Not Giving Up: Abigail Rich

Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography
Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography


It takes a lot of hard work to achieve certain goals in life, but hard work alone will only get you so far in life. You need determination, persistence, and be willing to fail. Abigail Rich embodies those qualities just named and more. Abigail has taken the twists and turns life has thrown at her, and turned them into something positive. Most people would throw in the towel if they went through what Abigail had to endure in her life. Get ready to be inspired, and take action in your life to accomplish goals you have set, put off setting, or have not set yet.


Justin Marroquin: What made you want to become a paramedic?

Abigail Rich: When I was a little girl, I was traveling with my grand daddy, and we saw an accident happen right in front of us. He stopped and helped as much as he could, and then the paramedics arrived. I was so impressed watching them work to save this persons life. I saw that they made a difference in that person’s life. From that moment on, I knew that was what I wanted to do.


JM: You were in a devastating air ambulance helicopter crash in 2003. What was going through your mind when that happened?

AR: Disbelief, a reality check of my life, questions about all the things that I missed, dreamed of doing. Yet, as we were crashing—at no time did I think it was as bad as it was. I thought it was going to be a rough landing; well at least I had that part right!


Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography
Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography


JM: What was your mindset like when you were recovering in the hospital?

AR: That my life was all over. I never have thought I was beautiful, or even sexy—and now, I have so many scars. I had over 400 stitches and 200 staples all over my body. I had titanium plates holding me together, broken bones, and tubes—how am I ever going to be able to go back to work? How would anyone fall in love with me now? Lives depended on me being there. How can I save anyone now when they need me? I had so many thoughts and feelings going through my mind, it was very overwhelming.


JM: When you walked out of the hospital on your own, how did it feel?

AR: It was a relief to be going home. It was time to rethink things; I refused to be in the wheelchair, and I walked out the very best I could on my own. It was time to make a plan on my future.


Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography
Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography


JM: Did you look at life differently after surviving that devastating crash?

AR: Oh, god yes! I realized that I was looking at life all wrong. That the little problems in life are really not that bad, they were just inconveniences. They are part of life, and that without a bad day—a good day really is not all that special. Bad things do not define who we are, but how strong we are.


JM: How did modeling come about for you?

AR: After about a year of hard work to recover, My sister took me to Hooters. She was telling me that I am still beautiful. I just did not want to hear that anymore. As I said before, I never had thought I was beautiful , but now it was even worse. I wanted to shut her up, so I asked to see the manager. When the manager arrived at the table, I asked him if I was pretty enough to be a Hooters girl. He got this big grin, looked me over and asked “when can you start?” in disbelief, I accepted. Within a week, I was approached to model at a trade show, and at that show—others booked me for their next shows. The very next week I was asked to do test shots for a major cosmetic company, which I still model for to this day.


JM: What has been your favorite experience in modeling so far?

AR: Oh, there are just so many. I have met such wonderful people. I have been able to create art, and help to bring someones vision to life. I have the best manager (Sophia), photographers (Model Shots Photography), and agents (Lonestar Modeling), in the world. But, if I had to say the one experience that truly amazed me the most, it was when I was asked to be a Playboy bunny.


Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography
Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography


JM: You were a bunny at the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas, NV. What was your experience like being a bunny?

AR: It was the best. It was so classy and so elegant. Playboy has always been very classy, and tasteful. I never felt like it was work. I met and worked with such wonderful people—ah, I mean bunnies. I loved being a Bunny, they are all so beautiful, and it made me feel proud to be a Playboy Bunny!


JM: Now you’re involved in acting. How did you get interested in that?

AR: I started doing TV commercials while I was at the Playboy Club. As of this interview, I have four airing in Las Vegas for major clients. I have such a great time doing them. My wonderful agency got me booked on an episode of TNT’s “Leverage.” It was so much fun to be handed a script that someone wrote, and now I had to become this character. I have to create this whole new personality to make this character real. This is the part of acting that I love. After Leverage, I got some more TV shows. Discovery Channel’s “Cheating Vegas” then I was offered a part in the feature film “The Hangover Part III.” I think that the opportunity of becoming an actress and modeling together—makes me better at both careers.


Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography
Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography


JM: You’re the definition of never give up. How can people instill in their lives your attitude and mindset?

AR: Don’t quit, and never give up! We all have problems and disappointments in life. It’s up to us to take these minor problems, and use them to make us stronger; to spend every moment enjoying life; to make our dreams come true—just look at my life!


Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography
Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography


Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography
Photo Credit: Model Shots Photography


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