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Audrey Allen


Stimulating all of your senses as your eyes look upon her, Audrey Allen is a woman who exerts beauty, confidence, and a personality that will keep you fully engaged with her. Being named Playboy Playmate Miss June 2013, Audrey Allen has captivated the country with her beauty, and her down to earth personality. As Playboy celebrates its 60th anniversary, Audrey Allen will propel the brand to new heights with her charm and demeanor.


Justin Marroquin: When did you get interested in modeling?

Audrey Allen: I knew I wanted to be a model when I discovered Sara Jean Underwood. The 2007 Playmate of the Year was the embodiment of femininity and sexuality. I related to her, she was “the girl next door,” in every respect. When I was younger, I had always perceived models as either: A) The six-foot tall, ninety-pound femme fatales, or B) The beach-blonde with DD cup silicone implants. Neither of the two felt very. . . real to me. When I discovered that girls like me did exist in the modeling world, I had to get involved!


Justin Marroquin: Do you remember your first photo shoot? If so, what kind of experience did you have?

Audrey Allen: Before I started modeling for Playboy, I didn’t  really have much experience. I had attempted a few shoots with my friend (and mentor), Darrin. We experimented with the camera, and took a few shots to submit to Playboy. We ran around Nederland and took some really beautiful pictures by a little mountain stream. The lighting was perfect, the whole scene felt a bit magical.


Audrey Allen


Justin Marroquin: Have you ever been nervous while modeling?

Audrey Allen: Modeling has always come very naturally to me; I’m very comfortable in my own skin. I love being in front of the camera—just as much as I enjoy being behind it. It’s the perfect artistic outlet! Now, shooting video on the other hand, took some getting used to. I had never worked with anything of the sort before. I don’t even remember my family using a camcorder when I was little! After some practice with BlackBeltTV, I think I’ve got it down!


Justin Marroquin: In today’s world, the term “modeling” is very widespread with the emergence of technology and social media. From your experience, what does it really take to be a model?

Audrey Allen: Modeling and photography are such  multifaceted art forms; there are so many different ideas and styles a photographer or a model might adhere to! There are models in every category known to man (and some that have yet to be created). There are self-proclaimed models that have a larger web-based following than professional high fashion models. These days, anyone can be a model if they work hard enough and share content that the public is interested in. In my opinion, being a successful model is all about attitude, being motivated, creative, and taking care of yourself (mentally, physically, emotionally, etc.). I believe that a successful model leaves a lasting impression. You wan the onlooker to really feel something powerful.


Audrey Allen


Justin Marroquin: When you were named Playboy Playmate Miss June 2013, what was your reaction?

Audrey Allen: I honestly couldn’t believe it! I was sitting in one of my psychology classes when I got the call. I saw the Los Angeles area code, and got really nervous and excited. I couldn’t answer it (due to obvious reasons) and freaked out a little bit. “Are they going to tell me I made it? What if they’re just calling because they have to if you don’t make it?” My head was spinning! Then I heard my email tone, they had sent a message as well. I opened it up and I saw “CONGRATULATIONS MISS JUNE.” I was jumping out of my skin! The next twenty minutes of class were the longest twenty minutes of my life. I couldn’t wait to call everyone and share the good news!


Justin Marroquin: How does it feel to be part of the Playboy family?

Audrey Allen: I never would have thought such a large company would be so closely knit! It really is a family! I didn’t know anyone when I first started coming to L.A. Playboy warmly welcomed me with open arms, in every sense of the meaning. I feel like I’ve known these people all my life. It’s amazing (*sigh*).


Audrey Allen


Justin Marroquin: What kind of changes have occurred in your life since being part of Playboy?

Audrey Allen: Everything (*giggles*). My world has been turned upside down since April (when I shot my centerfold). I made the decision to put school on hold to give myself a shot at something incredible. I moved away from home, leaving my little sisters and everything that I know behind. The first few months weren’t always easy, I missed home and the unfamiliar territory took a bit of getting used to. My L.A. family helped me every step of the way while I was transitioning. I wish they knew how much I appreciate them. . . Playboy is like a first class, crash course to life, business, modeling, hosting, acting, and so much more. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve grown over the last year.


Justin Marroquin: How do you deal with criticism and negativity?

Audrey Allen: The vast majority of the comments I receive are positive, but yes, there are a few that are completely inappropriate. Personally, I’m very open-minded and I make an effort to be kind to others. Some people just see things a different way. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion; I can’t be upset with someone for how they feel (or how they choose to express themselves). I just ignore it.


Audrey Allen


Justin Marroquin: Besides modeling, what else are you passionate about?

Audrey Allen: I’m very family oriented; my family means the world to me. I really love to cook; I could spend days in the kitchen. I’m content at home and in the kitchen, but adventure is my calling. I try to do something new whenever an opportunity presents itself. I’m extremely outgoing. I’m usually the first person to jump in on whatever fun is being had (*laughs*). I’ve always loved horseback riding, road trips, boating, snowboarding, camping, and anything challenging.


Justin Marroquin: What do you want to achieve this year?

Audrey Allen: I’d like to continue bettering myself as a model, and maybe dip my toes into commercial acting. I want to continue/increase my involvement with charities.


Audrey Allen


Justin Marroquin: Do you have a favorite memory that sticks out in your mind while modeling?

Audrey Allen: My favorite memory had to be during a shoot I did with Alyssa Arce (Miss July 2013). I can’t disclose too much, but let’s just say we were streaking naked down a hallway, and she set off a fire alarm. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life!


Justin Marroquin: Share the best advice that you have ever received in your life?

Audrey Allen: “You control the quality of your experience in all things.”-Darrin Harris Frisby


Audrey Allen


Justin Marroquin: I heard the Playmate of the Year is up for grabs, why do you think you would be a good candidate?

Audrey Allen: I believe that you love what you do, you’ll do it well. I’ve always loved Playboy, and the more I’ve learned about it, the more I want to be a part of it. What Playboy and Hugh Hefner have done throughout history is truly astounding; it would be an honor to represent such a timeless brand.


Audrey Allen


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