Prepossessing: Tina Mari

Tina Mari


With her fierce looks, Tina Mari is a rare model to behold. Tina was Playboy’s Miss Social for January 2014, and she was Miss COED for August 2014. With her outlook on life and a superb attitude–anything is possible for Tina and what’s in store for her in the future.


Was there anything specifically that got you interested in modeling?

Tina Mari: Nothing in particular. I always wanted to be a model–specifically, a lingerie model. Unfortunately, I was way too short to actually pursue it as a career, so I never did. One day I decided to try it just for fun, and the rest is history!


Tina Mari


How did you prepare mentally and physically for your first photo shoot?

Tina Mari: I bought some brand new lingerie and went in with an open mind. Luckily, the first shoot I did included hair and makeup, so they made me feel beautiful before we even started.


What’s your favorite aspect of modeling?

Tina Mari: The best part of being a model is collaborating with other industry professionals to come up with a vision, and then going through the process to create it. It’s a fantastic creative release, and it’s always special when you finally get to see the finished product.


Tina Mari


What do you believe that very few others do?

Tina Mari: I tend to believe in things that I can see, touch, or feel. I’m not much for superstition or religion, so there really isn’t much that I believe in that other people wouldn’t.


Being a model is hard work. How do you balance modeling and your personal life?

Tina Mari: I’m a freelance model, so I only have to take the assignments that really interest me. If I feel myself getting overwhelmed, I just schedule a sanity break from things until I feel better.


Tina Mari


What are your daily habits and routines?

Tina Mari: I always  have to eat breakfast. That is the one thing I cannot compromise on. I also like to cook and prefer to have home cooked meals each night. I try to work out at least three times a week. Sometimes I meet that goal, and sometimes I don’t. I also work full-time, so I try to get into bed at a decent hour during the week.


Who do you look up to and why?

Tina Mari: My mother! She is an amazing woman, who encouraged me to follow my heart, be open-minded, and to not judge others. Without her support and guidance, I don’t believe I could be the strong, independent woman who I am today.


Tina Mari


What’s it like being a part of Playboy?

Tina Mari: It was a dream come true to be crowned Playboy’s Miss Social for January 2014! I always wanted to work with Playboy, so having the opportunity to do so–in any capacity–was more than I ever could have hoped for!


Do you set goals in your modeling career? If so, can you share some?

Tina Mari: Absolutely! First and foremost, I just want to have fun and make great images. I also set some serious goals too, though. For instance: this year I would love to do some traveling, modeling, and achieve more publications.


Tina Mari


How do you handle the naysayers and people who are negative towards you?

Tina Mari: That one is easy: I just don’t care! There’s also this great quote: “Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.” I’m a firm believer that every person needs to live for themselves and find their own happiness. We should never let other people bring us down with their negativity or judgmental attitudes.  If ever I find myself starting to get upset about something, I just remember that quote and I instantly feel better.


Tina Mari


What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Tina Mari: I really want to kick it up a notch this year. People should expect to see more variety in my new work and hopefully, plenty of new publications.


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