Influence: Mat Fraser and Annie Thorisdottir

I’ve always been intrigued with CrossFit but I never fully understood the sport. I can recall watching Rich Froning dominate the competition at the CrossFit games on TV, and not fully realizing what it all meant and how much these athletes put themselves through with CrossFit. It was only a few years ago that CrossFit was heavily critizicized in magazine articles and online. There were stories of people at their local box not performing movements correctly and seriously injuring themselves. Coaches were scrutinized and scoffed at for not providing a safe environment to work out in and for ignoring certain safety precautions with certain workouts. It was definitely split down the middle: people for CrossFit and people against it.

Enter spring 2018. After going back and forth in my head, I decided to join a CrossFit gym. Since I was 14-years-old, I’ve been used to working out to some degree. Playing football in high school, I was invested in learning about fitness and how to get bigger, faster, and stronger. After high school, I put on some pounds and decided to make a change with my workouts and nutrition. I transitioned to P90X and got my ass kicked during the exercises (specifically plyometrics). From there, I stuck with the P90X programs (P90X2 and P90X3 respectively), and although I achieved excellent results and enjoyed the workouts, I yearned to learn more about fitness and to challenge myself once more.

After completing my first workout at my local box, I was hooked. I started researching the heck out of CrossFit and how to get better at it. In just three months of Crossfit, I’ve managed to do handstand pushups, chest to bar pull-ups, and toes to bar. Now I still can’t do consistent double unders (I’m working on it), but I’m excited to learn more and get more involved with CrossFit. As with anything that I do, I try to research a successful person at a skill or sport that I want to get good at it.

Two names popped up and caught my attention immediately: Mat Fraser and Annie Thorisdottir. These two athletes get after it, and they both have been consistently good over the years. So I started to delve deep into the CrossFit world, and explore and learn about these two incredible athletes.

Mat Fraser drew to me because of his drive to get better each and every time that he stepped into the gym. I also loved the fact that he expressed openly that he had stuff to work on when he started CrossFit (i.e., cardio). Mat worked like hell, and it showed. In the CrossFit men’s division, Rich Froning dominated and won four straight years (2011-2014), but Mat Fraser was firmly behind winning second place (2014-2015).

That all changed in 2016, where Mat Fraser dominated and won first place at the CrossFit games. Fast forward to 2018, and Mat Fraser is once again your CrossFit games champion (for the third year in a row). I love Mat’s tenacity and his relentless work ethic at trying to get better each and every day. Mat is a true champion and someone that you can learn from whether you do CrossFit or not. Watching videos of Mat has motivated me to get after it even more in the gym, and I’ll continue to look to him for how to get better and how to outperform my competition.

Next up is the Iceland warrior princess, Annie Thorisdottir. What I love about CrossFit is that the women are just as dominant and strong as the men. Annie is an authority in the CrossFit community. She’s the first woman to win the CrossFit games twice (2011-2012). She’s such a likable person, but her grit and determination while training is something to behold. While watching Annie, I was inspired and in awe of her physical being. Her form and the way that Annie moves is flawless. Pushing herself to the absolute limit and training in different methods made me a quick fan of hers. You can bet on one thing when you’re watching the CrossFit games: Annie Thorisdottir is never out of it. It’s an incredible feeling watching one of your athletes train and compete, and you can learn and adapt your training accordingly to set you up for success in the gym.

CrossFit is a big part of my life now, and I love stepping into the gym and pushing myself to limits that I thought I could never get past. Life is all about learning, discovering, and finding out how far you can really go. I encourage you to seek out something that you’re interested in and give it your all and see where it takes you.

Eyes Up Here: Lindsey Pelas



Nowadays there are so many podcasts to choose from, and it can be overwhelming, but rest assured Lindsey Pelas is here. Lindsey Pelas is fun, witty, and straightforward. I’ve been following Lindsey on Twitter, and she’s a joy to follow on there as well as Instagram. Lindsey does not hold back, and she’ll be quick to point out idiotic comments on her social media, and she’s very engaging with her fans. It’s refreshing to get an insight into Lindsey’s world and how she handles situations, which she details in the first episode of an incident at a restaurant that shall not be named in Beverly Hills. If you’re into fun and engaging conversation then you need to subscribe to Lindsey’s podcast.

You can subscribe here and be sure to visit Lindsey’s site as well.

Book Review: Crushing It!


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a book review, but I couldn’t resist as I stumbled upon Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest book Crushing It! at my local Target store (sequel to his first book Crush It). Inside this book, you’ll find interviews with people who had an idea to do something or create something and went out and did it. Also, Gary gives advice and tips on how to utilize social media to promote your brand or business. Gary Vaynerchuk is hardcore and in your face brutally honest with advice. While reading this book you’ll have plenty of moments of motivation and inspiration to get your idea (or ideas) into motion and take action.

This book has a clear message: the only way to get what you want in life is to take action. A lot of people are infatuated with the idea of picking up a book and having that book give them the answers to life itself. This particular book will not do that, but you’ll read about people from all different backgrounds and starting points that achieved the goals that they’ve set for themselves.

I highly recommend this book for anyone. Even if you’re not thinking about creating a brand or a business (you should be anyways) this book is for you. Gary is great at getting you to look at social media and life in a different way. He has a distinct ability to get you motivated and while reading this book you’ll feel like Gary is sitting with you and explaining what you need to get done. All in all this book is a must have and should be on your bookshelf.

You can order Crushing It! on Amazon or at your local Target.

New Year Thoughts


It’s a brand new year, and you’re all ready to go with your resolutions (that is if you didn’t break them yet). Each new year is filled with a chance to start over, new adventures, and discovering more about yourself. Throughout the years I used to get all fired up when the new year hit and make resolutions for myself, and some years I accomplished sticking to my resolutions other years not so much.

The point is to not sell yourself short if you break your resolutions or goal (s) that you’ve set for yourself. Last year was a tough one for all of us (in my opinion). Whether you were upset about our new president or just overall unhappy with the way 2017 went for you, don’t get yourself down. I’ve discovered (through trial and error) to not let outside distractions dictate my future or mood. It sounds so simple, right? Usually, the best advice offered in the world is incredibly simple but following the information is the hard part (for all of us I believe).

All you need is a starting point and small victories. What I mean by that is gaining momentum each and every day. So how do you go about getting small victories? By starting with anything. No really. Pick something that you would like to accomplish such as exercising more. Exercising can be done in minutes (check out various apps on your mobile device) and get started. Even with just minutes of working out, you’ve captured a small victory. The trick is to not beat yourself up if you’re unable to exercise for a day or if you’re unable to work out for an hour or so. Do some pushups, crunches, or stretches. As long as you do something you’re on your way to creating momentum. It really is as simple as that. Do what’s best for you and your lifestyle don’t pay attention to what other people are doing. Just focus on you and you alone.

You’re probably wondering right now where is this going? What does all this mean? Well, what this all boils down to is learning. Constant learning will get you to point A to point B. To gain small victories each and everyday knowledge will get you there. Learn something new and apply it to your life and you’ll soon see your small victories add up in no time. It can literally be anything new that you learn: i.e., change the way you think, acquiring a new skill, managing your time and money. This year is the new you and new possibilities. Be open to new things and don’t get discouraged by outside distractions (family, friends, TV, etc.) you’re in control of you and your thoughts. It’s time to step up to the plate and show the world who you are and what you have to offer. Cheers to you and your new endeavors that you seek upon.

Be sure to keep a lookout on my blog. I’ll be interviewing more people, and hopefully, you’ll be able to gain new information and apply it to your life.

International Women’s Day

Photo Credit: Joao Paulo Fotografias


Today is “International Women’s Day.” In my personal opinion, this day should be celebrated every single day. Women have been so influential and pioneered many advancements in our lives. When I first started my blog, I had no idea (at the time) that I would soon be interviewing some of the most beautiful and intelligent women on the planet. What struck the women that I interviewed the most, was the way that I connected with them, and the questions that I asked them. Of course, I discovered the obvious (their beauty), but I also got to know them, and how they think and do what they do. It was always a great satisfaction to me that I was able to separate myself from the other cookie cutter publications and journalists that asked the same, annoying questions over and over again.


I’ve always viewed women as an equal, and I could never understand people who thought otherwise. Imagine the world without women (pretty sad, right?). A lot of men would be going crazy, and a lot of men would be incapable of getting the job done in their respective career fields. Women, to me, fulfill humanity and are an important piece in moving forward in our world. The world, as a whole, cannot be better or do better without women; it’s that simple.


In closing, I would like to thank every woman that I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing and getting to know personally. And I would also like to thank every woman out in the world that is pushing the boundaries and making a difference in our lives. Women are equal and should be treated as such now, tomorrow, and for future generations to come.

Working Out No Longer Sucks


Working out can be a daunting task. With busy schedules, these days, fitting a workout into your busy lifestyle can be tough. There is always a solution to a problem that you’re having, and that solution is Bulletproof Vibe. What is Bulletproof Vibe? Bulletproof Vibe is a 15-minute whole body workout and vibration therapy.

Listed below are some of the benefits of using the Bulletproof Vibe:

Detoxifies and strengthens the immune system (by moving the lymph system).

Helps build/regain muscle strength and bone density.

Reduces workout recovery time.

Stimulates healthier brain function.

Give you huge bursts of energy! 

Your might be saying right now, “how do you use this?” And the answer is simple: you simply stand on the Bulletproof Vibe, and the vibrations will travel from the feet through the spine and into the head. Be sure to stand on the Vibe with your knees bent. It’s best to always set your posture this way so that your head does not shake. Keep in mind that any movement while standing on the Bulletproof Vibe will have an increased benefit.

Stretching will be way more efficient, workout routines will return better results, and normally unused muscles or tissues will be stimulated. Try doing some standing yoga poses on the Vibe. You can also perform push-ups while on the Vibe.

How long should you use it? 5-15 minutes depending on how you feel. It is safe to use the Vibe every day if you choose to do so. It’s recommended to start using the product 2-3 times per week for only 5-10 minutes each session. The Vibe will introduce a new stimulus to your body, and you should give your body time to adapt to it. After a week or two, you may start to increases your sessions’ frequency and duration. As always, continue use with caution and listen to your body.

Celebrate Fat Tuesday!



Happy Fat Tuesday! Today, people will be celebrating “Fat Tuesday” with eating a paczki (a Polish tradition). There’s eating a paczki today and feeling like a zombie from ‘The Walking Dead”, and then there’s celebrating “Fat Tuesday” Bulletproof style (of course). Contrary to popular belief, fat is good for you! You may notice a lot of food companies put 0 grams trans fat on various food items at your local grocery store. Do not get sucked into what food companies tell you what is right for you. Instead, do some research on your own, and you’ll find out that fat is actually good for you.



Bulletproof offers the best fats around: check out Brain Octane oil (it’s what makes your coffee akin to rocket fuel), or check out XCT oil (for when you’re eating salads or making a smoothie), and be sure to check out the product of the month: grass fed ghee. All of these named products will make you feel better, and your brain will thank you for taking such good care of it.