Introducing Krista Ayne

Krista Ayne

It’s no secret that I feature a lot of models on here. Aside from their beauty, I have a lot of respect for how models carry themselves, and how they attain success. Actress and model Krista Ayne is one of those girls that is very motivated, and driven. Beginning as a 19-year-old model for Redken, Krista Ayne had her sights set higher than just modeling. Krista has also hosted for such shows as Fuse TV’s “Pants Off Dance Off” and Spike TV’s “Bikini Pool Shark.” She has also appeared on “The Howard Stern Show,” “The Daily Show,” Fox Business News, and MTV. But she didn’t stop there. Krista has also had feature roles in independent films such as Roger’s Number, The Bleeding, and the Lodger. Krista was also selected to play a lead role in Cinemax’s drama series “life on Top.”

Normally that level of accomplishment would be enough for most girls, but not Krista. Acting, hosting, and modeling is not enough for this woman. Appearing in rapper Pittsburgh Slim’s music video “Girls Kiss Girls,” and racking up a staggering 7 million views on YouTube, Krista, became a viral sensation. Also making an appearance in Jesse McCartney’s “Beautiful Soul” video, Krista Ayne propelled the video to the top of MTV’s “TRL” countdown, where it remained a top ten video for 50 consecutive weeks.

Whether it’s being in a music video with Lady Gaga, acting, or modeling for Playboy and Penthouse, Krista Ayne is one exceptional woman, and I am happy to feature her on here—and tell you more about here.

Krista Ayne

Krista Ayne

Author: Justin Marroquin

Magician, Geek, Sports Enthusiast, Fitness Fanatic, Lifehacker.

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