Incite: Ashley Heinrichs

Photo Credit: Dany Couture
Photo Credit: Dany Couture


Upon first glance, Ashley Heinrichs hypnotizes you with her stunning looks, but there’s more to discover and learn about this exceptional woman. Aside from being Playboy South Africa’s Miss September 2014, Ashley has set herself up for success in the future with her demeanor, and her hard work ethic. Pay attention: because you’ll be enthralled with Ashley’s presence for years to come.


Justin Marroquin: How did you become passionate about modeling?

Ashley Heinrichs: I started out just by taking photos for fun. When I realized how much I loved it—that’s when I really started getting serious about it.


Justin Marroquin: Did you set any goals for yourself when you first started to model?

Ashley Heinrichs: At first I really didn’t know where this whole modeling thing was going to go. I always had dreams of being in Playboy, Maxim, and FHM. I figured if I just kept working at it—something would eventually happen. I had my very first magazine feature come out in April of 2013 with Ryze Up, and things have definitely taken off since.


Justin Marroquin: Describe the experience you had with your first photo shoot?

Ashley Heinrichs: My first professional photo shoot was with Joel Flora, in Los Angeles. It was an amazing experience; he was so awesome to work with. I look forward to shooting with him again!


Photo Credit: Dany Couture
Photo Credit: Dany Couture


Justin Marroquin: In your opinion: what does it take to become a model?

Ashley Heinrichs: Three things: confidence, determination, and patience.


Justin Marroquin: How did you react when you were named Playboy South Africa’s Miss September 2014?

Ashley Heinrichs: I was beyond excited. This is by far the greatest accomplishment so far. I am so thankful for this opportunity; it’s crazy. I still can’t believe it happened. I have had an overwhelming amount of support from my amazing fans!


Justin Marroquin: What’s it like being part of Playboy?

Ashley Heinrichs: For me, it’s very empowering. Every woman’s body is unique, and Playboy has always celebrated and embraced that. I am truly honored to be representing such an iconic brand.


Photo Credit: Dany Couture
Photo Credit: Dany Couture


Justin Marroquin: Besides modeling, what else are you interested in and passionate about?

Ashley Heinrichs: I like to cook. I learned some handy tips and tricks after working in a restaurant for almost seven years. I am passionate about makeup and hope to pursue that in the near future.


Justin Marroquin: What are your other ambitions and dreams for the future?

Ashley Heinrichs: I would like to advance in my modeling career as much as possible, travel more, and pursue cosmetology. My number one priority is to just enjoy life and be thankful for what and who I have. People get so lost in the chaos, it’s important not to lose touch with yourself.


Justin Marroquin: What is your definition of success?

Ashley Heinrichs: Doing something that truly makes you happy and giving it your all. If you have those two things—you won’t have to worry: everything will fall into place.

Photo Credit: Dany Couture
Photo Credit: Dany Couture


Justin Marroquin: Share some advice that has helped you immensely in your life?

Ashley Heinrichs: Not worrying about what others think; do what make you happy. We all have a journey and a purpose in life; and we should all embrace that.


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