The Coolest Magician On Earth: Rudy Coby

Rudy Coby 1

What name comes to mind when you think about magic? Houdini, David Copperfield? David Blaine? Criss Angel? They are all great magicians, but the first name that should pop into your mind should be Rudy Coby. His magic will leave you scratching your head, and his comedy will have you laughing throughout his performance. He’s also a close friend of Marilyn Manson, and has helped him devise his props and sets for Marilyn’s stage shows. As an amateur magician myself, I was thrilled to interview Rudy, and getting to know more about him and his magic.

Justin Marroquin: What got you into magic?

Rudy Coby: My mom bought me a magic set after seeing Alice Cooper cut off his head on Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert. I was nine. Questionable parenting.

JM: Did any particular magician influence you?

RC: Mark Wilson, first, because he was on TV. Doug Henning. David Copperfield. Jeff McBride. Even to this day—just an extraordinary talent. Many others. Too many to mention.

Rudy Coby 2JM: How do you keep being so creative?

RC: Because that’s what I LIVE for. Creativity is life. Creativity is oxygen. If it’s not your own, it’s not worth doing.

JM: When did you know that you’ve made it?

RC: I had three goals. Crazy Horse in Paris. Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. Rudy Coby Primetime TV Special. Johnny retired—I missed him by one year. The others I achieved in spades. Plus, about 80 other countries.

JM: How do you handle setbacks?

RC: I LOVE setbacks. They build character and they are 50% of what you remember. Without setbacks, there are no achievements. And, I have achieved everything x100 I have set out to achieve.

Rudy Coby 3

JM: What is the best part about being a magician?

RC: You’re a fucking MAGICIAN. That’s like being a cowboy or an astronaut—you don’t have a REAL job.

JM: What’s the worst part about being a magician?

RC: Copycats. But, I am learning how to destroy them with lawyers and gang members with pipes.

JM: Do you have a favorite illusion/trick?

RC: Four legs. Nikki Terminator. Puppet Boy. The Nail. Plus, about 15 hours more. I love my material.

Rudy Coby 4JM: Describe your best memory as a magician?

RC: Many, many. But, the Swiss Surrealist H.R. Geiger—who invented the Alien in the “Alien” movies—seeing Nikki Terminator from close-up from the side of the stage during a Manson concert—and STILL believing it was a real robot, well, shoot me in the face and kill me right now—I’d have died happy.


JM: What is the best advice you have ever received?

RC: “Done date your assistant.” That was from Fielding West. “Don’t work for cheap. Charge what you’re worth.” That was Channing Pollock.


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Author: Justin Marroquin

Magician, Geek, Sports Enthusiast, Fitness Fanatic, Lifehacker.

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