The Girl Next Door: Whitney Westgate

Whitney Westgate

Whitney Westgate is not your typical girl. Besides being beautiful and having an incredible personality, Whitney Westgate, was named Penthouse Pet of the month for April 2013. Whitney is a strong-minded and determined girl, which I quickly found out while I was interviewing her. Being named Penthouse Pet is just the beginning for the Whitney, and with her determination to succeed; I have no doubt that she will take the whole world by storm.


Justin Marroquin: How did you get interested in modeling?

Whitney Westgate: I wasn’t interested at first, but after working with such great people and having a blast on set, I came to love it.


Justin Marroquin: What steps did you take to become a model?

Whitney Westgate: I did my research on the internet—and found an ad agency, and contacted them.


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Photo Credit: Penthouse


Justin Marroquin: Did you have any setbacks that you had to overcome early on in your career?

Whitney Westgate: Yes, I think everyone has some sort of setbacks. People not believing in you, and people who are greedy. To this day, I still have setbacks with certain industries. I think the important thing is to get back on your feet, and not let that stop you.


Justin Marroquin: Describe what it felt like to be named Penthouse Pet April 2013?

Whitney Westgate: I was excited! This was the first magazine I had ever done. I was happy it got such a positive response, and thankful for the opportunity.


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Justin Marroquin: What does being part of Penthouse mean to you?

Whitney Westgate: I think it shows how hard I work for what I want. People don’t know but before I even got into the magazine, I would be on set from 12-15 hours—just trying to get the best shots we possibly could. Everyone kept a positive attitude and worked really hard. All the hard work and long days paid off.


Justin Marroquin: What’s your secret to achieving success?

Whitney Westgate: To be successful in anything, I feel you need to be strong and not let anything, or anyone stop you. Reach your goals and don’t give up.

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Justin Marroquin: Tell me one thing about yourself that nobody knows about?

Whitney Westgate: I’m a total nerd. I don’t like to go out and party a lot. I prefer to be in sweat pants and a T-Shirt—at home watching movies. I’m a very laid back person.


Justin Marroquin: How do you handle criticism and negativity?

Whitney Westgate: Positive criticism I don’t mind. I’ll take it in and use what I need. I ignore negativity; I don’t like to surround myself with negative people. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I don’t always listen to it.


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Justin Marroquin: What are your dreams and aspirations for the future?

Whitney Westgate: Oh god, I have so many dreams. I would like to own my own business at some point. I would like to do some more mainstream work; be in a mainstream film; and act. Deep into the future, I would like to have a family after completing all my other dreams.

Justin Marroquin: What is the best advice that has ever been given to you?

Whitney Westgate: My parents have always taught me to be a strong, independent person. To never rely on anyone else to get what you want, and never give up. I think that’s the best advice I’ve ever gotten.


Whitney Westgate


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