Undefeated: Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr.Photo: streetz945.com


Quite possibly the most disliked athlete in all of sports, Floyd Mayweather  welcomes the criticism and proves everyone wrong once the final bell rings. Known for his exceptional athleticism and elusiveness in the ring, Mayweather  is a master in the world of boxing. Whatever game plan his opposing opponent uses, he can adapt and adjust in the blink of an eye. Some might say that he just “runs away” during fights and doesn’t go toe-to-toe with his opponent, which is just an uneducated way of looking at boxing, and Mayweather  alike. Every pay-per view comes with the excitement and hopes of a Mayweather  loss, but those feelings and emotions are quickly washed away during the middle of the fight, where even the biggest Mayweather  critic admits defeat.


Photo: uptownmagazine.com
Photo: uptownmagazine.com


Whenever you strike up a conversation with someone about Mayweather, there is either appreciation or disdain from the person you’re talking to. I’m not gonna lie—I used to be a “hater” towards Mayweather  and his antics, but when I really took the time to study and learn about him, I came away impressed with his hard work ethic, and the his willingness to be the best ever in boxing history. It’s not hard to figure out why he’s 46-0 and keeps defeating top-tier opponents. It all comes to down to hard work, and nobody does it better than Mayweather  on a consist basis. That’s not to say that his opponents don’t work hard, but Mayweather  is obsessed with winning, and he knows what it takes to stay atop the boxing world.


46 boxers have taken the challenge, and 46 boxers have been defeated, confused, and puzzled by Mayweather’s  ability to pick them apart and beat them at their own game. His career may be coming to a close, but Mayweather’s  legacy will live on forever, and people will come to appreciate and realize in the years to come—his dominance in the boxing ring was not because of running away from his opponents, but rather his ability to dismantle his opponents and give them a lesson that they will learn from, and be better because of it.




Photo: usatoday.com
Photo: usatoday.com


Who knows where boxing will be headed in the future, but one thing is for sure: we’ll miss watching Floyd Mayweather  in the ring, and we’ll miss the anticipated match up with the one opponent that everyone believes will hand him his first loss. There will be new champions rising to the top in the years to come, and there will be exciting fights to look forward to, but there will never be another Floyd Mayweather  to cheer for, root against, praise, and ridicule like there is now. So enjoy the show that Mayweather  puts on, because chances are—you’ll never see another athlete like him in your lifetime.

Author: Justin Marroquin

Magician, Geek, Sports Enthusiast, Fitness Fanatic, Lifehacker.

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