Influence: Mat Fraser and Annie Thorisdottir

I’ve always been intrigued with CrossFit but I never fully understood the sport. I can recall watching Rich Froning dominate the competition at the CrossFit games on TV, and not fully realizing what it all meant and how much these athletes put themselves through with CrossFit. It was only a few years ago that CrossFit was heavily critizicized in magazine articles and online. There were stories of people at their local box not performing movements correctly and seriously injuring themselves. Coaches were scrutinized and scoffed at for not providing a safe environment to work out in and for ignoring certain safety precautions with certain workouts. It was definitely split down the middle: people for CrossFit and people against it.

Enter spring 2018. After going back and forth in my head, I decided to join a CrossFit gym. Since I was 14-years-old, I’ve been used to working out to some degree. Playing football in high school, I was invested in learning about fitness and how to get bigger, faster, and stronger. After high school, I put on some pounds and decided to make a change with my workouts and nutrition. I transitioned to P90X and got my ass kicked during the exercises (specifically plyometrics). From there, I stuck with the P90X programs (P90X2 and P90X3 respectively), and although I achieved excellent results and enjoyed the workouts, I yearned to learn more about fitness and to challenge myself once more.

After completing my first workout at my local box, I was hooked. I started researching the heck out of CrossFit and how to get better at it. In just three months of Crossfit, I’ve managed to do handstand pushups, chest to bar pull-ups, and toes to bar. Now I still can’t do consistent double unders (I’m working on it), but I’m excited to learn more and get more involved with CrossFit. As with anything that I do, I try to research a successful person at a skill or sport that I want to get good at it.

Two names popped up and caught my attention immediately: Mat Fraser and Annie Thorisdottir. These two athletes get after it, and they both have been consistently good over the years. So I started to delve deep into the CrossFit world, and explore and learn about these two incredible athletes.

Mat Fraser drew to me because of his drive to get better each and every time that he stepped into the gym. I also loved the fact that he expressed openly that he had stuff to work on when he started CrossFit (i.e., cardio). Mat worked like hell, and it showed. In the CrossFit men’s division, Rich Froning dominated and won four straight years (2011-2014), but Mat Fraser was firmly behind winning second place (2014-2015).

That all changed in 2016, where Mat Fraser dominated and won first place at the CrossFit games. Fast forward to 2018, and Mat Fraser is once again your CrossFit games champion (for the third year in a row). I love Mat’s tenacity and his relentless work ethic at trying to get better each and every day. Mat is a true champion and someone that you can learn from whether you do CrossFit or not. Watching videos of Mat has motivated me to get after it even more in the gym, and I’ll continue to look to him for how to get better and how to outperform my competition.

Next up is the Iceland warrior princess, Annie Thorisdottir. What I love about CrossFit is that the women are just as dominant and strong as the men. Annie is an authority in the CrossFit community. She’s the first woman to win the CrossFit games twice (2011-2012). She’s such a likable person, but her grit and determination while training is something to behold. While watching Annie, I was inspired and in awe of her physical being. Her form and the way that Annie moves is flawless. Pushing herself to the absolute limit and training in different methods made me a quick fan of hers. You can bet on one thing when you’re watching the CrossFit games: Annie Thorisdottir is never out of it. It’s an incredible feeling watching one of your athletes train and compete, and you can learn and adapt your training accordingly to set you up for success in the gym.

CrossFit is a big part of my life now, and I love stepping into the gym and pushing myself to limits that I thought I could never get past. Life is all about learning, discovering, and finding out how far you can really go. I encourage you to seek out something that you’re interested in and give it your all and see where it takes you.

Working Out No Longer Sucks


Working out can be a daunting task. With busy schedules, these days, fitting a workout into your busy lifestyle can be tough. There is always a solution to a problem that you’re having, and that solution is Bulletproof Vibe. What is Bulletproof Vibe? Bulletproof Vibe is a 15-minute whole body workout and vibration therapy.

Listed below are some of the benefits of using the Bulletproof Vibe:

Detoxifies and strengthens the immune system (by moving the lymph system).

Helps build/regain muscle strength and bone density.

Reduces workout recovery time.

Stimulates healthier brain function.

Give you huge bursts of energy! 

Your might be saying right now, “how do you use this?” And the answer is simple: you simply stand on the Bulletproof Vibe, and the vibrations will travel from the feet through the spine and into the head. Be sure to stand on the Vibe with your knees bent. It’s best to always set your posture this way so that your head does not shake. Keep in mind that any movement while standing on the Bulletproof Vibe will have an increased benefit.

Stretching will be way more efficient, workout routines will return better results, and normally unused muscles or tissues will be stimulated. Try doing some standing yoga poses on the Vibe. You can also perform push-ups while on the Vibe.

How long should you use it? 5-15 minutes depending on how you feel. It is safe to use the Vibe every day if you choose to do so. It’s recommended to start using the product 2-3 times per week for only 5-10 minutes each session. The Vibe will introduce a new stimulus to your body, and you should give your body time to adapt to it. After a week or two, you may start to increases your sessions’ frequency and duration. As always, continue use with caution and listen to your body.

Celebrate Fat Tuesday!



Happy Fat Tuesday! Today, people will be celebrating “Fat Tuesday” with eating a paczki (a Polish tradition). There’s eating a paczki today and feeling like a zombie from ‘The Walking Dead”, and then there’s celebrating “Fat Tuesday” Bulletproof style (of course). Contrary to popular belief, fat is good for you! You may notice a lot of food companies put 0 grams trans fat on various food items at your local grocery store. Do not get sucked into what food companies tell you what is right for you. Instead, do some research on your own, and you’ll find out that fat is actually good for you.



Bulletproof offers the best fats around: check out Brain Octane oil (it’s what makes your coffee akin to rocket fuel), or check out XCT oil (for when you’re eating salads or making a smoothie), and be sure to check out the product of the month: grass fed ghee. All of these named products will make you feel better, and your brain will thank you for taking such good care of it.

BulletProof: A Way Of Life



I’m proud to announce that I will be an affiliate for Bulletproof starting today. After much consideration, I have decided to take this step. I’ve been using Bulletproof products for over three years, and I’ll never forget when I made my first cup of Bulletproof coffee. When you first take a sip of Bulletproof coffee, you’re going to feel like a superhero. You’ll feel energized, focused, and ready to take on whatever comes your way. The founder of Bulletproof coffee, Dave Asprey, has brought a lot of attention to how we eat, what we eat, and most of all, how we take care of ourselves. Dave Asprey continues to pave the way on how to be more healthy and how to achieve optimal performance in your everyday life. You can expect to see product reviews, informational posts, and how Bulletproof products fit into my lifestyle. Even if you don’t fully immerse yourself into the Bulletproof way of life, my goal is to inform you and educate you on something that will benefit the way that you live your life.


Justin Marroquin

February 28th, 2017

How To Be Like John Wick

John Wicj


By now you’ve most likely seen the movie ‘John Wick’ starring Keanu Reeves, and I guess that a lot of people have thought to themselves, “man, it would be really cool to be like John Wick.” This post is going to explore that question, and the short answer is yes, you can be just like John Wick, but it will take some commitment and dedication on your part to realize the dream of becoming John Wick.

Firearms: This category is a must if you’re looking to be like John Wick. Let’s get one thing straight: firearms are serious business, and it’s not to be taken lightly. Please take the time to research gun ranges near you, and go talk them about learning how to shoot a firearm, and receive feedback on what type of training that you would like to sign up for. Also, keep in mind gun laws in the state that you reside in. Always keep up to date on firearm safety and gun laws. Moving on now: so you’ve decided to sign up for classes (or you’ve already taken some classes) you’ve purchased a firearm, and now you’re on your way to becoming John Wick, right? Wrong! Learning how to use a gun (proficiently) is painstakingly rough, but don’t give up. Keep practicing and keep honing your skills. Nowadays, it is vital that you keep yourself safe (or your family) at all times, and learning how to use a firearm properly is very empowering, but please don’t get an ego thinking that you’re Mr. Wick just yet, we still have some work to do.


Hand To Hand Combat Skills: There is no way around this particular skill. This skill set is essential to becoming not only John Wick but a complete, well-rounded human being. It is in our DNA to express ourselves not only emotionally, but physically as well. Once again research in your area MMA gyms that are accessible to you, and visit the gym. Talk to the people that train there and ask questions. Everyone has to start somewhere, and when you first start training you’re going to feel discouraged, but that’s the whole point about mixed martial arts. MMA teaches you how to push past your own limits, and it also teaches you to rely solely on yourself and how you handle pressure situations. Even with just a month of training consistently with MMA, you’re way ahead of your average man or woman that doesn’t train MMA, but be careful and stay humble; there’s plenty of people that train MMA, and they let the world know it, too. Don’t be that person. Instead, continue to train and always strive to get better in the gym (and outside of the gym). Having trained in MMA is a great feeling, but keep it to yourself and never boast about it, but by all means, use it when it deems necessary.


Mindset: So far we’ve discussed being proficient in firearms and MMA, but one particular, integral part of becoming John Wick is having a healthy mindset. So many people know hot to shoot a gun and know how to somewhat defend themselves, but the missing piece to tie all this together is a mindset. Developing a strong sense of who you are and where you’re going is one of the best skill sets that you can have in life, but it doesn’t come easy, though. So, you’re probably asking how can build a stronger mindset? For starters, make certain decisions right away, even if it’s something as simple as “what should I eat?” when you make those certain decisions, you’re training your brain, just like you would be training your arms, legs, etc. Another way you can prepare your mindset is to read. That’s right read. Read anything and read often; reading will expand your thinking process, broaden your vocabulary, and you’ll be a more complete individual for doing so.


Being John Wick is not farfetched. With a lot of training (emphasis on “a lot”) and commitment, you’re well on your way to becoming the best individual that you can possibly be.

Product Review: 1.M.R Vortex Pre-Training Powder

1.M.R Vortex


Choosing a pre-workout can be a pain. There are so many to choose from, and a lot of them just don’t work effectively. Have no fear: you’re in good hands. Being the human guinea pig that I am–I have tried several pre-workouts over the years, and I’ve come across some good (and bad) pre-workouts. About a month ago, I was at Walmart and came across this product. For twenty dollars, you can’t go wrong with this product. This pre-workout will give you the boost that you need for your workouts and more. But please be advised: taking two scoops of this product will give you an insane amount of energy, and I don’t recommend taking this product a few hours prior to your bedtime (unless you want to stay up the whole night). I really enjoy using this product, and I’ve been whipping through my workouts lately. So if you’re looking for something inexpensive and that will aid you in your workouts–then try this pre-workout out. You just might be pleasantly surprised.

How to Become The Macgyver of Coffee



Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and it makes us alert, focused, and productive. But have you ever wondered about how to “hack” your coffee? There are good ways to make coffee and bad ways, but I have found a different way to make a cup of Joe. I’ve written about Bulletproof coffee before, but I have a few minor adjustments that I’ve made to making this particular coffee.


To make Bulletproof coffee, you’ll need these items:

1. Coffee: Dave Asprey recommends his coffee (for obvious reasons), but you don’t have to use his coffee. You can use any K-cup coffee that you like or you can use any bag of coffee that you prefer.

2. MCT Oil: Again, Dave Asprey recommends you buy his, but I’ve found another MCT oil that works just as good. I use Now sports MCT oil.

3. Butter: There is no way around this one. You’re gonna need Kerrygold unsalted butter. Why? Because salted butter will make you puke, and unsalted butter is from cows that are grass-fed, not corn.

4. Blender: Any blender will do just fine, but I use the “Bullet.”


Disclaimer: Please know that trying this type of coffee blend will be different for everyone. Some will experience increased energy, decrease in hunger, etc. While others will not get any added benefits by drinking this particular coffee blend. My advice to you is find what works for you, and stick with it. There will be a trial and error with this process, but that’s the fun part. Finding out what works best for you and your lifestyle.


Here’s how to make “Bulletproof” coffee:

1. Brew coffee by K-cup method or through a coffee maker (approx. 8 0z.).

2. Put a tablespoon of unsalted butter in your coffee.

3. Add a tablespoon of MCT oil in your coffee with the butter.

4. Blend everything in a blender for 20-30 seconds.

5. Enjoy! You’ve just made a supercharged cup of coffee.


It’s always fun to try new things, and you never know what you may discover by doing so. If you end up trying this coffee out, please let me know in the comments section.