Creativity Tips: My Two Cents

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had a fun, interesting post. In this post, I will cover how I stay creative (even when I don’t feel like it), and how I have fun while doing so. As always: If you have anything to contribute, I would like to read about it.

Note: Throughout this post I will refer mainly to writing, but my tips will work well with whatever it is that you’re working on.

I don’t know about you, but you can’t spell creativity without caffeine (go ahead and try). My choices of caffeine are sporadic. A few of my favorites are: energy drinks, soda (Pepsi Max), pre-workout drinks (don’t knock it until you try it), and Starbucks (my girlfriend is a barista, and she surprises me all the time with coffee). I’m aware that some people are sensitive to caffeine and you don’t need it to be successful with being creative, but I like it and I need it, not want it (caffeine people will understand where I’m coming from.)


Moving on. Next up to bat on being creative–is music. Music is an integral part of blogging, and it can greatly enhance what you’re trying to convey in a blog post. There are three artists that I must listen to when I’m writing a blog post: Hans Zimmer, Eminem, and Metallica. All three combine to make writing a blast. Sure this a “no brainer” tip, but some people get caught up in their work and forget about this.

Side note: The Dredd soundtrack is fantastic to listen to, and I highly suggest you give it a chance. Listen to it for free on YouTube.


Another crucial element to being creative is your environment. While you’re working, you need stuff around you to inspire you. Posters, collectibles, etc. Having this stuff around you will inspire you and it will show in the work that you do. Around me I have magic posters of Criss Angel, David Blaine, and Harry Houdini. Being a comic book geek, I have several of my favorite comics and my favorite books near me as well. It’s nice to have stuff like that around you when you will inevitably go through a creative block. Plus it’s nice to get away from your work, and soak in other creative works done by other people who you admire.


Lastly, I’ll touch on supplements. This where I might lose some people, but stick with me. Just like caffeine, supplementation is not needed to fuel creativity, but it sure as hell helps. Here are a few of my recommendations: Alpha Brain by Onnit. It’s a complete based nootropic, and it definitely helps with mental clarity; Bulletproof coffee: who would think that by adding unsalted butter and mct oil to your coffee would give you a productive boost? At first, not me but I tried it out and it does the job. This is not for everybody, but if you like trying new things–I urge you to give this a try. Last on the list is pre-workouts. They’re all pretty much the same, but for those of you who aren’t looking to spend a lot, I would go to Walmart and get one of their pre-workouts that they offer. Pre-workouts are designed to give you energy while you workout, but you don’t need to hit the weights to get the full benefits of this supplement.



So there you have it. This is just my two cents on creativity, and I hope you liked some of the ideas that I have offered here. If I come across anything else that will aid in being creative, I will write another blog post on it. Until then–have fun, and enjoy your journey into the world of creativity.













Author: Justin Marroquin

Magician, Geek, Sports Enthusiast, Fitness Fanatic, Lifehacker.

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