2015: What’s Your Story?

Typewriter What is Your Story


A new year is upon us once again. 2014 flew by (for me, at least) and it was a relatively good year for me. In this post, I will touch on resolutions and why I dislike them. I’ll also add my personal insight on how I set goals and the process that I go through to achieve them. First off, I would like to state that I’m nowhere near being a “success” but through my experiences, I have had some breakthroughs with achieving my goals. Are you still with me? Good. Let’s get started.


Let’s being with resolutions. They’re supposed to be goals in disguise, but you and I know the statistics on resolutions: most people break theirs not even two weeks into the new year. Why do you think that is? In my opinion–it all comes down to consistency. When you’re consistent with whatever you’re doing (or focused on) you’re more than likely to be “successful” at whatever it is that you’re doing. Resolutions are the popular thing to do every new year, but don’t fall into this trap. Sure they’re (resolutions) new, fresh, and exciting, but sooner or later–resolutions wear off. Instead of a resolution, set goals. Goals will mean more to you, and it will give you more motivation to complete the goal that you’ve set for yourself. I know what you’re thinking now “what’s the difference between a resolution and a goal?” There’s plenty of differences, but the main difference is detail. Goals tend to have more detail attached to them and in turn–will provide you with a better sense of empowerment. Think about it: the most common resolution is to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great resolution, but just saying “I’ll lose weight” is not very powerful in itself. Now turn that same resolution into a goal by saying “I will lose 20 lbs.” by a date that you’re comfortable with. Congratulations. You’ve now just a set a detail oriented goal that you will feel motivated to achieve. What I’m offering is basic common knowledge and it’s not rocket science (I know that), but very few people tend to look at the details of their resolutions, and that’s what keeps them from being consistent with their chosen resolution.


We’re almost done here (I promise). Next in the process of goal-setting, is research. When I’m involved with setting a goal–I research the hell out of it. Again, this may seem like simple advice, but it’s absolutely necessary to discuss this. When you set a goal (whatever it may be) make sure to do your homework. Look up and see if anyone else has achieved the goal that you’ve set for yourself (chances are, they have). I’m gonna rip out a page from Tony Robbins playbook, and tell you to model the person that achieved your goal. What do I mean by modeling? I mean researching how they accomplished the goal. For instance: what were their habits, routines, and behaviors that caused them to succeed? Do they have books available that you can read to gain further information? Email them to see if they can give you advice and tips. The key thing that will make you successful in this area is to be bold. Being bold will give you confidence on your journey to completing your goal.


I hope my little nugget of advice will propel you to move forward this new year, and be relentless in your pursuit of achieving goals. Once you attain one goal; it will become hard to stop right there. Set another goal (or ten) and like I stated earlier–be bold in the process of accomplishing your dreams and goals. Before you know it, six months are gonna roll by and you’re still gonna be stuck in a rut. Don’t be that way. Pull out a piece of paper, receipt, or whatever else you can get your hands on right now, and commit to setting one goal. Then after you write it down–get your goal ingrained in your brain; and kick its ass. 2015 is your story. Make it one of the best damn stories that has ever been written.

Author: Justin Marroquin

Magician, Geek, Sports Enthusiast, Fitness Fanatic, Lifehacker.

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