Indomitable: Barbara Desiree Kovach

Barbara Desiree Kovach
Photo Credit: Greg Hunter Photography


Is it possible to be hypnotized and put under a spell by simply just looking at someone? Barbara Desiree Kovach has the ability to do so, and if you’re not careful–you’ll be entranced by Barbara for hours (or even days). An internationally published model, Barbara has been in FHM Indonesia, France, and Netherlands. She has also been in Playboy Italia, as well in Maxim South Africa. Aside from her stunning appearance, Barbara has such a humble personality and that is most likely why she’ll keep achieving her goals; and it’s what sets apart from most models.


How did you get your start in modeling?

Barbara Desiree Kovach: Two years ago, a friend of mine entered me into a calendar contest hosted by a local radio show. He insisted that I should model. At the time, I thought otherwise! Anyway, I ended up competing and getting into the calendar. After that–a few big photographers saw my work, and asked me to shoot and I have been working ever since!


Throughout your modeling career, what’s been the most satisfying moment for you?

Barbara Desiree Kovach: Well, honestly, everyday I work. Every time I take a step closer to building my career, finish a new shoot, a new publication, anything. One of my goals was to get into FHM, and I have been lucky enough to be in many editions around the world. I’m lucky that they like me (ha ha). I have some things coming out in 2015 though that are huge accomplishments for me, so you all will just have to stay tuned, wait, and see!


Barbara Desiree Kovach


What was your reaction when you first saw yourself in a magazine?

Barbara Desiree Kovach: Ha ha, that’s me! It’s pretty crazy–especially when people laughed at me when I first started and said I was stupid, or that I was dreaming too much. It’s a pretty awesome feeling!


Describe what goes through your mind when you’re in the middle of a photo shoot?

Barbara Desiree Kovach: Nothing. I don’t think of anything–especially when I can get into a shoot; I work best without any direction when photographers just let me do my thing. Thinking about what I have to do, family, friends, work, money, etc. But when I’m shooting, I have no worries.


Is there anything that you don’t particularly like about modeling?

Barbara Desiree Kovach: Not really. This job was made for me. I really couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Sometimes I get tired and overwhelmed, but then I’m like, ‘Barbara, what else would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?.’


Barbara Desiree Kovach


You were on the cover of FHM Indonesia June 2014. What was that experience like for you?

Barbara Desiree Kovach: Amazing. Honestly, I will never stop working at anything until I get what I want and reach my goals. When I first started modeling, I told myself that I wanted to be on the cover of FHM, and that I will make it happen somehow. I honestly thought it would take longer for me than it actually did, and once it was printed–I was like damn, I told myself I was going to do this and a year later, I did!


What motivates you?

Barbara Desiree Kovach: Anyone with passion; creating, working, and following their dreams. They inspire me to work more on my own.


Besides modeling, what else do you enjoy doing?

Barbara Desiree Kovach: I love theater! I actually worked in theater and went to college for theater before modeling full-time. I also love movies, music, film, and anything art related. Of course, I enjoy shopping and fashion (like any typical girl) animals, eating good food, and taking long romantic naps!


Barbara Desiree Kovach


Modeling is a tough industry. How do you manage to be successful through it all?

Barbara Desiree Kovach: Work at that shit every day!


Barbara Desiree Kovach


Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

Barbara Desiree Kovach: My dad. He never gives up, so I know that I can’t either.


What can people expect to see from you in the future?

Barbara Desiree Kovach: Lots of things are coming, peeps! I wish I could tell you guys, but I can’t so just stay tuned; the biggest things are yet to come!


Barbara Desiree Kovach
Photo Credit: Greg Hunter PhotographyBarbara Desiree Kovach 


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