International Sensation: Claudia Romani

Photo Credit: Decorum Photography
Photo Credit: Decorum Photography

How do you begin describing this international model and actress? You start with her obvious gorgeous looks, her many accomplishments: COED Magazine, Maxim Italy, FHM Slovenia,  and then you transition into her incredible personality, her hobbies, which include: swimming, yoga, pilates, and traveling. Claudia Romani is one busy woman, and if you’re a fan of hers—you know that she always likes to be one step ahead, and for those of you that are just now being introduced her, here is some advice for you: try to keep up as fast as you possibly can.

Justin Marroquin: How did you get your start in modeling?

Claudia Romani: I was scouted by FHM Denmark—I went to college there and I looked very exotic compared to the Scandinavian blondes.

Justin Marroquin: Was modeling easy for you to grasp at first?

Claudia Romani: In Denmark it was fairly easy, then I got discover the tough reality of big, foreign markets.

Photo Credit: Ajonel Vazquez
Photo Credit: Ajonel Vazquez

Justin Marroquin: Did you have any specific goals that you wanted to achieve when you started to model?

Claudia Romani: Not really, but I always think big with whatever I do.

Justin Marroquin: What does being a model mean to you?

Claudia Romani: It’s challenging, fun, difficult, tiring, amazing. It’s a big part of my life, and I would never replace it.

Photo Credit: Cocographic
Photo Credit: Cocographic

Justin Marroquin: When you first saw yourself in a magazine, what did that feel like?

Claudia Romani: I saw myself on billboards at the bus stop, music videos, and magazines in a short amount of time! It was so great, and it still is to this day.

Photo Credit: Tino Tedali
Photo Credit: Tino Tedali

Justin Marroquin: Besides modeling, what other dreams and aspirations do you have?

Claudia Romani: I put family first, and I’m a businesswoman as well. I run with my boyfriend, Kevin Gleizes. Sports gear, fashion—a whole lifestyle based on being fit, healthy, and having fun on the inflatable paddle boards and so on!

Claudia Romani

Justin Marroquin: How do you react when someone is being negative towards you?

Claudia Romani: It happens everyday! Can’t be liked by the whole world,  but that means you’re out there, people look at you, comment, and well, it means you’re successful—so accept it!

Claudia Romani

Justin Marroquin: What would you like to achieve the most in 2014?

Claudia Romani: I hope to do more TV. Kustom Kompanies involves having a production company too, and we are ready to show our very special Miami life.

Justin Marroquin: Do you have any beliefs or values that you believe attribute to any success that you attain in your life?

Claudia Romani:I have a great family and support system, I look up to them, and I have been taught to be responsible and reliable. I put that in everything I do.

Claudia Romani


Photo Credit: Mark Campbell
Photo Credit: Mark Campbell


Justin Marroquin: Share the best advice that has helped you in your life the most?

Claudia Romani: Don’t trust anyone too much, believe in yourself, and never give up! Results may be just around the corner.


Claudia Romani


Claudia Romani


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