Transcendence: Nikki Nova

Nikki Nova

A woman of many talents, Nikki Nova has been an international model for 17 years, Playboy TV Host, and B movie starlet. She’s also an incredible writer, and she is dedicated to teaching people about healing and wellness. There are many interesting layers to Nikki Nova, and one thing is quite apparent: her kindness and generosity will leave a lasting impact on you.


Justin Marroquin: Who is Nikki Nova?

Nikki Nova: A girl who grew up on the east coast, and moved to the west coast. I like to paint, and I’m into different forms of healing (all natural of course), I’m a vegan; I’m an art lover, music lover, and I’m pretty much friendly to people who are friendly to me, but I keep my close circle of people extremely tight—though I have about thousand acquaintances, but close friends I’m super, super particular and protective of—just because I am such a private person.


I used to do this ten minute little burlesque show once a month, or so at what used to be one of the hottest nightclubs in LA. A lot of celebrities would come out, and they would have for ten minutes—a different girl performing a kind of burlesque style semi-strip, but not a full strip because it was burlesque, and nothing was showing. Plus, it was a nightclub, so you really couldn’t do that. I did it once a month for a quick thousand bucks for ten minutes (it was a pretty sweet gig), and when I performed there, a fashion photographer happened to be there, and he liked me, and ended up having a photo shoot with me. And then from that, other scouts approached me and for some reason, although it’s not really too uncommon, I never looked into legitimate modeling, or fashion people who approached me, because I’m not tall enough to do runway, but for print I had quite a bit of interest from a couple different agencies. One of the main reasons why I never contacted them—was a lack of confidence, and virtually non-existent self-esteem. This lady (who was a photographer) wanted to shoot me for Penthouse, and that felt like that’s what I’m supposed to do. And it was a case of confusing familiarity with destiny.


I’m sure a lot of people in the adult industry will get very pissed off at me for saying this, but I stand by 100% on this: absolutely no one who comes from a loving and healthy family/childhood, ends up in the adult industry (it just doesn’t happen) granted I’m not in the hardcore end, but still—I’m in that world. I came from an extremely abusive, horrible home—and it is what it is. I didn’t actually think this was gonna be a career, I thought I’d shoot for a while, and make a little money, but that’s not what happened. I’m still contractually obligated to an online media company, and what Nikki Nova is now—is a character that I play, and it’s a character that I’ve played for so long, that when people meet me in person, they just assume that’s who I am (and that’s definitely not the case).


Nikki Nova


Justin Marroquin: What are some of your beliefs and values?

Nikki Nova: I personally do truly value this: I can’t have sex with somebody or share that part with somebody, unless I’m truly into them, have a deep connection with them, and that usually means that I’m in a relationship with them. And that’s why I’ve never done hardcore, and never will. I’m a very spiritual person to my core, and I absolutely believe in karma, although a lot of people define that differently. I do believe in reincarnation; I believe in a higher power, and that we are all interconnected; I’m a huge health advocate; I believe in nature, and I believe the answer is usually found in plants, and not pills.



Justin Marroquin: Imagine this scenario: somebody tells you that you can’t do something. How do you respond to that?

Nikki Nova: I would ask them what their reasons were, and it would also depend on what it was. Years ago, I probably would’ve accepted it, but now I would just prove them wrong. It took a lot of self-work to get to where I am now.


Nikki Nova


Justin Marroquin: How do you get through a tough day?

Nikki Nova: Usually, I stay focused on what needs to be done, and shut out the world, but sometimes I shut out everything—and don’t work at all, I just reach for the chocolate and the remote.


Justin Marroquin: Of all the things you’ve accomplished, what are you most proud of?

Nikki Nova: The person that I am. Overcoming everything that I’ve gone through: family abuse, childhood, and abuse as an adult. Getting through it all, and truly healing, which honestly—has come in the past nine years, and not just overcoming and healing from it, but never developing a drug problem, and not having it harden me or jade me in a negative way. I’m extremely proud of my non-Nikki Nova career, which is completely dedicated to helping people. I’ve used traumas in my own life to better understand the people I work with now, and turning negatives into positives.


Justin Marroquin: Who has made the most positive impact in your life?

Nikki Nova: There’s a few. Within my family, my grandparents (my mother’s parents), and my aunt (my mom’s youngest sister). If it wasn’t for them, I never would’ve survived the hell, and abuse that was my mother. They are amazing people, and the closest people who I value the most in my life. They taught me what real love is. Also, my high school art teacher, Mrs. Williams. She had so much faith in me, and gave me my own art class—and tons of art supplies to take home. And lastly, some women that are in my other line of work, and people who I look up to in the art world and the holistic health world.


Nikki Nova


Justin Marroquin: Where do you seek inspiration?

Nikki Nova: Everywhere. I’m such an observant person, and I’m always watching—and I might see something that’s inspiring. I’m just very easily inspired by everything from an animal, tree, or person.


Justin Marroquin: How do you handle criticism and negativity?

Nikki Nova: I used to not handle it so well. Oddly enough, the stalker situation that I’ve had over the past seven and a half years, that started from one tormentor—did something horrible to me, and I was mentally handicapped from a near fatal accident that I had. November 4th, 2013, was the eight year anniversary of that accident. I was not expected to live, and when the paramedics were originally called to the scene of the accident (the accident happened on the set of a photo shoot) due to drunk and negligent producers. And when the paramedics first arrived, I was unconscious and my skull was crushed, and hemorrhaging with blood coming out of my ears, and I was having seizures. They flew me by helicopter to the trauma center at the hospital, where I remained at in a coma. I was mentally handicapped for quite a while, and every predator that you could possibly imagine came out of the woodwork during that time, and one of those predators is my original stalker and tormentor, who did something horrible to me—in hopes of making a fortune with it. He was very public about his harassment with me, and through that, he developed a copycat. With those two crazy people after me, and the fact that they were so public about torturing me, I would get very upset, react to it, get angry, and constantly live in fear because of the threats I was getting. Until I learned more about the person that was behind it all, I just saw very clearly that those kind of people who bully—do not feel good about themselves. It’s a situation that you never get use to, and it irritates you, and you block the person, but it doesn’t sting like it did before, and it’s not about me, it’s about them.


Justin Marroquin: What is the best advice that has ever been given to you?

Nikki Nova: Just be here now, because my mind goes like a thousand miles an hour constantly, and I drive myself insane when I think about my future, and what I’m trying to do. Another one that resonates with me a lot is: If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? That hits close to home for me, because that’s why I never went after anything that I wanted in life, because of that lack of confidence that I mentioned earlier. So that’s something that I’m trying to lead my way into the future.


Nikki Nova


Justin Marroquin: How do you want to be remembered?

Nikki Nova: I hope people remember me as smart, kind, passionate, creative, loving, and giving.


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