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Lana Elyse


Being a model requires more than good looks and a great smile. In an industry filled with constant change and rejection, it takes a unique woman to combat the status quo and Lana Elyse, is certainly that woman. Modeling for over six years, Lana Elyse has quickly gained attention in the modeling industry, and she has been featured in SHOW Magazine and Playboy’s, Stack Magazine, B.A.D.D. Magazine, and NINE5FOUR Magazine. Along with her stunning looks, Lana Elyse has an intelligent mind, which you will soon discover shortly. Like a breath of fresh air, it’s refreshing to know that a beautiful woman like Lana Elyse, exists in this world.


Justin Marroquin: How did you get your start in modeling?

Lana Elyse: I started out modeling when I was about 19 and it started when I was introduced to Model Mayhem. I checked out the website, and thought it was interesting. At the time I didn’t think I’d actually shoot with anyone since you’d be meeting up with strangers, but I ended up planning some shoots some time after throwing basic non professional photos up, and I always had a friend with me. My work actually started improving and things just went from there.


Justin Marroquin: Were there any obstacles that you had to overcome when you first started modeling?

Lana Elyse: Dealing with my parents lol. They weren’t too thrilled that their only daughter was going out for trade shoots with whoever, but I didn’t travel alone and I always looked into who I was shooting with beforehand.


Lana Elyse


Justin Marroquin: What’s it like to be in front of the camera?

Lana Elyse: Easy! At this point, I don’t give it much thought anymore. I crack a few jokes, and check out my surroundings to see what I can work with, and get going with many different poses.


Justin Marroquin: When did the reality of being a model set in for you?

Lana Elyse: When I got a call from SHOW Magazine, and had my first big shoot. Professional makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists—the whole works. I had to fly to LA, and it was a long, but fun shooting day. I really enjoyed it! At that point it looked like things were going to be a little more serious than just shooting pictures, and throwing them up on my social media page.


Lana Elyse


Justin Marroquin: What motivates you?

Lana Elyse: Actually some acquaintances in my past who talked down about my work and everything I did. Negativity like that makes me want to keep submitting and keep aiming higher. And at times when I do start to feel defeated in this industry—due to flaky people and rejection, it’s my close friends and photographers who give me the pep talks I need to keep moving forward, and shoot better work than before.


Justin Marroquin: How do you handle criticism and negativity?

Lana Elyse: Criticism and negativity is always tough. It helps to turn that stuff into fuel to improve, and go for the bigger features and assignments than before! It’s the “I’ll show you” attitude that will work in your favor.


Justin Marroquin: Is there any competitiveness that occurs in the modeling industry?

Lana Elyse: Very much. Personally though, I’m happy for my friends who find success in the industry. There have been times I’ve even referred my friends to certain photographers, or have even campaigned for them. I know there are models out there who are rude, and don’t care to help anybody or give advice (I’ve come across those myself and I don’t forget) but I guess I’m just kind and secure with myself to not be cutthroat.


Lana Elyse


Justin Marroquin: What are some companies/publications you would like to model for and why?

Lana Elyse: I would love to be a Playboy model, which most Glamour models would! It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a Cyber Girl feature or what, I would just be honored to be a part of the family. It opens doors! Many, many times I’ve seen a model be featured with Playboy, and things take off rapidly from there. It’s a force, you know? Unfortunately, I don’t think Playboy is into me so much, but hey—gotta keep things moving, right?


Justin Marroquin: Besides modeling, what else are you interested in and would like to accomplish?

Lana Elyse: Right now I’m studying Veterinary Assisting, and I’d like to knock that out soon and get into that field; I love animals! Plus, I’m not rich or famous (nor do I pretend to be). I need my day job!



Lana Elyse


Justin Marroquin: What is the best advice that you have ever been given?

Lana Elyse: The best advice I was ever given was to always be myself! And I always will.


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