Goddess From Down Under: Sarah Arthur-Young

Sarah Arthur-Young


It takes a clear vision to know where you want to go in life, and Sarah Arthur-Young knows exactly where she’s headed. This Australian beauty is committed, determined, and passionate about becoming the best she can possibly be. Sarah has been in FHM Magazine, films, TV commercials,  and many model competitions. In a world filled with egos and people willing to do anything for fame and fortune, Sarah is the complete opposite and with her hard work mentality, she has accomplished so much already and it’s only the beginning of a long, successful career for her.


Justin Marroquin: How did modeling come about for you?

Sarah Arthur-Young: I first started in the industry by entering in modeling competitions (Ralph/FHM/Inside Sport, etc.) scored a couple of second place finishes, then moved more into swimwear, lingerie, fashion, and commercial photo shoots.


Justin Marroquin: When you booked your first photo shoot, how did you prepare physically and mentally?

Sarah Arthur-Young: There was no mental preparation; only to have an open mind, and have fun. Physically, I waxed, tanned, and exercised. Plus, plenty of water for hydration.


Sarah Arthur-Young


Justin Marroquin: From your experience, what does it really take to become a model in today’s world?

Sarah Arthur-Young: Just believing in yourself and confidence.


Justin Marroquin: You are very driven and motivated. Where does that come from, and how do you maintain being that way?

Sarah Arthur-Young: I am very driven and motivated—I believe exercise really helps the mind and body. For me, its my energy.


Sarah Arthur-Young


Justin Marroquin: Of all the photo shoots you’ve done, which one stands out in your mind and why?

Sarah Arthur-Young: I have done art nude shoots and they were very creative, and a lot of fun. Collaborating with the photographer to come up with different ideas are awesome. I also really loved my recent photo shoot with BabeMethod. As it was a video shoot as well—lots of laughs.


Sarah Arthur-Young


Justin Marroquin: In today’s world, criticism and negativity are very rampant. How do you deal with it, and does it affect you in any way?

Sarah Arthur-Young: To me, most of this negative criticism comes from jealousy. I really don’t care what other people think of me. I am happy with my life, and that’s all that matters.


You’re also an actor. How did you get interested in acting?

Sarah Arthur-Young: I joined an acting agency, and have had a lot of work on Neighbours, Hollowman, Underbelly, Tangled, and Canal Rd. TV commercials are my favorite, and also pay good money.


Sarah Arthur-Young


Justin Marroquin: Do you plan on coming to America, and act/model?

Sarah Arthur-Young: That would be my dream to be a Hollywood actor. One day, I’m sure it will happen.


Sarah Arthur-Young



Sarah Arthur-Young


Sarah Arthur-Young


View Sarah’s website here

Check out her Instagram photos here

Like her Facebook page here


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