Sensationalistic: Rachel Chava Raizel

Photo Credit: Brian Grossman
Photo Credit: Brian Grossman


She’s bold, confident, and strong. Rachel Chava Reizel is a woman who goes after what she wants, and she’s setting a great example for her son (she’s a single mom). It won’t be long until Rachel is gracing the cover of Playboy and other various publications. Get to know one of the most boldest (and beautiful) woman who you’ll ever have the pleasure of reading about.


When did you get interested in modeling?

Rachel Chava Reizel: I started to do a bit of modeling a few years ago. It was mostly just for friends who were photographers, who were either in school or were trying to start a career. After that I stopped for about two years, due to personal reasons. About a year ago I started modeling again, and I really love it.


Do you remember your first photo shoot? If so, what was your experience like?

Rachel Chava Reizel: My first photo shoot was with my friend Julia. I had never really gone to one, and she was in school for English, but is a very bright and artistic person; and paints a lot and has a very good eye. So when she asked to photograph me I said, “no problem.” We had a whole photo shoot in her yard and in her studio; and it was really fun and peaked my interest.


Photo Credit: Ilan Porat
Photo Credit: Ilan Porat


Is there anything specific that you would like to accomplish in your modeling career?

Rachel Chava Reizel: I really want to show people, women and especially men, that all women’s bodies are beautiful. I gained 58 pounds when I was pregnant, and even though I try to stay in very good shape, my body isn’t perfect. I have a lot of stretch marks. But nobody is perfect, most models or in fact all models, are photo shopped. I want women to be confident in their bodies regardless of having had a baby or having stretch marks on her. As long as you work out and try your best to stay in shape, you should be confident and happy with yourself. I also want men to realize this, and try to not shame women. I also want to show that you can be sexy and take sexy pictures, but not be a slut in actuality. I am hoping to branch out and be more of a personality and less of a model. I also really want to be in Playboy! It’s super sexy!


In your opinion: what qualities are essential in wanting to become a model?

Rachel Chava Reizel: Obviously one has to have a certain look, but it also depends what kind of model you want to be. High-fashion models need to be very thin and extremely tall. They’re the ones who do runways and high-fashion campaigns. I am more of a commercial model: pretty, in decent shape, but not very tall. My biggest thing is that I have a huge personality, which is good to have to be a model. It’s good to show off your personality in your pictures, and not be the same as everyone else.   Most of my pictures that I have done have been more sexy, but I’m really looking forward to showing my personality to people. I just started a YouTube channel, and really want people to see the weird, crazy, intellectual, witty sides of me, not just the sexy one.


Photo Credit: Mike Mor
Photo Credit: Mike Mor


Have you dealt with any form of criticism/negativity in your modeling career? If you have, how did you overcome it?

Rachel Chava Reizel: I had one “good friend” who, at the beginning of modeling career, started attacking me because of it. She said to me, “you think that because you are skinny now, you can turn into a big whore?” She basically just kept attacking me, and I would try to speak nicely and calmly to her, telling her that no matter what I do–we are always friends, and that she shouldn’t judge me if we were so close, and that if she really cared about me, she wouldn’t be attacking me: she would be stating facts and reasons why she thinks this is bad for me in a very nice way. Especially since I kept responding to her kindly, but all she would do is attack me; it was extremely rude of her, and other friends of mine told me that most don’t even talk to her anymore, because she is so judgmental towards everybody. And the fact that she brought up that I’m thin now, it means that she’s jealous of my weight. If she wasn’t, she would’ve just told me that I look slutty or something, even though I don’t think I do. The fact that she brought up my weight was simply showing me that the only reason she was attacking me is because she was jealous of my weight. I also have a lot of people online who harassed me; guys think I’m a whore so they send me pictures of their man parts. Whenever possible, I send the picture to their family member/mother/girlfriend. A lot of guys are stupid and leave their Facebook/Instagram open, so I can easily find a family member and report to them how inappropriate their brother/boyfriend/husband/son is, so they can curb these boys behavior before it’s too late. Women also attacked me, calling me slut and stuff. But mostly, it’s men. When women find out about my weight loss and my baby and all that, they tend to be supportive. The ones who aren’t, I think are jealous. Especially random people I don’t know who feel the need to comment on my stuff online. I think it shows really bad character to find someone you don’t know online, judge them, and then publicly attack them. It’s in the Bible that to embarrass or insult someone in public is like killing him. And killing someone is one of the three things that you don’t go to heaven for. These people think they are so mighty–that they can call me out on my “sluttiness,”  but then they have the nerve to attack random people and try to insult them and hurt them. It’s pretty pathetic and it really doesn’t bother me–it just makes them look jealous and pathetic.


What would be your dream photo shoot?

Rachel Chava Reizel: As I said, I would love to shoot for Playboy! I would also love something crazy and musical, like backstage at a concert or something (where I spent most of my college years). Also, Mario Testino, is like, the best photographer ever, and I would love to shoot with him!


Photo Credit: Selwyn Bear
Photo Credit: Selwyn Bear


What’s the most difficult part about modeling?

Rachel Chava Reizel: Finding photographers/agencies that aren’t totally perverted. Many are wanting girls to do inappropriate things for jobs. It’s also tough to find someone who is totally into you, because a lot of people have different tastes in what and who they want to photograph.


Besides modeling, what are you most passionate about?

Rachel Chava Reizel: My son. I am a single mom and he means everything to me. I also love music, and used to be an NYC “scene kid” at least three concerts a week is how I rolled. I also love art and used to create extensively, but that has recently taken the back burner to living life. I hope to have more time for it soon.


Photo Credit: Mike Mor
Photo Credit: Mike Mor


How would you like your modeling career to end up?

Rachel Chava Reizel: I am not so into the “famous” thing, but I would like to end up feeling happy, accomplished, and sucessful. I would love to be a household name, as well as to do campaigns for anything that interests me. And a lot does!


Photo Credit: Selwyn Bear
Photo Credit: Selwyn Bear


What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Rachel Chava Reizel: Hopefully more artwork, more of my personality through my new YouTube channel (just getting it started), and a lot more awesome pictures! I am witty and engaging, I make everyone happy, and I want to spread it around!


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