Pulchritudinous: Amberleigh DeAnn

Amberleigh DeAnn


Just when you think that you’ve seen it all, Amberleigh DeAnn pops up on the radar screen and baffles not only your senses, but your mind as well. Besides being a model, Amberleigh also has a paralegal degree, and is determined to stay focused and look ahead to the bright future that is in front of her.


Justin Marroquin: When did you become passionate about modeling?

Amberleigh DeAnn: I have been passionate about modeling/acting for a long time. My best friend and I would make up silly short scripts in elementary school, and act them out. It was pretty funny.


Justin Marroquin: What was your first photo shoot experience like?

Amberleigh DeAnn: Cold. I did a shoot with some friends in the spring time at the tulip fields here in Mount Vernon, WA. The images turned out really colorful.


Amberleigh DeAnn


Justin Marroquin: In your opinion: What qualities are essential to become a model?

Amberleigh DeAnn: I think an important quality to be a model is that you must have thick skin, and also being comfortable with yourself. You really have to know what modeling is what you want to do, and be able to ignore any negative comments.


Justin Marroquin: How do you react to criticism and negativity?

Amberleigh DeAnn: I have gotten a lot of criticism and negativity within the last month, and I am learning to ignore it. It’s usually from people I don’t know very well, or have even met. Which is weird.


Amberleigh DeAnn


Justin Marroquin: Ultimately, what do you want to achieve in your modeling career?

Amberleigh DeAnn: I want to keep my look versatile. I think I have that fierce top model look, but also that sexy playmate look. I would like to get signed on with a top agency and really see what happens from there.


Justin Marroquin: What do you think is the biggest misconception about modeling?

Amberleigh DeAnn: Having a pretty face, or even being tall. Neither of these are true to me. You need to be driven, passionate, persistent, and determined.


Amberleigh DeAnn


Justin Marroquin: Besides modeling, what else are you passionate about?

Amberleigh DeAnn: I am very passionate about the law; I have my paralegal degree.


Justin Marroquin: Who do you look up to and why?

Amberleigh DeAnn: This might totally sound cliché being a model, but I really do look up to Tyra Banks. She is such a bad ass, and has done so many things in her career. She even went back to college and just released a beauty makeup line. She is so cool!


Amberleigh DeAnn


Justin Marroquin: What’s the best advice that you have ever received?

Amberleigh DeAnn: I made it as a finalist for this local magazine (D List Magazine) cover girl contest. The director told all of us girls to be persistent with modeling. It plays a huge role and people will notice that you truly want it, and are driven if you keep trying.


Justin Marroquin: For the rest of 2014 and onward, what can people expect from you?

Amberleigh DeAnn: There is so much happening so fast since the beginning of 2014. Hopefully, Playboy and maybe some acting roles. Keep a look out for me though!


Amberleigh DeAnn


Amberleigh DeAnn


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