this product out and see if you experience similar results.


I’ll be doing a lot more of these posts and if you have any recommendations on what product that I should try, please let me know!


Here’s where you can purchase Training Mask and Brain Candy:

2015: What’s Your Story?

Typewriter What is Your Story


A new year is upon us once again. 2014 flew by (for me, at least) and it was a relatively good year for me. In this post, I will touch on resolutions and why I dislike them. I’ll also add my personal insight on how I set goals and the process that I go through to achieve them. First off, I would like to state that I’m nowhere near being a “success” but through my experiences, I have had some breakthroughs with achieving my goals. Are you still with me? Good. Let’s get started.


Let’s being with resolutions. They’re supposed to be goals in disguise, but you and I know the statistics on resolutions: most people break theirs not even two weeks into the new year. Why do you think that is? In my opinion–it all comes down to consistency. When you’re consistent with whatever you’re doing (or focused on) you’re more than likely to be “successful” at whatever it is that you’re doing. Resolutions are the popular thing to do every new year, but don’t fall into this trap. Sure they’re (resolutions) new, fresh, and exciting, but sooner or later–resolutions wear off. Instead of a resolution, set goals. Goals will mean more to you, and it will give you more motivation to complete the goal that you’ve set for yourself. I know what you’re thinking now “what’s the difference between a resolution and a goal?” There’s plenty of differences, but the main difference is detail. Goals tend to have more detail attached to them and in turn–will provide you with a better sense of empowerment. Think about it: the most common resolution is to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great resolution, but just saying “I’ll lose weight” is not very powerful in itself. Now turn that same resolution into a goal by saying “I will lose 20 lbs.” by a date that you’re comfortable with. Congratulations. You’ve now just a set a detail oriented goal that you will feel motivated to achieve. What I’m offering is basic common knowledge and it’s not rocket science (I know that), but very few people tend to look at the details of their resolutions, and that’s what keeps them from being consistent with their chosen resolution.


We’re almost done here (I promise). Next in the process of goal-setting, is research. When I’m involved with setting a goal–I research the hell out of it. Again, this may seem like simple advice, but it’s absolutely necessary to discuss this. When you set a goal (whatever it may be) make sure to do your homework. Look up and see if anyone else has achieved the goal that you’ve set for yourself (chances are, they have). I’m gonna rip out a page from Tony Robbins playbook, and tell you to model the person that achieved your goal. What do I mean by modeling? I mean researching how they accomplished the goal. For instance: what were their habits, routines, and behaviors that caused them to succeed? Do they have books available that you can read to gain further information? Email them to see if they can give you advice and tips. The key thing that will make you successful in this area is to be bold. Being bold will give you confidence on your journey to completing your goal.


I hope my little nugget of advice will propel you to move forward this new year, and be relentless in your pursuit of achieving goals. Once you attain one goal; it will become hard to stop right there. Set another goal (or ten) and like I stated earlier–be bold in the process of accomplishing your dreams and goals. Before you know it, six months are gonna roll by and you’re still gonna be stuck in a rut. Don’t be that way. Pull out a piece of paper, receipt, or whatever else you can get your hands on right now, and commit to setting one goal. Then after you write it down–get your goal ingrained in your brain; and kick its ass. 2015 is your story. Make it one of the best damn stories that has ever been written.