Motor City Beauty: Kaitlan Welton

Justin Marroquin interview with Kaitlan Welton

Get ready to be blown away. Kaitlan Welton is one of the most (if not the most) hardest working woman you will ever come across. Aside from modeling, she has appeared in NBC’s The Playboy Club, Maxim Magazine, Music videos, graduate of Western Michigan University, and automotive specialist. Kaitlan is always on the go, and she is constantly improving herself, and her career. You can learn a lot from her hard work ethic, and determination. I was lucky enough to have interviewed her, and most of all, learn from her.

Justin Marroquin: How did you get interested in modeling?

Kaitlan Welton: I started in college – just for fun; it was never anything I imagined would turn into a career, I always thought education was more important.

Justin Marroquin interviews Kaitlan WeltonJM: What do you enjoy the most about modeling?

KW: I just like the schedule, I never work a 9-5 and I also get to see parts of the world I never would otherwise.

JM: What do you dislike about modeling?

KW: I think the judgment – a lot of people always want to rip you apart on your looks.

Justin Marroquin interview with Kaitlan Welton

JM: You are also an actress. How did you get into acting?

KW: It came naturally after modeling lol, and then Michigan had this huge tax incentive to film here, so it was a good transition.

JM: What is the best experience you’ve had as an actress?

KW: I got to meet Patrick Dempsey; I’m actually a fan of his racing, so it was cool to meet him. I also walked my first red carpet, so that was an experience.

Justin Marroquin interviews Kaitlan Welton

JM: How do you do so many things, and do them well?

KW: I am a “list keeper” I am a little OCD about planning, emails, and scheduling.

JM: Do you set goals for yourself?

KW: Not really – when this doesn’t make me happy, I’ll move onto to other career paths.


Justin Marroquin interviews Kaitlan Welton


JM: How do you handle criticism and negativity?

KW: People love to talk, It used to really bother me , I’d stay up reading blogs and posts that were so mean. I realized these mean people who name call and take time out of their lives to ruin others lives are sad. I feel sorry for them. You just have to learn that anyone who doesn’t support you, is not a person you need in your life.


JM: What can people learn from you?

KW: That they can have it all if you work hard for it.
Justin Marroquin interviews Kaitlan Welton


JM: Describe your definition of success?

KW: Being happy.


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