Resplendent: Anais Zanotti

Where would one find Anais Zanotti? Your first guess might be the beach, but if you look up to the skies–you might see Anais flying through the air. Certified skydiver and stunt woman, Anais Zanotti has made over 1000 jumps. And chances are that you caught a glimpse of her on TMZ earlier this year. Anais has also been published in top magazines such as Playboy, Maxim, and GQ. Anais continues to push the boundaries with anything that she’s involved in, and she’s putting the old saying “The Sky’s the Limit” to the test.


Justin Marroquin: What inspired you to become a model?

Anais Zanotti: I actually never thought I’d be a model until the age of 15 . I was still living in France, St. Tropez, and a photographer stopped me and my mom. He asked to take a few shots of me, and we ended up shooting for a few hours. I fell in love with modeling and I was told that I was a natural. I had to wait until the age of 19 to finish school to do modeling full-time.


Justin Marroquin: When you first started modeling, what obstacles did you have to overcome?

Anais Zanotti: When I went to my first casting, I was pretty nervous. I learned to relax before a casting, and I am more confident now.


Anais Zanotti


Justin Marroquin: How did you react when you first saw yourself in a magazine?

Anais Zanotti: I thought it was pretty cool. The first time I saw myself in print, I was 19 and I was pretty surprised; It was for a regional magazine, and I called my parents to tell them about it.




Justin Marroquin: Is there a company/publication that you haven’t worked with, but would like to?

Anais Zanotti: I have actually been in all the magazines I wanted to be in. Such as: FHM, Maxim, Esquire, GQ, and Playboy multiple times. I had an appearance in Vogue Spain, Cosmopolitan US, People magazine (in different countries). If I had to choose, I would like to work for Elle and Vogue magazines.


Anais Zanotti


Justin Marroquin: What is your definition of beautiful? 

Anais Zanotti: I see beauty in everything; In a person’s confidence, intelligence, being kind, and ambitious.


Justin Marroquin: You’re also a skydiver. How did you get interested in that?

Anais Zanotti: I always liked extreme sports. I had a motorcycle for four years–It was a 650 SVS Suzuki. I was introduced to skydiving by a friend who used to ride bikes. He told me that it would be pretty much the same sensation and knowing me, I will love it. After my first jump at Skydive Miami, I knew it was for me. As soon as I landed, I remember saying out loud, “I am coming back.” And now it’s already been six years that I am in this sport.


Anais Zanotti


Justin Marroquin: What drives and motivates you?

Anais Zanotti: I strive to be the best that I can be in everything I do. My passion for modeling and skydiving pushes me to work hard.


Justin Marroquin: How do you go about setting goals and accomplishing them?

Anais Zanotti: I try to set my goals. I put in my head that it’s already accomplished, and I see myself achieving it. That gives me the confidence that whatever it is and however difficult it can be, there’s always a chance that I can be where I want to be. Just don’t limit yourself; dream big,  think big.


Anais Zanotti


Justin Marroquin: What means the most to you in your life, and why?

Anais Zanotti: Being healthy is number one. Without your health, you are nothing. And having good people in my life. Friends are everything.


Justin Marroquin: Share some advice that has helped you the most in your life thus far?

Anais Zanotti: Don’t be scared to fail. Trying is better than wishing. Don’t limit yourself, and being aggressive with business does not hurt. Don’t let anyone stop you, or tell you that you are not capable.


Anais Zanotti


Anais Zanotti


Anais Zanotti




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Author: Justin Marroquin

Magician, Geek, Sports Enthusiast, Fitness Fanatic, Lifehacker.

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