“I’ve done many radio interviews, podcasts, and the like, and there’s nothing worse than a host who throws you off guard with an inappropriate question while you’re live on air. With Justin, not only was he 100% appropriate, respectful, and courteous to me, but he actually contacted me a few days before and asked if there was anything I’d like to talk about, or topics I wanted him to dive into. I can’t tell you how refreshing that was to me. Most interviews usually touch on the same topics, such as how I got my start, what my career plans are, etc. Justin and I decided to touch on topics like how I deal with negativity from internet haters or critics, where I find my inspiration, not being afraid of failure, etc. He made me interested in the conversation instead of having me just answer questions. That’s a quality of not just a radio host or personality, but as a journalist as well. I’ve recommended Justin to many other models I know, and all were equally impressed. Great guy, true talent, and someone with a bright career ahead 100%.” 

-Abigail Ratchford, actress, model 

“Thank you so much for having me on your show twice now! Each time we have such great conversation on so many topics, I hope to come back on in the future.”

-Justin Miller, Magic consultant for David Blaine and contestant on Syfy’s Wizard Wars

“Easy to talk to, very engaging, and a motivational speaker.”

-Molly Helmuth, Nascar driver

“I loved being a guest on your podcast!”

-Jeff Blake, former NFL Pro Bowl Quarterback 

“Leemos justinmarroquin.com de los artículos (We read justinmarroquin.com for the articles).

-Playboy México

John Wockenfuss

Justin Marroquin has been featured on Playboy.com, Penthouse.com, Boomhausrecordings.com, and has interviewed top athletes such as Jennie Finch, entrepreneur Lewis Howes, musician Cash Colligan, and magician Justin Miller. He is an athlete, blogger, magician, and radio host.

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