What You Can Learn From 2014 World Series Champions: San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants


After watching the San Francisco Giants win their third World Series championship in five years last night, I had a realization: It’s not how you start, but how you finish that counts. The Giants didn’t even win their division (the Los Angeles Dodgers did), but still managed to make the playoffs as a wildcard. After beating the Pittsburgh Pirates in a one game playoff, the Giants faced the Washington Nationals, and dismantled them as well. Going into the NLCS–they would face the St. Louis Cardinals, and manage to defeat them in five games. Their next opponent, the Kansas City Royals, would pose a threat to this Giants team. Going all seven games and filled with plenty of amazing plays–there would be one player who would come save the day. Madison Bumgarner would go on to pitch three times in the World Series (which is unheard of these days), and he would go on to pitch in game seven, and come in the fifth inning (as relief) and end up totally dominating the Kansas City Royals’ hitters.


So you’re probably wondering right now, “How in the heck does this apply to me?” and I’ll tell you why it does: how many times have you been doubted before, but pulled through? Or how many times did you do something that initially you thought you couldn’t do? And my favorite: when the odds are stacked heavily against you, but you turn the odds in your favor anyway. Sports are great reminder to us–that anything is possible with the right mindset, determination, and grit. And the San Francisco Giants were a perfect example of not giving up, and taking it day by day to capture the World Series championship. Sure pro athletes may have more talents than you and I, but we all posses the ability to go after what we want, and let nothing get in our way. Let the Giants be a reminder that you can do it (no matter what the odds are.)

Author: Justin Marroquin

Magician, Geek, Sports Enthusiast, Fitness Fanatic, Lifehacker.

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