Why I’m Turning Into A Marvel Fan Boy

Marvel Comics


As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been a DC Comics fan. Maybe it was due to Batman: The Animated Series or my obsession with Batman and Superman as a child. Even my mom made me a Batman cape (with an attached cowl) and add Michael Keaton’s awesome version of Batman, I was in DC heaven. That’s not to say that I didn’t like Marvel Comics at all (I just didn’t know any better at the time) it was the fact that DC dominated the landscape when I was a kid, and Marvel really didn’t fare too well in the cartoon world, which was key for me since I was only a kid.


Enter adulthood. After being blown away by Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, I was sure to be loyal to DC for life (or so I thought). You see, I have a talented brother, who happens to be one hell of an artist. He gives me insight on the comic world, and all the behind the scenes stuff that the regular fan would not know about. In a nutshell, he basically told me that Marvel knows what they’re doing, while DC is clueless and trying to play catch up with the recent box office success of Marvel films. I can still remember walking out of the theater after seeing Iron Man, and being excited about a possible future with comic book movies taking over Hollywood. Sure enough, my prediction would be correct and now we’re into what Marvel would call “phase two” of their movie franchises.


Although I will always be a supporter of DC, I like what Marvel is doing and the turning point for me, was when I watched Thor: The Dark World. While I enjoyed the filmed, it dawned on me that this is what it’s all about: engaging the fans and intertwining the Marvel Universe with all of their properties ( i.e., comics, movies, and TV shows). No longer could I deny Marvel’s brilliant strategy and ingenuity, which brings me to the point where I am right now: a Marvel fan boy. It’s amazing how far Marvel has come in such a short amount of time. Back in 1996, Marvel filed for bankruptcy and the comic world was dying out. Fast forward to today, and both the comic world and the comic book films are booming. Maybe I didn’t appreciate what was happening over the last few years, but I am very grateful for Marvel’s dedication and passion to bringing iconic comic book characters to life, and the creative vision they have for the present and future.


With Captain America: The Winter Soldier doing great at the box office, and plans for Captain America 3 to go head to head with Batman Vs. Superman, Marvel has my vote of confidence that they will continue to dominate the comic book industry, box office, and television. This is a very exciting time right now for comic book fans, and even though Marvel has plans laid out for the future, it’s important to appreciate what is happening right now, and to revel in the success of Marvel and the spectacular people who work very hard to turn someone like me—into a fan boy.

Author: Justin Marroquin

Magician, Geek, Sports Enthusiast, Fitness Fanatic, Lifehacker.

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