Astute: Anya Benton

Anya Benton


Meet Anya Benton. She’s beautiful and insanely intelligent (she graduated from UCLA), but it doesn’t stop there. Anya is also involved with acting, and she continues to soak up knowledge to get better in not just her career choices, but in her personal life as well. Anya is a special woman, and with her drive and perseverance–anything is possible for her.


When did you become passionate about modeling?

Anya Benton: I have been passionate about modeling ever since I was a little girl. My first modeling job was when I was only 10. I was in a commercial for a local locksmith business in Boston.


You’re also passionate about acting. How did you get interested in that?

Anya Benton: I have always been interested in experiencing as much as possible in the short amount of time we are given on this planet. I believe acting allows me to live multiple lifetimes in one. For example, I can live as a beggar in the Renaissance, as  a doctor in 2050, and as a politician in modern times. I love that.


Anya Benton


What’s more challening: acting or modeling?

Anya Benton: Acting since you have to believably potray a character and relate to your audience.


How do you separate yourself from other people in the acting and modeling world?

Anya Benton: By being reliable and professional. It’s surprising how rare that it is in this industry.


You also have an extensive education. You graduated from UCLA with honors as a Cum Laude student. How has your education helped you in your endeavors so far?

Anya Benton: In addition to acting and modeling, I have worked professionally in the business and marketing. Thanks to my degree, I was a Director of Marketing at two different companies and gained a tremendous amount of corporate experience. That has helped me in acting and modeling because I am able to use my skills to market my own “Anya Benton” brand. Acting and Modeling are professions where you are your own CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, Janitor, and everything in between. That’s why having an education and business experience really helps with being successful.


Anya Benton


You’ve accomplished a lot in your life. How do you manage to do so well in anything that you do?

Anya Benton: Thank you so much. I was born in the former Soviet Union where the attitude and culture of the citizens was very survivalist. Basically, if you don’t work hard and provide for yourself, no one else will. This is why I work hard and try to stay positive. I know how extremely fortunate I am to be where I am today and I recognize that I did not achieve anything overnight.


Anya Benton


What do you believe in that other people don’t?

Anya Benton: I’m sure other people believe in some of the same things as I do, but I try to be very positive in life. I try to find humor in most things, be silly, be spontaneous, and just be happy. Acting and Modeling are professions where you face a lot of rejection and criticism. That can be very tough on a person so being positive  and staying grounded is key. I also believe that money isn’t everything and the less you worry about it, the more plentiful it becomes.


Do you have any habits/routines that have attributed to your success?

Anya Benton: I am very determined. When I really want to achieve something, I don’t like to take no for an answer. I like finding a way to accomplish my goals whenever possible. I also make sure to get a lot of sleep; otherwise I’m pretty much useless ha ha.


Anya Benton


Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

Anya Benton: My mother. She brought me into this world and brought me to the United States from Russia. She is such a strong woman. She moved to another continent with just her baby girl and a few suitcases. That’s very inspirational to me.


What inspires/motivates you?

Anya Benton: Beauty and artistic/creative expression inspires me to pursue a career in acting and modeling. Being able to be financially secure inspires me to work hard.


What’s next for you in 2015?

Anya Benton: I have a lot of amazing things coming up this year, but I can’t quite reveal most of them yet. Stay tuned and make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to keep up with my latest projects, photo shoots, and appearances.









Author: Justin Marroquin

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