Sin City Beauty: Ashley Webber

Ashley Webber

Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, top rated shows, casinos, and clubs. If you look closer though, you will discover a woman who is determined, strong-willed, and not to mention—absolutely beautiful. Ashley Webber is both an actress/model, and has done music videos, commercials, promotional modeling, trade show staffing, and photo shoots. Ashley has her sights set high on achieving her goals and in due time, she will become a big name and take over the acting and modeling industry.

Justin Marroquin: What has your experience been like in modeling to date?

Ashley Webber: My experience in modeling has been good, but I’ve had some shares of ups and downs. Before I started, I researched the categories of modeling, and made a realistic goal for myself. I chose commercial print and catalog. Genetically, I’m 5’1” and my normal weight has always been around 125 pounds—I could never do high fashion, runway, and ect. being realistic with myself set me up to have less of a heartbreak, and have a good experience than most.

Justin Marroquin: What do you like about modeling?

Ashley Webber: I like and enjoy modeling because it is competitive, and allows me to be different whenever I am at a photo shoot. Modeling is that place of rest for me, and a peaceful escape. I don’t wear a glass slipper or have millions, but it makes me happy and I enjoy it.

Ashley Webber

Justin Marroquin: What do you dislike about modeling?

Ashley Webber: The more I have been building myself on another level of success, I see how hungry other models are, and it’s definitely not the same. From what I see, it’s a lot of focus on jealousy from one another—and actually change themselves to become a better competitor in a challenge. It’s a cold industry; some may be mad, but the truth must be told. There are models who pay their way to success, while others climb the mountains to it. Not every success comes with talent, and it’s becoming more about money—and money is always the grounds of greed. Modeling has changed because money comes before talent. Models go out of their way to pay publications. Where is the truth in that? Some models don’t want to work for success, they’re willing to pay for it without realizing it will only get them so far, and leave them without income and happiness.

Justin Marroquin: In your opinion, how has modeling changed over the years?

Ashley Webber: The number one downfall in this industry, is being signed to agencies that aren’t 100 percent legit. Models are so quick and I have seen that they will sign with anyone, and that can lead to their career drying up so fast. Modeling and finding the best representation is not easy; many agencies are strictly designed to make sure that they get income from their models. I used to be one of those models who thought that having an agency by her side would get her a lot more work, but during my time there I was placed in the background, and being constantly told about dieting and losing weight. I was unhappy; as soon as I went back to doing my career solo—is when I had opportunities to appear in magazines, have interviews, and more options available to me. I’m now an official model, with a model magazine. In 2014, I have been selected as a future model in Model Up Magazine and Unsung Magazine, and I’m touched to be having this interview with you (Justin Marroquin).

“In the future, I see myself modeling clothes in catalogs for big companies, but on my journey—my number one goal is to stay true to myself; I want to be successful with every inch that is genetically mine. I will never come up with any image that this world wants to see; I want to become successful with my true identity. “-Ashley Webber

Ashley Webber

Ashley Webber

Ashley Webber

Ashley Webber

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