Adventure Time: Kevin Gleizes

Kevin Gleizes

CEO and founder of, Kevin Gleizes is a man who is in constant pursuit of adventure, having fun, and enjoying life. Kevin is always talking to new people, and learning something new along the way. He is the perfect example of living with passion, and with his beautiful girlfriend, Claudia Romani by his side, anything and everything is possible in Kevin’s world.

Justin Marroquin: Where did you get the idea to start KustomKompanies?

Kevin Gleizes: Originally from Martinique, a beautiful island in the French West Indies, I have been playing with the elements of water and wind since I was a young child. Sailing, wake boarding,  and then wind surfing—this lead to a 15 year career, thanks to which I was fortunate enough to travel and windsurf all around the world! In 2008 while living in Australia, I was introduced to kite boarding, and I fell in love with the sport! Straight away I bought my first set of gear, and I have been hooked since! From that moment, I have been sharing my passion with others, and along the way, I have realized my needs and those of my fellow riders—weren’t being met by the industry, so with lots of dedication and support of my community, I took the initiative to develop my own products with three things in mind: innovative, fashionable, and affordable gear for everyone. And so KustomCompanies was born!

Kevin Gleizes

Justin Marroquin: Did you have any specific goals that you wanted to achieve when you first launched Kustom Companies?

Kevin Gleizes: Create products for people with a strong personality like myself, who know what they want. Everything has to be fun, fashionable, and most important: Unique!

Justin Marroquin: What kind of challenges and setbacks have you gone through in your life, and how did you overcome them?

Kevin Gleizes: I have been through a lot! One of the biggest steps was to leave everything behind (work, friends, family, and my island) to come set up a business, and start a new life by myself in the USA. I did it because I’m very passionate about all I’m doing, and it was a personal satisfaction to take such a huge step.

Kevin Gleizes

Justin Marroquin: To date, what has been your favorite experience in life?

Kevin Gleizes: One of the biggest challenges, which as I just said—was leaving everything behind to move to the US, turned into one of the greatest experiences—as well as I got to meet amazing people, who shared my passions, see beautiful places, and experience things I would’ve never been able to without going for the adventure!

Justin Marroquin: With running a business, how do you stay motivated on a daily basis?

Kevin Gleizes: Being able to play and evolve with the elements are my everyday inspiration and motivation. It’s most of the time source of adrenaline, I love it! Traveling the world searching for the perfect spot—learning about new trends, talking to people, and learning their culture is one of the biggest riches to me. Since the beginning with KustomKite, then KustomPaddle, and now with Kustom Production, we’ve been visiting a lot of different countries, and always discovering amazing things around. It keeps me motivated to always have a new project to work on and an objective to achieve!

Kevin Gleizes

Justin Marroquin: Who do you look up to, and why?

Kevin Gleizes: I am usually looking at the older legends, especially when it comes to business! They always have a lot of experiences you can learn from. I’m always checking the competition as well—most times to see what not to do.

Justin Marroquin: What is your definition of success?

Kevin Gleizes: I wouldn’t have ever dreamed that one day, I would be able to ride, enjoy, and share my passion everyday! Seeing people happy using my products and saying, “wow, this is amazing, I had a blast,” is the biggest success to me.

Kevin Gleizes

Justin Marroquin: How do you approach learning something new?

Kevin Gleizes: I don’t approach, I jump on it! I love to learn about things, try new stuff, and get to understand how it works—I am extremely curious!

Justin Marroquin: Do you have any beliefs or values that you firmly believe in?

Kevin Gleizes: I am amazed by how people can be passionate about something to the point they can be happy with very small things—as long as they pursue their passion. Following dreams without giving up is my belief! I do strongly believe in inflatable paddle boards as well!

Kevin Gleizes

Justin Marroquin: What has been the best advice that you have ever received in your life?

Kevin Gleizes: To start traveling, and not be scared to go for the adventure! Because experience is stronger than any studies in life.

Kevin Gleizes

Kevin Gleizes

Kevin Gleizes

Kevin Gleizes

Be sure to check out Kevin’s company, and all his social media links below.



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